Saturday, August 26, 2017

Satire Versus P.C'ism. Equating Inhabitants of New Orleans and Texas. Floyd Mayweather Versus America.

I my opinion,the best way to respond to stupidity and emotional garbage that has a PC root is with satire and cartoons. I hope some of my postings accomplish this.
My neighbor, dear friend and fellow memo reader left a document in my tube that said: "According to the Department of Defense. more than 70 percent of all young Americans are unable to serve their country in uniform for one of three reasons: they are too poorly educated, physically unfit, or possess a serious record of crime and drug abuse.

Without significant action, this dangerous circumstance and trend will undermine our national security, weaken our competitiveness and jeopardize our ability to mobilize in response to threats at home and abroad.

This is a very sad commentary on our life style, our sense of self worth and what a good citizen should be about.  The distribution range goes from 63% to 78% throughout the United States, no state is unaffected.

Societal rot generally begins within and spreads outward. One might have thought these statistics would have been lower considering the fact that we are more health conscious.

I also was thinking of the powerful hurricane that is hitting Texans and thought about the reaction by those who lived in New Orleans when their own devastating hurricane hit many years ago.

I am not equating and/or comparing the two hurricanes and their wind speed, length of time over the site etc.  New Orleans is a city below river level and Texas is flat land that is generally dry and the amount of rain and water was also different.

What I am referring to is the reaction of a very dependent population versus the reaction of one known for its independence. We have spent  untold dollars on the former and treated them in a prejudicial and restrictive manner and much less dollars on the latter and they have enjoyed more freedoms etc,.

I find this instructive, sad and believe we are paying a terrible social price as a consequence.

I am also querulous as to whether we can ever right the ship and/or whether it will the past sins continue to pull us down beyond our ability to recover. If we cannot return civility to our society, a respect for law to our society,  restore the broken family structure and return a solid educational curriculum to our society then I believe we will continue to sink, perhaps slowly, as our navy is presently doing.  No free society can survive unless the pillars, on which it rests are strong, viable and intact.

Lynn bought me the opportunity to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight tonight. What I witnessed was a classy fighter who beat and out strategized and determined opponent even though Floyd was much older, had not fought for a lengthy period and was outweighed.

I am not sure America is a Mayweather anymore.

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