Sunday, July 30, 2017

Adhering To Rule of Law Not Selective Justice and Closing The Have, Have-Not Gap. Abby Hits Home Run.

Our realtor daughter, Abby, is deservedly  honored. She won because I taught her everything she knows.(See bottom below.)
I read and posted a recent op ed by Krauthammer and basically agreed with his psychiatric characterization of Trump.

Where I take issue with Krauthammer is his willingness to allow those in the Obama Administration a free pass should they be guilty of having broken laws.

Our nation was founded upon the principle of adherence to the rule of law.  If justice is to be equitable it cannot be selective.

In their wisdom, The Founding Fathers allowed for presidential pardons.

We now know "The Trump Dossier" was prepared by Fusion GPS. The organization's co founder, Glenn Simpson, has agreed to testify in a private session, before the Grassley Committee, but has refused to indicate who paid for the information, which is his Constitutional Right.

The information that formed the basis of this report may be totally false and misleading and could well have formed the basis of former FBI Director Comey's pursuit of Trump and now the basis upon which Special Prosecutor Mueller is building his own pursuit against allegations of collusion regarding Trump, his family and other associates.

There is a growing  legitimate basis for Trump feeling he is being hung out to dry based on charges that are not only false but also were contrived by Russian operatives for the purpose of casting doubt upon the outcome of our democratic election process . Time will tell as Kim Strassel pursues the matter.

If laws were broken by the likes of Clinton, Wasserman Schultz, Rice, Lynch et. al there is every reason they should be prosecuted and if found guilty a judgement rendered. Then, if Trump. or any subsequent president. wishes to pardon them for any reason that is the appropriate way to follow the dictates of the law, our constitution and the intent of The Founders.

This leads me to another matter of inequality.  The disparity between halves and have nots has widened. Yes, there will always be a gap and the issue will always remain a thorn which can and will be exploited. Like it or not, outcomes cannot be dictated by liberals/progressives and bleeding heart community organizers because, among humans, there will always be disparate talents, drives, motivations and circumstances. That said, it is a moral imperative America seek to provide the lower socio economic class an unimpeded opportunity to move upward. This is why I constantly urge education and freedom of choice.  That is the beauty of our capitalistic society unlike, say, Britain where class dictates so much of one's standing and opportunities.

There are those who, due to circumstances beyond their control, deserve and should be given every consideration resulting in what is dubbed "a hand up." However, what has happened is virtually every perceived wrong has been allowed to become an entitlement and we are fast becoming an unhealthy dependent society.

Not only has this resulted in enormous sums of wasteful expenditures, which restrict funding of other more vital programs, but it has also resulted in massive fraud and overwhelming duplicate regulations .
Dispensing public funds is a matter of public trust and those on the receiving end should be required to have skin in the game.  To cultivate a society on the dole is demeaning and dangerous and we are now paying the price of excess and abuse. Johnson's War On Poverty boomeranged if metrics measure success.

Politicians have a moral responsibility not to use public largess to build constituencies beholden to them, ie. to buy votes with tax payer sweat. Both parties do it and it is reprehensible.

I know nothing will be done to rectify the entitlement swamp because, as we have learned with Obamacare, every program that dispenses takes on a life of its own, eventually morphs into an entitlement and politicians do not have the guts and/or moral fortitude to take anything away.

Eventually entitlements will crowd out spending on virtually everything else if their amoebic growth is allowed to continue unabridged. Then what? You decide!
Have a great week. We are off to Orlando, then to New York and I return and go to Athens for a committee meeting.

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