Sunday, July 23, 2017

Is Anthony Scaramucci An Italian Version of Newt and Just What Trump and The Administration Needs? I Hope So. PC/Progressive Educators Turning America into A Cultural Eunuch Nation.

We know Russia interfered with our election and that of other perceived antagonist nations.

However, what we continue to allow is the disruption of our nation's foreign and domestic agenda because renegade Democrats, who cannot accept Trump's election, have enlisted the mass media and their allies in our own intelligence agencies to assist them in de-fanging Trump.

Trump, also, continues to wander off message playing into the hands of those who remain unwilling to accept his unorthodox behaviour.

Putin could not, in his wildest dreams, believe he could be so effective as he has in getting America's political system to internalize on itself. We are so engaged in self-destruction we may do permanent damage to our long term interests.

Hopefully Anthony Scaramucci will be effective at getting Trump's agenda back on track and keep the administration's message focused so the positive aspects of what our president wants to accomplish can happen.

Will the disorganized Republican Party now climb aboard the USS Trump or will the members continue to scuttle both themselves and their president choosing to row their boats toward the rocky shoals.

I believe Scaramucci is what Trump needs.  Perhaps he will prove an Italian version of Newt. How refreshing this would be.
I have consistently written one of our nation's greatest tragedies is the destruction of our education system and the fact that the youth of our nation are failing to receive the type of schooling that prepares them for the life they will lead and what it takes/means to be a good and participating citizen.

Stop and think about the fact that we have removed art and music from school curricula and no longer offer these types of classes.  Art and music reach one's soul.  They make you a more caring human being.  They broaden your mental horizons.  Art and music impact people in different ways but generally always positively.

By eliminating these courses, PC'ism and progressive driven educators are making America, culturally speaking, a Eunuch nation.
Comment from a dear friend and fellow memo reader regarding my posting of the Women Amputees:
"I was in the main reception hall of the Old Walter Reed a few years ago when one of these gals or one like them came hopping by on her spring form legs actually sort of running when she leaped into the air  and into the arms  of a rather large well built Sergeant Major who caught her mid air  with a big bear hug and held her like one would cradle a baby in both arms. I struggled to hold back the tears and failed.  Ya gotta love 'em. J---"

This same friend sent this along later: ".
Breaking News:

 (See 1 below.)"
1)"Dick I'll send the source in another e-mail. This is not my work although I thought it appropriate to pass it along

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the University of California, Berkeley, the liberal college administrators are bloodying up the water again with their pick-and-choose approval of who gets the graciousness of their welcome.

This time around, it’s Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire and formerly of Breitbart who’s getting the shaft from the university. UC Berkeley officials announced this week that while Shapiro is welcome to make some sort of arrangement with the conservative club on campus for a speaking event, he shouldn’t expect THEM to make any accommodation whatsoever for his arrival. This is the sneaky way they have – as seen in the Ann Coulter debacle – of censoring conservative speech while still maintaining an air of plausible deniability. It fools no one, of course.
The Young America’s Foundation, the national conservative organization that finances speakers to come around to address clubs like UC Berkeley’s College Republicans, said in a statement that the school was supposedly “unable to identify an available campus venue” for the event.
“Ben Shapiro is welcome on our campus and we are committed to supporting his, and your, rights to free speech,” said the university.
Shapiro, however, isn’t buying that.
“This bullshit will not stand. Don’t worry, Berkeley. I’m coming one way or another,” Shapiro tweeted Wednesday.
In comments to YAF, Shapiro said the university’s excuse was just that – an excuse.
“Using ridiculous pretexts to keep conservatives from speaking is unsurprising but disappointing,” he said. “We’ll find a way to get this event done, and UC Berkeley has a moral and legal obligation to ensure we do so.”
At this point, we can only conclude one of two things. One, the administration at this school is so terrified of the liberal anarchists that populate the college that they’re willing to give in to virtually any demands that they make. Or two, that even the anarchists are an excuse and the administration really, really believes that people like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Ben Shapiro should not be poisoning the young, impressionable minds of their students. And really, regardless of which one is true, the situation is equally as pathetic. The university has a responsibility to its students to expose them to different points of view and they have a responsibility to the LAW to make sure that free speech is welcomed on campus. And they have a responsibility to humanity to make sure that a handful of left-wing radicals cannot shut down ANY event with predictable threats of violence. J---"

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