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Facts Are Embarrassing . Time For Republicans To Call For A Special Prosecutor To Even Things Up! Dagny Here All Week.

Facts are embarrassing and yet, they also reveal what we have known for years.  Democrats use government largess to build constituencies so they can increase the numbers who vote for the continuance of paternalistic dole.  Then when it hits the fan Democrats are nowhere to be found and often go into a blame shift dance and find Wall Street a convenient scape-goat.

When The Fed reduced interest rates, and Democrats harangued banks to make loans to those who could not afford the mortgage payments, Wall Street responded  by creating a mortgage backed security which,theoretically, was supposed to consist of sound mortgages but in many cases were backed by crappy ones.  The banks, under pressure, were happy to accommodate Congress, then controlled by Democrats who were being intimidated, threatened and beat over their head by Barney, to trade in this garbage. The rest is history.  There was enough blame to go round but somehow everyone focused on GW who warned of the impending threat but , by then, GW had become the pin cushion for all that was wrong in America.

And then Trump comes along.
If Republicans had any "smidgen" of fortitude they would demand another independent counsel be appointed to investigate Obama, Clinton and all the seamy things that allegedly happened during their tenure.  The investigation could run parallel to Mueller's.

There is no doubt Russians sought to involve themselves in our election and it also appears members of the Trump election team and family did some stupid things, particularly in terms of optics.

We also know Obama and his lackeys were engaged in the Israeli election and tried to defeat Netanyahu.  We also know Obama used government agencies to intimidate American's of their free speech.  We also know Obama and Hillary lied on many occasions etc. We also know they supplied Mexican Gangs with guns resulting in American deaths.

It is past time for Republicans to remove their tails out from between their legs and start fighting back.  Will they?  I seriously doubt it because they do not understand messaging, believe they should stay aloft as they get smeared and just do not have the stomach for fighting back. They are too patrician.

When it comes to shooting themselves in their own feet, however, they prove to be excellent marksmen thanks to The NRA.
Makes sense to me.  Seems we have shackled ourselves with PC handcuffs. You decide. (See 1 below.)
Don't cross the Clinton's or you may wind up six feet down. (See 2 below.)
A little humor after all this bitterness and hate being thrown around by unhinged Democrats. (See 3 below.)
Our granddaughter, Dagny, is here all this week at The Landings Day and Tennis Camp and then we take her back home to Orlando so memos will be off and on.

She is a delight and I have every reason she will grow into a fine young woman.  She does not stop talking.
Let me see if I've got this right.

After being interviewed by the school administration, the prospective teacher said: 
" Let me see if I've got this right.

You want me to go into that room with all those kids, correct their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse, monitor their dress habits,   censor their        T-shirt messages and instill in them a love for learning 
You want me to check their backpacks for weapons, wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and raise their sense of self-esteem and personal pride 
You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, and how to register to vote, balance a check book, and apply for a job. 
You want me to check their heads for lice, recognize signs of antisocial behavior, and ensure that they all pass their final exams. 
You also want me to provide them with an equal education regardless of their handicap and communicate regularly with their parents in English, Arabic or any other language, by letter, telephone, newsletter, and report card  
You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, a bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting salary that qualifies me for "New Start." 
You want me to do all this, and then you tell me...... 
I CAN'T wear a necklace with a little cross,  mention God, or say "Merry Christmas"  because someone might take offence? " 
Well, you know what you can do with your job....... 
We all should have the same rights, whatever your religion. 
This should be posted in every school in America and all countries 
Think about it!  
If Muslims can pray anywhere, why are 
Christians banned from praying in public and from erecting religious displays on their holy days?  
What happened to our National Day of Prayer?   
Muslims are allowed to block off major streets, in all American States and pray in the middle of the street! And it's a monthly ritual! 
Tell me, again, whose country is this?   
Ours or the Muslims? 
I was asked to send this on if I agree, or delete if I don't.
 It is said that 86% of Americans believe in God.  Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in having 'God' in our education system or the Lord's Prayer said in our government, schools or public meetings

I believe it's time we stand up for what we believe! 
2) Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead

The mainstream media’s silence over Klaus Eberwein’s death is deafening. 
Eberwein was a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week.

He has been found dead in Miami at the age of 50.

The circumstances surrounding Eberwein’s death are also nothing less than unpalatable. According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head.“ Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide” by the government. But not long before his death, he acknowledged that his life was in danger because he was outspoken on the criminal activities of the Clinton Foundation. 

Eberwein was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance √©conomique et social, for three years. “The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year. Eberwein was due to appear on Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors. But this “suicide” gets even more disturbing…

Eberwein was only 50-years-old and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life because of his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation.  His close friends and business partners were taken aback by the idea he may have committed suicide. “It’s really shocking,” said friend Gilbert Bailly. “We grew up together; he was like family.”

During and after his government tenure, Eberwein faced allegations of fraud and corruption on how the agency he headed administered funds. Among the issues was FAES’ oversight of the shoddy construction of several schools built after Haiti’s devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake.  But, according to Eberwein, it was the Clinton Foundation who was deeply in the wrong – and he intended to testify and prove it on Tuesday.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6 percent of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6 percent ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8 percent – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations. –WND

Eberwein was expected to testify against the Clinton Foundation in court and ends up committing suicide shortly before.  Where have we heard this before?

Untimely deaths seem to follow the Clinton’s around, and this one especially is probably something – considering since the mainstream media is silent about this death
3)By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one,   
You'll become a philosopher.


  I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.

 Groucho Marx

    My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe.

Jimmy Durante

I have never hated a man enough to give his diamonds back.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Until I was thirteen, I thought my name was SHUT UP.

Joe Namath

By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he's too old to go anywhere.

Billy Crystal

Sometimes, when I look at my children, I say to myself, 'Lillian, you should have  
Remained a virgin.'

Lillian Carter (mother of Jimmy Carter)

A  Sunday school teacher was telling her class the story of the Good Samaritan. She asked the class, 
"If you saw a person lying on the roadside, all wounded and bleeding, what would you do?"
A thoughtful little girl broke the hushed silence, "I think I'd throw up."

A Rabbi said to a precocious six-year-old boy, "So your mother says your prayers for you each night? That's very commendable. What does she say?"  
The little boy replied, "Thank God he's in bed!"

Little Tommy and his family were having Sunday dinner at his Grandmother's house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served. When Little Tommy received his plate, he started eating right away. "Tommy! Please wait until we say our prayer." said his mother.
"I don't need to," the boy replied.
"Of course, you do" his mother insisted. "We always say a prayer before eating at our house."
"That's at our house." Tommy explained. "But this is Grandma's house and she knows how to cook."

When my daughter, Kelli, said her bedtime prayers, she would bless every family member, every friend, and every animal (current and past). For several weeks, after we had finished the nightly prayer, Kelli would say, "And all girls."
This soon became part of her nightly routine, to include this closing. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked her, "Kelli, why do you always add the part about all girls?"
Her response, "Because everybody always finish their prayers by saying 'All Men'!"


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