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Four Wars - Dissimilar Roots - Losing On All Fronts! America Is Adrift!

Attacks on Police, Society and Order.

Derek Hunter discusses the one sided war.

I submit we are engaged in four wars.  One with radical Islamist Terrorists, the second with disgruntled Black American radicals, the third with the present Administration and President Obama and the fourth with campus anarchists.

Each war is different in nature,  has dissimilar roots but radicalism remains a common thread.

The war against Islamist Infidels is based on a desire by Muslim Radicals to regain their Caliphate Glory and hatred of Colonialism.

The second war against black American radicals is based on their contempt for white Americans who they blame for their continued mistreatment. When you have been brought to a country against your will, enslaved, freed and then segregated against aggrievedness runs deep and lingers.

The third war is against a president whose vision for our country runs counter to historical governance, adherence to Constitutional dictates and has thrown the police under the bus.

The final war is taking place on our college campuses and in classrooms where radicals are using our freedoms to destroy our freedoms. These anarchists are funded by those who wish to destroy our nation from within as well as from without.

 Under the guise of PC'ism they are engaged in the age old tactic of anti-Semitism by targeting Israel for its treatment of those who wish to annihilate the nation..

All these wars are being ably assisted by a liberal press and media that have a bone to pick.

We are currently losing on all four fronts.

The political and social philosophy of the two commanding parties is in total opposition.The Democrat Party has lost its  moorings, its policies have proven to be bankrupt morally and financially.. The Republican Party has proven hopelessly incompetent and incapable of adhering to and selling in a convincing manner its acceptable principles .

Consequently, America is adrift and the world is increasingly unsafe. (See 1 and 1a below.)

The new rash of police killings in Baton Rouge leads me to conclude that we are experiencing a somewhat uncoordinated but copy cat effort to create anarchy, an attack on our society, adherence to law and order and conditions that might give rise for Obama to be able to implement Martial Law.

Again call me nuts.
1) The One-Sided War 
By Derek Hunter

We’re in the midst of a war, but you’d never know it by watching the news or listening to the White House. The JV team keeps piling up bodies and Western leaders continue pledge to stand together as the blood dries. That’s all well and good, but when “standing together” is the entirety of the strategy, winning has not become the priority.
To win a war, to defeat an enemy, you have to first admit you’re in a war and have an enemy. No terrorist attack, no matter the body count or how great the horror, has shaken Western powers into admitting radical Islam is a cancer on humanity and needs to be exterminated. It seems as though nothing will.

What happened in Nice, France, was as evil as it was expected. Where the next attack will be we’ll know soon enough, but it too will be shocking and not surprising. It’s coming because each attack leads to a response along the lines of a mild scolding.

If each time you robbed a bank and got caught you faced only a “It’s wrong that you did that and you shouldn’t do that again,” why would you not rob banks? Now add in the fanatically insane idea that being killed while robbing banks was the key Heaven, and you get Islamofascism.

Yet Western leaders, from President Obama to French President Fran├žois Hollande, treat this evil as a distraction; a kid kicking your chair on a long flight. But this is one annoyance that will only grow bigger if not stopped.

Newt Gingrich took a lot of heat for comments he made Thursday night, but he was absolutely correct in his conclusion. “I am sick and tired of being told the wealthiest, most powerful civilization in history, all of Western civilization, is helpless in the face of a group of medieval barbarians who, for example, recently burned 20 young women to death, burned them to death, because they wouldn’t have sex with them. A group which beheaded recently in the Philippines two Canadian businessmen, and we’re told to be reasonable, to be passive, to not judge. I just want to tell you tonight, everybody who watches this video, this is the fault of Western elites who lack the guts to do what is right, to do what is necessary, and to tell us the truth, and that starts with Barack Obama,” he said.

Unfortunately, in the wake of every wholesale slaughter of innocent human beings, “Western elites” circle the wagons of denial and lament the prospect of “blowback” against Muslims that never materializes. It’s like lecturing Jews not to be harsh toward Nazis as they’re being rounded up for shipping to death camps. They aren’t denying reality, they’re ignoring it completely.

We aren’t without fault in this, we allow politicians to do it. We allow an unambiguous, self-declared terrorist who murdered 49 people to be spun into a homophobic “gun-nut” by a media we continue to patronize. We’re told how we’re greedy by celebrities we continue to enrich. We’re lectured on how we’re horrible racists by politicians we continue to elect.

We do this to ourselves.

It’s not going to change until we change it. Islamofascists will stop murdering people only if they’re dead. We in the civilized world should make them dead. We have the tools, we have right on our side, but those in position to lead do not have the will.

Both ISIS and President Obama want to “fundamentally transform” the world. Only ISIS is willing to destroy it in the process, but Obama simply ignores its destruction in hopes it comes out his way. He’ll use the bodies of their victims to do it when he can, and ignore them when he can’t.  

We’re in a war, whether we want it or not, whether our leaders acknowledge it or not. It’s a winnable war, but not if we don’t fight it the way wars have been fought and won since time began.

Radical Islam will always exist, but we must fight to ensure it does so only in the heads of a few afraid for their discovery. We have to fight the war against it like a war; with every weapon at our disposal. Our distaste for casualties has not spared lives. It has only prolonged suffering, and it must be overcome.

