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Why Are Jews Liberal Since They Are Actually Elephants With Long Memories! Kerry Equates Appliance Chemicals With ISIS.

A few personal ads in Israeli papers.  

Meanwhile, the Democrat National Party seems to have been engaged in a lengthy discussion of religious bigotry for political purposes. (See 1 below.)
Will Obama allow Iran to get away with murder? (See 2 below.)

Meanwhile Sec. Kerry equates  the threat of appliance chemicals with ISIS. (See 2a below.)
This from a friend and fellow memo reader.  Though I have addressed this subject in past memos, I will do so again.  

"Dick- hope you are doing well. Am enjoying your writings and perspectives. I have a suggestion for one of your future topics brought to mind from something you said above. Could you write about why the Jewish people continue to support Obama and presumably Hillarious. I would think Obama's treatment of Israel would have them running in droves from the Demwits but I don't believe that to be the case. What is the explanation for this?. Trump will stand with and protect Israel and keep the terrorists from nuclear capabilities. I just don't understand. Please enlighten us. Thanks Jim (See 3 below.)
1) Shmuel Gabbai, 36.
I take out the Torah Saturday morning.
Would like to take you out Saturday night.
Please write POB 81.
Couch potato latke in search
of the right applesauce.
Let's try it for 8 days.
Who knows?
POB 43

 Sincere rabbinical student, 27, enjoys
Yom Kippur, Tisha B'av , Taanis Esther ,
Tzom Gedalia , Asarah B'Teves ,
Shiva Asar b'Tammuz.
Seeks companion for living life in the 'fast' lane.
POB 90.

Nice Jewish guy, 38.
No skeletons.
No baggage.
No personality.
POB 76
Jewish businessman, 49, manufactures Sabbath candles, Chanukah candles,
havdallah candles,Yahrzeit candles.
Seeks non-smoker.
POB 787.
Jewish male, 34, very successful, smart,
independent, self-made, looking for girl
whose father will hire me.
POB 43.
2)Obama Can't Let Iran Get Away With Murder
The Obama administration has long said it will hold Iran accountable for acts of terrorism. It now has a chance to prove it:  Interpol red notices for five former Iranian officials found culpable in Argentina’s deadliest terrorist attack are about to come up for renewal. 
Today marks 22 years since the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. Eighty-five people were killed, and the attack injured hundreds more -- innocent men, women and children. 
In 2007, Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s exhaustive investigation concluded that the attack had been approved on Aug. 14, 1993, in a secret meeting attended by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, Foreign Minister Ali Velayati, and Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian.
Interpol issued red notices, which are akin to arrest warrants, for Fallahian and four other senior figures. Within Iran, that brought no stigma -- on the contrary, all have been rewarded, including in the time since Hassan Rouhani was elected as Iran’s supposedly moderate president.
Fallahian was Iran’s minister of intelligence at the time of the AMIA attack. Germany also still has an arrest warrant for Fallahian in connection with the assassination of five Kurdish opposition leaders.
The others for whom Interpol issued red notices include Mohsen Rezai, Mohsen Rabbani, Ahmad Vahidi and Amhad Reza Asghari.
Rezai was the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at the time of the attack. Today, Rezai is secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council.
Rabbani helped build Iran’s terrorist network in Latin America for 11 years before the attack. He used diplomatic cover -- officially he was Iran’s cultural attache in Buenos Aires -- to plot the AMIA bombing. Today, Rabbani is cultivating Iranian supporters through radicalization programs for Latin American students.
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who worked with Nisman, understood Rabbani’s role as the handler of Abdul Kadir, who is serving a life sentence for plotting to blow up fuel lines at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Had that attack succeeded, it might well have been deadlier than the 9/11 attacks. 
Vahidi led the Guard Corps’ Quds Force at the time of the AMIA bombing. He became defense minister in 2009. Vahidi was named director of the Armed Forces Joint Command Council Strategic Defense Research Center on Rouhani’s watch. 
Asghari, a member of the Guard Corps, was third secretary at Iran’s Embassy in Argentina from 1989 until 1994. Asghari was employed by a front company operated by the IRGC. He later worked for Iran’s Foreign Ministry.
Interpol’s guidelines preclude issuing red notices for presidents and foreign ministers. However, Argentina issued its own international arrest warrants for Velayati, Iran’s foreign minister at the time of the attack, and Rafsanjani, who was president when the attack was planned.
In advance of the upcoming Interpol General Assembly this November, Iran has been engaging in a full court press, including a legal challenge, to have the red notices lifted. Earlier, Iran had sought to achieve this goal through a secret back channel with the government of former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. That failed when Nisman exposed it. Another effort also failed: Iran and the Kirchner government signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly “investigate” the bombing, a transparent scheme to whitewash the culprits -- the red notice holders -- and accuse imaginary suspects. The new Argentine government headed by President Mauricio Macri voided the MOU, finding it unconstitutional.
When U.S. President Barack Obama visited Buenos Aires in March, he promised to help Argentina to “finally hold these attackers accountable,” but he made no mention of Iran’s role in the bombing -- despite the well-publicized revelation of an audio tape in which former foreign minister Hector Timerman acknowledges that “18 years ago, they [Iran] planted the bomb.”
This is among the reasons there is concern that the Obama administration will yield to Iran’s pressure and not do what is necessary to ensure that the red notices are renewed. Since cutting a nuclear deal with Iran a year ago, the administration has often failed to hold Tehran accountable for its actions in meaningful ways. To take just one example: Recent German intelligence reports exposed Iran’s efforts to procure nuclear technology as well as its illicit proliferation activities involving chemical and biological warfare. There have been no repercussions.
Those who say we don’t know who perpetrated the AMIA attack and suggest it will never be solved are, for whatever reasons, protecting terrorists. Nisman’s evidence of Iranian complicity in the AMIA bombing, and his exposure of the secret back channel aimed at getting the red notices lifted, angered Iran’s rulers.
Nisman was found brutally and suspiciously murdered a day before he was to formally present evidence to the Argentine Congress.
Iran continues to engage in nefarious activities in our hemisphere, and we ignore this at our peril. Not renewing the red notices would mean that justice will be denied to the victims of the AMIA bombings and to their families. It would mean that terrorists will get away with mass murder. President Obama should see that as a red line -- and not let it be crossed. 
Toby Dershowitz is Vice President for Government Relations and Strategy at the non-partisan Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

