Monday, July 25, 2016

Is It Julian Assange's Pay Back Time? Will More WikileakReleases Determine The 2016 Election? Advice To Trump!. Nagging Reminder.

1) Has Bernie thrown in the towel so as not to rattle the Party which has sway over whether he gets to Chair a Senate Committee?  Also, should Hillary become president, she could make his life hell if he does not throw in with her.

Bernie has every reason to raise hell but he has walked off the battle field like Romney in total silence.
In my previous memo I posted some speculative comments on the part of Ed Klein.  If what Klein wrote has any relevance to the truth then the idea Comey and The FBI are investigating The Clinton Foundation's contribution sources is a dead issue.

We could be, as I wrote earlier, in the process of electing a president who, not only, would be unable to get security clearance from The FBI, but who, also, allowed her position,, as Sec of State, to be sold to foreign sources in return for contributions to The Clinton Foundation,

The current mess caused by the release of e mails regarding how the fix was in for Hillary by the DNC, could just be the tip of the iceberg as more e mails might be released revealing foreign governments did, in fact, tap into her personal e mail system.

This potential sword could hang over her head and should give pause to those who would, in fact, be electing a compromised president.

As I have said and repeated, the 2016 will be one of the dirtiest campaigns ever and now The Democrats will have to dig and dig and throw whatever mud they find in order to take the stench off Hillary.

Stay tuned, because, if Assange has more damning information to release, Wikileaks could determine the outcome of the 2016 election and we would have  Julian Assange, to thank.  Is it Julian's pay back time?
I never know why my memos find favor unless I hear from those who read them but, of late, the number of opens has increased from 20% of my memo list well into the high 30%. I am, of course, grateful but also curious because, as my wife says, you pretty much know where I am coming from.
There are many ways Trump can win the election.  I am not his adviser but were I, I would encourage him to go into the black community and level with them and put the focus on jobs and education. Why?  Because Hillary cannot win unless she captures the monolithic black vote.

Trump should tell Black Americans you have been played like a violin and tell them to ask themselves what benefits their population has received from their black president other than more food stamps?  Statistics suggest they are worse off because of the Obama economic recovery.

Trump also must explain why education is so important and explain how Democrats have kept the black population down by supporting failed union controlled schools and blacks have been kept trapped by Democrat opposition to choice.

Trump needs to go into the Hispanic communities and tell them he is not opposed to Hispanics but illegal immigration and if they truly love America, they too, should be opposed to illegal immigration, a president who does not enforce the laws of their country and their vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same.  Hispanics are conservative.  They believe in a family structure and education and Trump needs to tell them he does as well..

If you do not show you are interested and willing to come to them and ask for their vote you will not get their vote. That said, you cannot come as a braggart and as someone they can see through. Let Hillary pander and sell them her crap.  If they are too dumb to see they are being taken then , at least, you tried to open their eyes to reality.

The third thing Trump must do is quit wandering off the reservation and fighting with his 'enemies.' If Kasich did not want to show his face at the Convention, being held in his home state, that is something he must live with and if Cruz came to the convention, made a speech and did not endorse you, for whatever reason, that too is something Cruz must live with and you need to let that dog alone as well.

Fourth, Trump should hammer away at all the reasons he cited in his speech that he intends to try and accomplish for this nation and he should give a list of people he is considering to bring into his administration so voters can see he is building a team that consists of more than himself. You are judged by those with whom you associate.

Sixth, Trump certainly should continue reminding and reinforcing voter attitudes about the negatives that haunt Hillary but do so factually and with less hyperbole. Voters have already concluded Hillary is crooked, untrustworthy, a liar and a pathetic choice.  The sauce for cooking her own goose is already there.

Fifth, he should send his children out to targeted groups to campaign and tell their story. They reflect well on Trump because they are accomplished, well bred and well spoken.

Finally, Trump must listen to those who are trying to help him win , who have his best interests and are worthy of his trust and he can start with Pence, who is a decent man, a successful politician with an accomplished record in Congress and as Governor.

If Trump can do these few things I believe he will make it to the top. He owes this nation his best efforts because a horse saddled with four more years of Obama in a pant suit is a frightening and 'nagging' reminder of how America will have seen its best days.
Dick, you are conflating Wikipedia and Wikileaks, two very different animals. 
A "wiki" is just a generic tech term referring to a means of sharing information.  Wikipedia and Wikileaks are two flavors of this technique.  


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