Monday, July 4, 2016

Don't Tread On Me Suits Me Just Fine!

Whether Hillary is indicted, as she should be, or not, the stench of the entire investigation will remain.  Whether the fix is in or not becomes irrelevant because of the way Obama intruded and manipulated by his precipitous acts ending with the ultimate meeting between Obama's lackey Attorney General and Bill Clinton. Taint has a way of lingering.

What Obama has accomplished in a brief 7 years is the undercutting of the bed rock of our nation . We distinguished ourselves, at our founding, as a nation of laws. Our Republic was established to serve the people and the Union was formed in a loose manner with all rights going to States that the central government was not constitutionally endowed.  This was so power was dispersed in the hope the central government would not become what we escaped.

Self governing and personal freedom , ownership of property and freedom of religion were our founding cornerstones. To ensure these rights we were allowed to maintain personal arms.

When politicians discovered they could control our lives and perpetuate their own fortunes by re-centralization, the decline of our Republic began. This occurred long before Obama was elected but it accelerated with his circumventing  style of wedge issue governance, lying and incredulously incompetent and corrupt appointments. Witness what has occurred at The IRS, Departments of Intelligence, Border Patrol, The Justice Department among others.

The 2016 election is about whether the people will prevail or will we continue down the path of dry rot?  Both major candidates reflect how far we have sunk in terms of selecting leadership.  We no longer have "statesmen" willing to serve and, if we do, we are not discerning enough to select among them.

Most nations seem to run out of gas after 200 to 300 years.  Perhaps this is a preordained matter because it takes that period for man/society to be tested and to come up with every response before running out of alternative options.

In a discussion I had with my son, while he was in town, he approaches where America is today from a biblical perspective and believes God created America in order for Israel to be established in the hope that the Jewish people would have a nation and could live in peace. That was accomplished and now what?

It is his view,  the world is in upheaval when the prospects for the Jewish people are unstable. Perhaps he is right, perhaps not but it is true that when worldwide hatred is afoot it is generally associated with and leads to other threats and events - economic upheaval, war, decline in values, rabid religious acts, pusillanimous leadership  etc.

I am not as schooled as my son when it comes to Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics, The Talmud and a trained mind.  He received a broad education and did a great deal of traveling in the process, ie. University of Rochester, Cairo Egypt (American University) , Jerusalem (Hebrew University and Aisch Kotel), Nagoya, Japan (World's Fair). He studied with a host of world experts in a variety of fields and subjects and can get by in many languages - French Arabic, Hebrew, a smattering of Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Spanish. He has a good ear and I only wish I had his piano skills.

Today we celebrate our 240th year and most Americans do not know a thing about their country's history, its Constitution etc. Even this president thought we were a nation of 58 or 59 states, I forget which.

I have always maintained, America was the best hope for mankind but that was a different America than the one of today, I do not believe Bernie is right about Socialism, I do not believe Hillary is right about the way she has used her public office to serve herself.  I do not believe a president should lie in order to deceive and I do not believe love conquers weakness and the greatest threat to mankind is coal.  But then I am not a millennial, I read books, try to reason and was raised to believe I am responsible for my own actions and therefore I am generally out of step with the world in which I live.

I believe you work for what you have, you give some of it to others less fortunate and be willing to serve when called upon. I believe you obey the law and stand against tyranny and I am willing to speak my mind but I have a responsibility to allow others their equal rights.

As I approach the end of my own life I am less tolerant of fools and am more distrustful of collective government and do gooders who believe PC'ism is anything other than pure hypocrisy conjured up by progressives who seek power and authority over my rights and freedoms.

I am becoming more curmudgeon like and "don't tread on me" suits me just fine and what's wrong with sincere patriotism?

Happy and Safe 4th!


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