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Steve Forbes - Still A Good Man and Solid Thniker. Did Not Have What It Took To Be Nominated Much Less Elected.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”

     — Attributed to Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, 1905-1982, Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter.
Awesome.  A must listen:
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Teachers unions and other public school activists fight against them. Parents, teachers, and non-profit groups rally for them. What are they? Answer: Charter schools, and they are becoming a bigger part of the U.S. education system every year. Most states now utilize them to some degree. But what exactly are charter schools? And the question that most matters: are they good for students? Watch this week’s video to learn about this rapidly growing part of the U.S. education system.
This from a fellow memo reader I have never met who was asked to be added to my list by a mutual  friend. He is both a doctor and Jewish.(See below.)

I have  been  watching the news  very closely lately and  I have  made  several  observations:

1.  Politico-  a  left  sided  web site quoted  President Trump's  press conference  speech as :" they came at us with bats and clubs"  talking about the  left  wingers  attacking the  right wingers. The  people  at politico   tried  to  paint Trump as one of  the  right wingers  by using the work  "us".

Trump  actually said " they came at them with  clubs and  bats".. So again you can se  there is  fake news and no matter what  Trump says  , the  left  press will hit him hard and even distort what he said.

2.  I was watching  Squawk  Box 2  days  ago and  Andrew Sorkin one of the  hosts who is  almost a Communist ( he is also  Jewish)  was interviewing the CEO of Southern  Company.  He  tried to tell the CEO  and  even asked if  the CEO's  of  many  companies  felt threatened by Trump and were afraid of him. The CEO of   Southern company.told Sorkin he was dead  wrong and that there was no threat  from  Trump.

3. Again today  I was watching Squawk Box  (CNBC)  and Sorkin again was at it  attacking  a  Mr. Freiss  some  millionaire  businessman who was at a meeting in Jackson Hole  asking him if he  felt Trump  had  lost it and  was  not  good for business anymore. Freiss  told him  that he Sorkin was  dividing the country and that  Trump  was fine. Freiss also said   that  people inWashington D.C.  may think  trump is  all washed up but  he shouted back that  those of us  who live  out in the colonies  still support him fully.

4. Again today Sorkin was interviewing  McNeeley  the  former  CEO of Sun Microsystems  again  attacking  Trump and  asking if   the business men will no longer work with  Trump.  McNeeley  hammered back saying that Sorkin was all wrong and that the businessmen may on the outside  not be  supportive of Trump but   behind closed doors they absolutely would. He  really  nailed  Sorkin.

5. President  Trump  got  nailed   by the  press when he said that there were  also good  people on both sides  in Charlottersville.  The  press  said  how could he feel there were any good  people on the side with the  white  supremacist  and  Nazi. Well, what do you know.Yesterday, the New  York Times  posted a  picture and a story of a young man in his  20's  who is a  history  buff and not a  white supremacist or  Nazi who went  to Charlottesville  to  protest  against  taking down the  statue. He has  received  death threats. Again Trump was correct. Z---
Bannon banned from White House.  Not sure it will improve matters .  Mass media and Trump haters will now have to pick on someone else.

Will Trump eventually be forced into a plain vanilla cabinet?
You seldom hear about Steve Forbes unless you read his articles in Forbes Magazine.

I met him in Atlanta when he was running for the presidency.  I knew he would not get nominated but he had all the right ideas just not the looks, voice and personality to go with what is needed. (See 1 below.)
Trump is hated because he has tried to reverse the damage Obama has done and has not done it in a way that is "presidential" whatever the hell that means


The Medical Insurance Battle: Why GOP-Care Lost The Public

By Steve Forbes

WHY ARE CONGRESSIONAL Republicans flailing about on repealing and replacing Obamacare? Why has public opinion gone against them on an issue that was critical to the GOP's winning control of both the Senate and the House, not to mention the presidency? The law, passed more than seven years ago, had been immensely unpopular from the get-go.
Answer: The GOP, in an incredible blunder, let its opponents define the terms of debate. Suddenly, the issue became how many millions of people would be stripped of medical insurance. The public became convinced that the only real question for Republicans was how much misery they were going to inflict. The sick and the chronically ill would quickly find themselves without coverage and be forced to camp out in overcrowded emergency rooms, hoping for some help.

The GOP's prattling on about how many hundreds of billions of dollars it would rip out of the hide of Medicaid--money, moreover, that would be used to "pay" for tax cuts for the well-to-do--simply reinforced the public's perception that, bad as Obamacare was, it would be preferable to whatever the Republicans proposed. That's why every GOP health care bill polled worse than the Affordable Care Act. The mood became: Let's try to fix Obama's abomination as best we can rather than cruelly immiserate millions of our fellow citizens. The GOP became the party of Scrooge

The Democrats' assaults were mostly nonsense, but they stuck. Adding to the misconception was the "scoring" by the Congressional Budget Office, which hasn't made an accurate forecast in memory and which was stuffed with far-left liberals when the Democrats controlled Congress (all too typically, the GOP left them in place when it took over). Both the bill passed by the House and the legislation proposed by Senate leaders heaped on billions to make sure that those with chronic conditions weren't left out. Obama's vast expansion of Medicaid and the federal budgetary bribes to get states to go along with it (100% coverage until 2016, phasing down to 90% by 2020) were treated gingerly by Senate bill writers.
Even on this issue Democrats succeeded in getting some RINO (Republican in name only) governors to shill for them by mouthing their demagogic attacks.
Medicaid is the worst-designed health-insurance scheme ever devised by a free country: Spending is open-ended, yet outcomes for beneficiaries are awful. The only way to turn things around is to give governors the flexibility to design reforms that would improve coverage--30% of doctors now refuse to take on new Medicaid patients because reimbursements are low and paid out months later. Rhode Island, Indiana and other states have made some positive changes but had to battle Beltway bureaucrats to get the necessary "waivers" to do so.
Only days before a Senate vote did the White House hold an event at which some of the people who have been harmed by Obamacare appeared--and there are millions of them. Yet there was no major advertising or social media campaign to point out Obamacare's real-life horrors or to extol what the GOP was doing.
The P.R. battle was over before it began.
And don't count on the Republicans to do any better in the future.

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