But what about all of Trump’s tweeting? Is Trump a nut? And what 
about the time he devotes to tweeting and to watching “Fox & Friends” 
and “Morning Joe”?
I don’t know. Maybe he is a nut. Yet, as an Orthodox rabbi who has 
counseled hundreds of people over 35 years, and as a high-stakes 
litigation attorney who has counseled and represented hundreds more, I 
will share a secret that is not protected by any professional rule of 
privilege: most people are nuts. (For verification, just ask their spouses, 
their parents-in-law, and their grown kids.) And most people have side 
hobbies that “waste time.” I wasted time these past four months 
watching the Mets. How many hours did President Kennedy waste 
running after Judith Exner, Marilyn Monroe, and others whom I do not 
know—and keeping it all secret from his wife? How many hours did 
President Nixon waste dealing with the Watergate cover-up? How many 
hours did President Ford need to devote lovingly to his wife as she 
battled bravely to overcome certain private challenges? How many hours
 did President Clinton set aside for Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, 
Monica Lewinsky, and dealing with the subsequent fallout emanating 
from them and from Juanita Broaddrick?
It would seem that the only president who initially wasted no time but 
devoted every moment’s focus to every detail of government was Jimmy 
Carter. How did that work out? In the end, he was consumed by the 
Iran hostage crisis, and we were consumed by him.
Does Twitter take more time away from the work day than those 
distractions? How long does it take to type 140 characters, even in five 
or six strings?
What Really MattersWe conservatives do not care about these side 
stories and Democrat smokescreens that aim to divert this president and
 us from the agenda to make America great again. Rather, here is what
 we have come to know these six months since Trump took office:
Republicans have won every seriously contested Congressional election 
since President Trump was elected. It is absurd to think that, when push 
comes to shove, Republican voters in 2018 would allow Red State 
Democrats to sweep the U.S. Senate merely because Chuck Schumer and
Elizabeth Warren engage in screeds, while in the House, Maxine Waters 
calls for the president to be impeached or exiled, or both.
We do not mind that the president fired FBI Director James Comey. 
This is a man who we now know leaked secret internal information to 
the New York Times. Notwithstanding that Comey did not trust the 
president, it was just as reasonable for the president to determine that he
 could not trust Comey—just as the Democrats long before could not 
trust Comey and also wanted him fired. Comey interfered with the 
election process more than Vladimir Putin ever did, arrogated to himself 
authority to absolve Hillary Clinton despite his own recognition that she 
had committed serious federal crimes, and never dealt with the Deep 
State within his department.
President Trump somehow has managed to lead for six months, despite
the most hostile media gangland in a century and more, and he has 
gained important governing experience along the way, just as the 
neophyte Obama learned his way around after arriving at the White 
House with little more than a background in community organizing, a 
pair of Greek or Roman columns, and a paperback copy of Saul 
Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.
President Trump has appointed an extraordinary team of cabinet 
secretaries, and they are a better and more reliably conservative team 
than Ronald Reagan ever assembled. While President Reagan not only 
named Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court but also Sandra Day 
O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy, President Trump has named Neil 
Gorsuch, and the future names in waiting are likely equally impressive. 
For all the “Resistance” tactics that the Democrats deployed during the 
Gorsuch battle, the president did not give ground, and he leveraged 
Harry Reid’s blunder of ending the filibuster rule for federal judicial 
appointments to get the nomination through. The president’s team now 
is working to fill the 129 other open federal judicial seats awaiting judges.
As he proceeds, we will see balance return to the federal district courts 
that conduct trials and the federal appellate courts that ultimately settle 
most of America’s laws, and his own immediate experiences in seeing 
his entry ban navigate through the courts has taught him that federal 
judges matter on all levels.
On the energy front, we no longer awake each morning to learn of new 
Obama-era regulations aimed at strangling American energy 
independence. Instead, the Keystone XL pipeline was approved, as 
promised. Obama executive orders have been reversed at dizzying speed.
Although a new era has changed the place of “King Coal” in the energy 
spectrum, the “War on Coal” is ended, as  promised, and America is 
back on the path to end its partial dependency on the dirty oil produced 
by dictators and thugs from Venezuela to  Saudi Arabia—oil drilled and
extracted in tyrannies where environmental concerns are a joke—and 
we now even are inducing allies like Poland in Europe to consider 
moving their own energy contracts away from  Russia and towards the 
United States.
Trump promised action on immigration, and he has begun the process 
of inviting bidders to compete for federal contracts to build that wall. 
Truth is, most of us do not care ultimately who pays for it; we separate 
his bluster from his substance. That substance already has driven down 
illegal immigration markedly. And the “bad dudes” really are being 
by ICE and are being deported or locked up, not merely released on 
their own recognizance with a promise maybe someday to show up for 
an immigration hearing, perhaps.
