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Kim Jong Un and Maxine Waters. A Paper Tiger and A Dumb Feline. Learn From History. Don't Tear It Down.

As one might expect:

followed out of fear
By Travis Fedschun

A defector from North Korea says Kim Jong Un is significantly weaker than portrayed -- despite images broadcast to the world last week of large crowds cheering the tyrant’s fiery rhetoric.
The man, who asked Sky News to hide his identity because his daughter is still inside North Korea and would be in danger if he is recognized, said he wants people to know the truth about life under the Kim regime.
"These civilians, if the government tells them to come, they are gathered by the system, they're forced to come, they don't have the freedom not to," he told Sky News. "I feel sorry for these people, they will all be cannon fodder."
More from Prager regarding Iraq and how it was won and lost.

Click above or here to watch this video
If you ask most people about the Iraq War, they’ll tell you it was a total disaster. They’ll tell 
you that George W. Bush lost the war, and Barack Obama cut our losses. But that’s totally 
backwards. In this week’s new video, Pete Hegseth, who served in the Iraq war as an Army
lieutenant, explains what really happened: President Bush won the war with the surge, 
leaving office with a stable and quiet Iraq, and then President Obama withdrew, snatching 
defeat from the jaws of victory.
Maxine Waters says give N Korea what they are asking for so we can avoid war.

I would be in agreement if we could start by allowing N Korea to rule California.  

(See 1 below.)

I am Jewish, I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama during the ugly period 
of the city's race relations and my father fought the Klan and actually had their 
charter removed so I know something about extremism and hatred. He helped, with
other brave souls, to rid the city of its police chief.

That said, I also believe even haters have rights and these rights must be 
protected as long as their actions are within the law.  If we engage in debating who
have rights and who do not then we are back to where we were decades ago.

I also believe a nation that destroys its history is on the wrong path.  History of one 
period seen in the light of a current period is still history and should be preserved 
and used as a guide.  If you eliminate history you are more likely to repeat its 
mistakes because you have nothing to learn from and therefore those who believe 
we should remove all reference to the past are doing a disservice to future 

They may think they are being righteous but they are fooling themselves.
Those who fought in The Confederacy did so out of a belief they were correct, their
cause was just. The dispute had both economic and social roots. In light of today, 
they are deemed wrong and even in light of their time they were wrong but it is part 
of the fabric of our nation's history.

Should we demand Egypt destroy the Pyramids?  Should Germany rid their texts 
of Hitler?  What will this accomplish other than to make self-righteous do-gooders 
and the politically correct crowd feel good about themselves. Following the 
passions of the moment generally proves to be mistaken.

Our nation is about to tear itself apart because, I fear, cooler heads will not prevail.
Everyone who has a view point that differs is deemed racially motivated.  A 
sickness is gripping our nation and yes, I believe Obama lost a great 
opportunity to heal and failed just as Trump should have said what he did 
sooner regarding Charlottesville.

If this hatred and rancor continues we are setting ourselves up for another Dallas.

I can think of nothing worse for America and better for China, Russia, N Korea, Iran
and all our adversaries domestic and foreign.

The best disinfectant is, allow the haters their day as long as they abide by the law.
If we are a nation of decent people there will be plenty who will lawfully oppose their 
putrid message and we will all come out of this challenge better for the effort as we
preserve our history.

Where we live, one of our cubs is named Plantation and the politically correct crowd 
want to change its name.  One of Savannah's most liberal citizens lives on
a "plantation" and I assure you he is no hater. His family have roots in this city 
that go back eons and they have made great contributions to the culture of 
Savannah and Georgia. Should we force him to change the name of his home? 
What nonsense is afoot under the mistaken belief the do gooders are doing good.

Freedom demands tolerance of a lot of crap.  We are witnessing a repeat of this
all over again.  This is what history is all about. I suggest we learn from ours rather
than tear it down along with its monuments etc..

Genius: Maxine Waters 

Thinks US Should Give 

North Korea 'Things 

That They’re Asking For'

By Leah Barkoukis

Resistance Hero Maxine Waters has quite the strategy for dealing with escalating tensions with North Korea: figure
 out if the U.S. can give them the “things that they’re asking for.”

That’s right, the California Democrat sees a resolution to the crisis 
through diplomacy, telling a TMZ reporter that Secretary of State Rex 
Tillerson needs to fill the State department with those who can engage 
"We're on the verge of nuclear war, what are your thoughts on this?" 
the reporter asked.
"I want us to be very careful, very alert to what is happening and to 
avoid war," Waters said. "I think we can do this with some diplomacy, 
but we have got to have Tillerson, who is our secretary of state, get 
those positions filled for deputy [and] for assistant, so that we can 
engage with North Korea."
While she acknowledged North Korea has been threatening the United 
States, she believes we should still pursue diplomacy.
"I think there's some things that they want from us, and we have to find 
out whether or not we can work with them on the things that they're 
asking for," Waters said.
"This is something that we should be very concerned about, but this is 
not the time to go bluffing and threatening. This is a time for a 
diplomacy," she added, referencing President Trump’s “fire and fury” 
comments this week.
"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States," 
Trump said. "They will be met with fire and fury like the world has 
never seen."
"[Kim Jong-un] has been very threatening beyond a normal statement, 
and as I said, they will be met with fire, fury, and, frankly, power, the 
likes of which this world has never seen before," the president 

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