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Save Me From The Self-Righteous but Neither Will I be Intimidated! Bannon Breaks Silence. From Monuments To LIbraries, Short Distance. Bibi's Son Speaks Out.

Dagny in her kindergarten uniform with book bag and Blake in his day school garb.

Education is when you read the fine print
Experience is what you get if you don't.

--Pete Seeger

“The revolution never ends.  The real war, the one between good and evil . . . is the one fought within ourselves.   The revolution never ends.

    — Attributed to Abraham Woodhull, 1750-1826, AKA Samuel Cupler, Sr., American farmer and leading member of the Culper Spy Ring in New York during the American Revolution.  Woodhull is played by Andrew James Matfin “Jamie” Bell, English actor, in the AMC television series, TURN:  Washington’s Spies.
For those who are impressed with Israeli technology:
While we worry, and rightfully so, about Russian interference in our political campaigns and alleged "collusion" it is also possible organizations are assisting in fomenting trouble. I would put nothing past radical Liberals and progressives.

Spreading disinformation is something that is an old method of creating dissension. and supplying "head busters" was an old ploy used by union boss goons.(See 1 below.)

Bannon unloads. He should have known his interview would find the light of day. Lincoln purposely had a diverse cabinet partly because he wanted to keep his enemies close at hand

It would be tragic if Trump allowed the mass media to force him into having a cabinet of AK"s. There is nothing disloyal about opposing what your boss thinks .  Disloyalty occurs when you go public.  Keep disagreements in house.  That is healthier and far more beneficial if you truly want to serve the nation.

I was offered the opportunity to come to Wall Street twice when I worked for my second firm and I turned the opportunity down because I did not want to live in New York, raise a family there and I knew I would be too outspoken and would not last.

Obama's Cabinet was full of obsequious AK' who did his bidding without questioning. Rice, Lerner etc.all marched the plank in his behalf and service.  Since he allegedly was deemed to be the smartest in the room he seldom listened to advisors except Valerie Jarrett, his surrogate mother. We are in the mess we are in in The Middle East patly because he would not listen to his military advisors, despised the military and undid what GW finally achieved by sticking his neck out and embracing "The Surge."(See 1a below.)

Meanwhile,Netanyahu's son is more concerned about the new Nazis' on the left. (See 1b below.)
Many of my liberal friends and fellow memo readers have universally deplored Trump's response to Charllottesville  Thus is one of the comments I received:

"I hope this email finds you and Lynn well.

I need to turn to my favorite Republican for an opinion.  As you probably know, I am not a Trump fan.  Being a NJ native and living close to Atlantic City, I know more about him than I care to.  He has always been a despicable person.  I had major concerns when he was elected and he is living up to my worst nightmares.

I am frighteningly concerned at this point.  I need your take on how you see the current situation.   It is important for me to see how an intelligent loyal Republican interprets our President.

Warmest regards, N---"

My response: "I am a conservative not a Republican.  Republicans are not conservative though they talk like they are.  Read my memo web page:

Trump is his own worst enemy but Obama was America's worst enemy.

Thanks for the flattery.  Trust all is well. Me"

One of my hero's was, and will always be, Martin Luther King for several reasons.  First, he was on the right side of the Civil Right's Issues. Second, he understood optics and was effective.  He knew defenseless black citizens, being attacked by dogs, fire hoses and clubs, would make the case far better than thugs responding to thugs. Third, he was eloquent.

Trump is not an anti-Semite, nor racist.  He does not respond in as sensitive and timely  a manner to racial issues now that he is president as is effective for his political being and nothing he says or does will be acceptable but he is no racist nor an  anti-Semite. His real estate organization is full of women and black citizens in important positions as is his Cabinet.  Unlike most Republican candidates, he went into the black churches and organizations and appealed to the black community.  He tasked them straight up, "what do you have to lose." He made them think about how they were being played for fools. He exposed the hypocrisy of liberals and progressives. He asked them to join hands. He penetrated the Democrat cause of duplicity. He beat Hillary and it galls them to this day.

Trump is not presidential in the vein of past presidents.  He is boorish/churlish, he is unwise in his responses to those with whom he disagrees. He is not a gifted speaker.  He is not smooth and silver tongued as Obama. He is too often his own worst enemy but he is not-ant-Semitic or racist.  That is a liberal tag they have placed on him but it speaks to their bias, their prejudice more than Trump's.

His response of proportionality is no different than that of all State Department responses when Israel defends itself and is totally in line with how Obama always responded to racial issues.  But, in the eyes of liberals and assorted radicals, Obama is a saint a saviour, Trump and ogre.  Many of the racial divides confronting us today were heightened by Obama. We are living the consequences of Obama's play book taken right out of his own radical/fascist disciples and you know who they are.

I deplore law breakers from whatever side of the political spectrum.  There was no need for the anti - Supremacy crowd to taunt the goons, to carry weapons, though legal, to engage in attacking the nut cases.  Getting down on the level of your enemy may be acceptable in war in order to win but in social street battles I have a problem with such. Hitler allegedly said : In order to defeat me, you will become like me."

I still believe Truman was correct to unleash the atom bomb on Japan but I also know it is why we have "Fat Boy" and an "Ayatollah Iran" today. If man cannot come to his senses and control his appetite for destruction , if "man's inhumanity to man" dictates his behaviour then we are doomed in any event.

I am not defending Trump.  I am not apologizing for his behaviour.  I am simply being proportional and factual and liberals and progressives do not take kindly to those with whom they disagree and to whom they have few valid defenses because of their own hypocrisy.

I know the haters, the true anti-Semites and racists do not speak for this nation but I also know if we stand idly by and allow their bile to go unanswered we are no better than them.

I live by this fervent belief : God save me from the self-righteous do gooders but neihter will I choose to be intimidated"

This is a letter Rabbi Berg , of Atlanta's The Temple (bombed by a man named Bright in the '60's), sent to his congregation.  I find it appealing, balanced and very worth posting. (See 2 below.)

More food for thought.

When cooler heads prevail and time passes we will look back and find all this misplaced zeal  backfired and probably will result in reverse prejudice and discrimination just as formed the basis for "affirmative action."

From monuments to libraries is a shirt distance.(See 2a and 2b  below.)  (See 2c, 2d and 2e below.)
Trump's tweeting is often off the mark and/or uncalled for and is often more puerile than smart.  In the case of Amazon's founder and now owner of The Washington Post, I do believe one can ask did he purchase  this paper to be able to punish his political adversaries and shield his company from questionable and/or very aggressive market behaviour. Bertie McCormick and Hearst did it why not Bezos?  (See 3 below.)


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