The Underlying Challenge: Congress
We know that the reality of democracy is complicated, and that our 
Founding Fathers crafted an elegant system of checks and balances for a 
Yes, the Republicans now control the House, the Senate, the White 
House, and the Supreme Court—for which we all thank Barack Obama 
daily—but the sophisticates among us also recognize that 52 Republican 
Senators is too razor-thin a margin for a bold Trump agenda to flourish.
For example, Susan Collins represents Blue Maine, and she simply 
cannot be a Tea Party senator. We need another half-dozen Red State 
Republican senators, and contrary to the common wisdom, help may be 
on the way.
Meanwhile, we know that President Trump has done his best to corral 
the team to reverse the tragedy of Obamacare, but he has been disrupted
meanwhile by a crazy filibuster voting rule, an even crazier series of 
rules regarding “reconciliation,” a liberal Democrat stationed as the 
Senate’s “Parliamentarian,” and an utterly incoherent and 
incomprehensible rule regarding the Congressional Budget Office whose
projections repeatedly have proven false and imaginary in health care 
and everything else. If people are told that they no longer will be 
penalized and coerced to buy health insurance they do not want, of course 
millions will drop the plans foisted on them. That is not properly termed
“millions losing insurance”; that is “millions choosing of their own free 
will not to pay for something they do not want and do not value.”
We know this president and this Congress will pass a major tax cut 
before the 2018 elections because Trump wants it, his economic team 
has it mapped out, and the House and Senate would not dare go to the 
voters next year without a tax cut. Watch for Red State Democrats, 
facing electoral elimination, to be passionate supporters of a Republican 
tax bill. It will happen, and this president will sign it. Of that we have no 
Cut Through the Noise These Next 18 MonthsSo we have a very 
strong determination to stand by this president, to give him more 
Senators in 18 months, and to give him another four  years in 
Washington before Maxine Waters exiles him.
We do not care that Europeans and their leaders like America less now 
than they did when Obama was president. Most children like their 
grandparents more than they like their parents because Gramps and 
Granny have no rules, feed them candy, and let them stay up all night,
while the parents make the kids do their homework, brush their teeth, 
and clean their rooms. Obama was cheered by throngs in Berlin, giggled 
with Hugo Chavez, and salsaed in Cuba in front of Castro. Sure they 
loved him—they even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize, just as they 
previously had given one to Yasser Arafat, before he did anything.
We want a president who goes to Europe, tells them to pay the bill
they promised to pay NATO, and gets results. We want him extricating 
us from climate pacts and trade agreements that do not serve our 
interests. Along the way, our allies from Japan to Israel to England know
they now have a reliable leader in the White House, not a team of 
kibbitzers who send James Taylor to Paris to sing “You’ve Got a Friend”
as an American response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in France.
Americans want jobs, and this president now is forward on rebuilding
the nation’s long-neglected infrastructure, while emphasizing the 
importance of “Buying American” and restoring America’s historical 
role in manufacturing. We want lower taxes and an America where we 
pay only for the health coverage options we want. We do not want to 
pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control pills or Planned Parenthood’s 
abortions, although many of us are copacetic with their family planning 
and social counseling. We want trade agreements that protect American 
jobs and that recognize that international polluters like China and India 
and the misogynistic Arab oil sheikhdoms need to catch up with our 
clean-environment practices before we continue marching like lemmings
over industrial cliffs while the mass polluters scoop up our forfeited 
As the president now begins his next six months in office, we among his 
supporters have learned to tune out the nonsense that defines the lazy 
legislators in the Washington Beltway who prefer to mull over Mueller 
than to craft landmark health legislation that passes.
Yes, we have seen the president mature in office. He has made some
important pinpointed staff changes. He is moving away from abiding 
the daily media circus. For those Democrats who warned with alarm and
portents of peril that Donald Trump could not be trusted with the 
nuclear codes, we have seen that he has assembled a remarkable defense 
team, that he has authorized a surgical MOAB strike in Afghanistan and 
the dispatch of 59 cruise missiles to bombard clearly designated Syrian 
targets without embroiling us in a Middle East war that America should 
avoid. He has acted with care and delicacy in confronting the serious 
problem in North Korea, giving the lie to those who argued that he 
would be hot-headed and unable to lead.
For those of us who voted for Donald Trump last November—many of
us with some concern—we support him even more today than we did
then. Though we occasionally recoil from the more outlandish, we have
come to prefer reading his tweets more than we did reading about 
Clinton’s sexual harassment scandals. And we have learned to disregard
the “Russian stuff” like so much “white noise” that rivals the sound of 
a tree falling in the middle of a forest for irrelevance.