2a) Kerry: Refrigerator chemicals are just as bad as ISIS
By John Siciliano

Air conditioners and refrigerators pose as big a threat to "life on the planet" as the threat of terrorism, Secretary of State John Kerry said Friday.

Kerry was in Vienna negotiating a global climate deal to phase out chemicals used as refrigerants in basic household and commercial appliances such as air conditioning and refrigerators, called hydrofluorocarbons, or HFCs. The chemicals are a potent source of greenhouse gas emissions that many scientists blame for contributing to global warming.

Kerry made the remarks as part of a pep talk for negotiators working through the weekend to amend a 1987 treaty called the Montreal Protocol to deal with the chemicals.

"Yesterday, I met in Washington with 45 nations — defense ministers and foreign ministers — as we were working together on the challenge of [the Islamic State], and terrorism," he said. "It's hard for some people to grasp it, but what we — you — are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself."


Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy is one of the U.S.'s lead negotiators in the discussions in Vienna. She said Thursday that one of her goals is to move the HFC agreement into force by the end of the year.

The global deal would match new EPA regulations to ban HFCs in the United States and promote alternative chemicals for use in appliances.

The EPA's rules, together with the negotiations in Vienna, are part of the president's climate agenda for his final year in office.
3)  I have written in past memos "Jews are like people, only more so."  meaning we tend to be extreme in many ways.
Also, Jews are not particularly monolithic and thus there is no single explanation why Jews  profess to be liberal and embrace The Democrat Party.

In part, they are liberal because those who immigrated from Eastern Europe, many years ago, had socialistic tendencies and the influence remains to this day.

Jews who came to America were initially discriminated against and the 2d World War tended to lower the bar and they associate this with Roosevelt and The Democrat Party.

FDR appointed Brandeis to The Supreme Court and had several highly placed Jewish Advisers, Bernard Baruch, Morgenthau, etc.. History has revealed Roosevelt knew about the concentration camps but did nothing.

Then, Truman's Jewish business partner, influenced him to vote for the establishment of Israel, notwithstanding the fact that Sec. George Marshall threatened to resign..

Norman Podhoretz explains in his book: "Why Jews Are Liberal," that Jews know little about their religion and have substituted liberal politics for their religion. In truth, the Jewish Religion is quite conservative in many of its laws and beliefs.

When you are persecuted you side with those who are persecuted but what most Jews do not realize is that The Democrat Party's president, Andrew Jackson, embraced segregation and most Democrats, north and south supported The Ku Klux Klan.  Liberal policies have been anathema for many they profess to support so the logic of Jewish support for Democrats, as the liberal party, does not square with history but their knowledge is thin and their willingness to probe is even thinner because political affiliation is emotional. President Wilson was a racist while Lincoln was the founder of the modern Republican Party and Republicans have consistently supported Civil Rights legislation from their party's beginning.

Specific to the new Far Left Democrat Party and its diminished support of Israel I believe there is a growing number of Jews who, having been accepted into the ranks of American society, social , business and cultural, fear support of Israel threatens their status. 
Jewish charitable contributions have become far more secular and this has opened opportunities for Jewish philanthropy and being liberal rather than conservative is a plus. I find this true among many of my Jewish friends here in Savannah,

Lamentably, far too many Jews are disconnected from and ignorant of the history of Israel and are more likely to associate with J Street than AIPAC.

Finally, every group has within it a segment who hold anti-group attitudes.  The increase in anti-Semitism and bashing of Israel on college campuses by radical pro Palestinian groups and the growth in Saudi financed Middle Eastern Study Departments, spewing fascist facts in support of their pro Muslim views, has reached heights resulting in cowing many Jews and open support for Israel. As for myself, heightened anti-Semitism throughout the world simply makes me more outspoken..

Empirically speaking, conservative economics equates more with sound business principles, yet, Jews in business  ignore this preferring to drink Democrat Kool Aid and those in Hollywood feel an excessive need to be hypocrites because being liberal is the in thing and equates with employment and acceptance.

The Republican Party, from its early beginnings, was exclusive, was associated with prejudice against Jews and though it has supplanted Democrats in terms of support for Israel etc., Jews are actually elephants with long memories.

There is no explanation why even accomplished people are capable of continuing to be stupid and holding views that threaten their very existence - Obama's support of The Iran Deal comes to mind.

Finally, a preponderance of Jews may vote for Hillary and continue to impale themselves on liberal spears but how do you explain Christians who are willing to follow  Jews who are willing to jump off the cliff sans parachutes?

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