That means civilian casualties, and not just on our side, as it has been. That means taking them out wherever they are, no matter who they are with. If you’re having dinner with a terrorist, you are fair game. Regardless whether they’ve engaged in terror, if you sit down with the devil you better be prepared for Hell. And Hell is what we must bring to them.

Newt is right – they are barbarians and need to be destroyed. The civilized world has to embrace a little of the incivility which allowed it to defeat evil in the past and thrive if it is to do so again. We must fight like our survival depends on it. Because they will, and it does.


Do White Americans Want to Keep Black Americans Down?

Michael Brown

Is there systemic, intentional racism in America today? Do large numbers of white Americans want to keep black Americans down? If not, why have other minorities overcome the odds to rise to the top of society while so many black Americans are languishing?

Let’s consider how other minority groups have fared in America.

Jews today make up less than 2 percent of our population, and they have certainly suffered discrimination here in America, let alone (in deadly fashion) around the world. As Wikipedia notes, “In the first half of the 20th century, Jews were discriminated against in employment, access to residential and resort areas, membership in clubs and organizations, and in tightened quotas on Jewish enrollment and teaching positions in colleges and universities. Restaurants, hotels and other establishments that barred Jews from entry were called ‘restricted’.”

Early in the 20th century, there was even an attempt to restrict Jewish attendance in Ivy League schools like Harvard. Yet all these obstacles (and many others) were overcome, and today, no one would deny the powerful influence Jewish men and women have in virtually every facet of American society. In fact, anti-Semites claim that Jews control Hollywood, the banks, the media, and the government!

Asian Americans make us up less than 6 percent of our population and have had their own share of obstacles to overcome, including the mistreatment of Japanese Americans during the World War II.

Yet Asian Americans are often at the top of their classes in the nation’s most elite schools, frequently leading the way in the business world and beyond. Why have they succeeded as relative newcomers compared to black Americans, who have been here since the inception of our nation?

Does this provide evidence that black Americans are being singled out for mistreatment and that there is an intentional, premeditated plan to keep black Americans down?

A white racist might say, “Not at all. This just proves that blacks are inferior.”

But not only is that an utterly despicable statement, it is also totally false.

Studies have indicated that recent African immigrants “tend to be older, more likely to have a higher education and a higher income, and less likely to live in poverty.”

A recent caller to my show, who previously lived in Kenya and Tanzania and who jokingly identified himself as an African African American (triple A, as he said), repeated to me what other recent African immigrants have shared on my show: Their lot is often different than the lot of other African Americans, and they find themselves getting better educations and better jobs.

So, what it is that keeps so many black Americans down, specifically, those who have been here for a period of generations?

It is certainly true that there are white Americans who hate blacks and want to oppress and keep them down, but I personally believe that accounts for a very small minority of white Americans. 

It is also true that black Americans often are not treated the same way white Americans are. But here too, I don’t believe this is done in an intentional, systemic way, which would have been the case during the days of segregation and slavery.

How, then, do we explain the very real disparity in our society between black Americans and white Americans, or between black Americans and other minority groups?

Why, on average, do black American families make so much less than, say, Hindu American families or Jewish American families (roughly $35,000 per black family as compared to more than $100,000 per Hindu or Jewish family)?

I believe it is the welfare system (and its related policies) that has kept black Americans down, however well-intentioned this system may have been at the outset.

Put another way, the system is enslaving many blacks rather than empowering them, destroying the family in the process, but it is not so much the result of systemic racism as it is the result of systemically flawed policies.

In an eloquent Facebook post, black NFL star and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson asks the question, “As Americans, do black lives matter to us?”

He makes many valid points and raises many valid concerns, some of which indict white Americans and some of which indict black Americans, but at all points, he is redemptive, pointing to the cross and calling each of us higher.

Watson’s criticisms are fair and on target, including this one: “Black lives DON'T matter when some politicians enable generational dependency, stifling individual responsibility while others completely deny the importance of programs that are needed to help the marginalized. A crutch is the vital friend of the injured, its ultimate purpose to one day be laid aside as its former dependent walks on their own. If it oversteps its purpose the user will no longer feel the need to walk. Erroneously, they may not even think they can ever do so. Consequently, a stagnant, hopeless life seems to matter less.”

I agree with Watson that the system itself is flawed, even if the intent behind the system was good. And I agree with his other comments, indicating that many disparities do exist between black and white Americans, that there is injustice in our land, that the family must be rebuilt, and that our current policies are only exacerbating the problems.

But how do we address these issues? Obviously, provoking others to rage, anger, and violence only makes things massively worse.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a controversial black leader who grew up without a father on a plantation during the Jim Crow era, proposes a totally different approach. He argues that the only way for black Americans to move forward, regardless of injustice and discrimination and inequality, is to practice love and forgiveness, to rebuild the family, and to take full responsibility for one’s situation, refusing to blame others and refusing to depend on others

The entitlement mentality, which the government helped produce, is hurting black Americans not helping them, and while recognizing that there are genuine ways the government can help the poor and needy, our current system is doing far more harm than good.

It’s time for white Americans, like me, to stand side by side with black Americans, like Ben Watson, and say, “Enough with our flawed system. We stand with you against injustice and discrimination, and we want to empower you, not enslave you. America will not thrive until you are thriving.”

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