Saturday, July 2, 2016

Congressional Hearings that become repeat offenses
about agency repeat offenses.

What a racket and we are taxed to keep this nonsense
going.  No wonder Americans are turned off by our
Rep Chaffetz is rightfully disgusted with this agency because it breaks the law by not deporting law breakers . Yet, he seems to haul them back and hears the same statistics and he does nothing.

Why can't this department  be defunded until it gets it's act together? What's wrong with Republicans?

This is what we need, more talent: Tape Face: Strange Act Leaves the Audience Speechless - America's Got Talent 2016 Auditions - YouTube
Stowe says we need to stow away Hillary. (See 1 below.)
1) By G. S. Stowe, Treasurer, Giles County, TN 

Those who know me perceive that I am a constitutional conservative and Jeffersonian classical liberal generally a Republican, but not zealously so.    However, having served as Military Aide to President Clinton from 1996-98, I offer some first-hand insights into the character of candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is an elitist of the first order, and she surrounds herself with similarly pretentious toadies.   I observed her to routinely bully subordinates, poke her finger in the chest of senators, and enter into numerous curse-laden tantrums over the most trivial of matters.  Hillary's  staff, including her Chief of Staff and a gaggle of 30-something Ivy League snobs (all hand-selected by Hillary), cultivated an extremely fractious relationship with my military colleagues.   They unanimously abhorred uniforms in their White House, and they routinely talked down to veterans, officers, and enlisted members; the First Lady consistently treated us with disdain.

People often say Hillary is smart.  Those who know her say she's cunning, a momentous difference.  She shrewdly hones and packages her public image.  She  feigns empathy and support for the downtrodden because  it effectively scores political points. I would observe her working at being friendly in a social situation, then minutes later overhear her and her staff deriding or mocking the people she just met.  This was particularly evident when she was meeting with common, rural middle-income folk .

When I knew Hillary she was arrogant, self-absorbed, and patronizing; she padded her entourage with similarly haughty staffers.  After observing her unprincipled tenure as Secretary of State and now hearing the same, well-rehearsed rhetoric on behalf of the downtrodden, I am persuaded she is no different in 2016.

  I am  writing as a former White House military aide desirous of exposing the veneer of a particularly obnoxious, phony and vulgar candidate.  I don't offer these comments as a Republican, but as an eyewitness to the demonstrable character of Hillary Clinton.  

G. S. Stowe

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