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Sowell Logic. 52 Out Of 60 Available Seats For Perdue Luncheon and Address Have Already Signed. What Role Will China Play Regarding Trump's Dilemma.

                                                                                     Sowell sums it up in a succinct manner.
We have 52 signed up already for the 60 spots to lunch with and hear from Sen. Perdue.
I asked a vastly experienced retired senior military officer, dear friend and fellow memo reader to give me his views regarding N Korea and this was his response:
"...We need to keep pressure on China to control Kim.
Unfortunately he is truly a madman.I do not think that characterization is fake news.
There have been few effective restraints on him,at least Trump has a few.
Hope to see you soon,
Best to Lynn,
C...& C----"


The opinion of a former seal, one of my oldest friends and fellow memo readers: 

"1.  We will not be the first to use nuclear weapons.
2. There is no non-nuclear military solution.
3.  China will interfere if we strike first.
4.  NOKO will not strike first with nuclear weapons.

NOKO Is "bear bating" .
No military action will occur.  G-----"

I suspect the current threat will subside. If it does and"Fat Boy" is allowed to continue along his merry way of completing his nuclear capability, at some point,there will be a confrontation which can and probably will escalate into a nuclear war.  

The best that can be hoped for is regime change from within by his own military but that is a long and speculative shot.

We cannot tolerate constant threats and bluffs and simply suck them up because this sends a message of weakness that is dangerous in and of itself.  Trump really faces a dilemma and ignoring it is not a good answer.

Whether you like Trump or not, whether you think him bright enough to face the challenges he does they are not of his making.  These problems were allowed to fester because prior presidents chose not to deal with them.  Now the boil from kicking the can down the road has ripened and  could burst.

Trump's options are truly limited. There will be a price to pay no matter what he is advised to do.  If Trump chooses to defer, the price  will only grow larger. If he chooses to lance the boil now the size of the price could escalate beyond his control and then there is the Iran infection which is following close behind and gathering momentum and steam.

What role China chooses to play in all of this is also critical and unknown. 
For those who continue to be perplexed and/or turned off by Trump, it might be useful if you take my previous advice and read Newt's: "Understanding Trump."  

I am not asking you to agree with Trump or Newt, for that matter, but it might be useful to gain insights from someone who at least has been up front and close to the man.

If your only source of understanding the man comes from the slanted mass media you will continue to miss the essence of the man. He is not a politician, does not act like one.  He is a successful businessman who has been able to get his way most of the time, is often full of himself, if not always, and is not the most well read president we ever had.  That said, he loves this country, has sworn to defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and now is being challenged on all fronts by our enemies external as well as internal

It is late to be laying blame because the pigeon's droppings are landing but facts are facts and history will record that Clinton blew it vis a vis N Korea and was assisted by Carter's meddling and Obama did equally vis a vis Iran without Carter's meddling. (See 1 below.)

Top Trump Aide Reveals Reason for North Korea’s Madness


Over the past few days, tensions between the United States and North Korea have spiked dramatically, leading to much talk about whether the two nations are on the verge of going to war.

Many people have been wondering just how the United States let North Korea get this far, and White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka put the blame squarely at the feet of former President Bill Clinton and former President Barack Obama, The Daily Caller reported.
Gorka was being interviewed by CBN when he made those accusations. The news station played a clip of President Donald Trump discussing the North Korea situation back in 1999, saying that the United States should do something about the regime before it became too much of a threat.
“The president saw the price of appeasement which happened afterwards during the Clinton administration and then during the Obama administration, and today we are paying the price of that appeasement of Pyongyang,” Gorka said after the clip was played.
He is absolutely right. While North Korea’s missile and nuclear program has become a serious threat under Trump, it is not because Trump hasn’t done anything.
North Korea didn’t suddenly master ICBM and nuclear technology in the eight months Trump has been in office — this took them decades to do.
Obama did nothing to stop North Korea during his eight years in office. Clinton tried to placate them during his two terms, and he failed miserably. Now we stand on the edge of a potentially very serious war because neither of them had the spine to do something when it could have made a difference.

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