Friday, October 28, 2016

What Say Ed Conant? Comey Should Resign. 20 Million Have Voted, Many For A Pant Lady Who Should Be Indicted Instead Of Becoming President.

This was written by Jonathan Tobin and deserves re-posting :

"...The details of the infighting between Chelsea and her parents’s camp followers are fascinating. When Hillary’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, snidely pointed out that an insincere note from the presidential daughter illustrated how she was so like her parents in having the ability to give someone a kiss on the cheek while stabbing them in the back, the rest of us can only nod in agreement.

There’s no getting back that uranium mine any more that there is any way to claw back the benefits the Clintons’ influence peddling gave to their donors. But what is relevant today is the fact that the same merry band of grifters is about to return to the West Wing. The Clintons are not wrong when they say the Wikileaks documents are the result of an unconscionable interference in a U.S. election by Russia. Nor should even those shocked by what we’ve learned treat foreign espionage on American targets as a good thing. Yet what Wikileaks has done is to expand upon what we learned from Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash and investigations carried out by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, and given us a clear-eyed preview of how the people who will probably soon be running the government operate..."

As well as this by  Noah Rothman:

"...Yet this awful week of news–culminating in today’s earth-shattering disclosures from the FBI–could have a much more significant impact on the GOP’s down-ballot races, many of which were already tighter contests than the presidential race. Republican incumbents could benefit disproportionately from swing voters turning against Clinton, even if these new details do not fatally undermine her electoral prospects. If, however, Clinton survives and is inaugurated, she will face a hostile political climate like no newly elected president has faced in decades. Whereas Trump could rebrand the GOP as a progressive and xenophobic party with little appeal to the upcoming generation, Clinton could have as deleterious an effect on the Democratic Party’s brand over the course of four years of scandals, investigations, and tawdry allegations. Perhaps Democrats should be cautious about what they wish for."

My own thinking and speculation:

If you recognize Hillary's illegalities over the handling of America's most secret documents and connect them with the way the Clinton's engaged in pay for play for the benefit of their foundation you have multiple actions setting the grounds for RICO violations ( Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act)  which was designed to bring cases of corruption and racketeering.  Add to this the fact that a senior member of the FBI, who oversaw Hillary's investigation, received money for his wife's campaign from Hillary, Hillary's husband met on the Attorney General's plane days before Comey admitted Hillary was guilty of gross conduct but then refused to indict her and now over 20 million have voted, before the re-opening, you have a purloining of the Rule of Law by the pant lady seeking the Presidency and the contempt her party has for this nation.

Also, realize all of what has happened was only because an embarrassed head of the FBI was forced, 11 days prior to the election, to open the investigation because of what was found on the computer of a pedophile.  (I suspect Comey was forced to act because there was the threat of a mutiny within The FBI for the way he has handled/bungled the entire matter causing the Agency to lose all credibility.

Furthermore, do not forget Comey gave every one of Hillary's aides immunity from prosecution and allowed the FBI to destroy evidence etc.

Finally, the gumshoe led IRS should begin an investigation pertaining to challenging  the Tax Free Status of The Clinton Foundation.

If Obama gave a damn about this nation he would call for an independent investigation and a grand jury should be established. Rest assured Obama will not do so because Hillary is on her way to possibly becoming president and then I suspect Obama might actually pardon her should she be found to have engaged in and/or be connected with something so nefarious it transcends anything a Right Wing Conspirator could conjure.

As bad as Trump may be in the eyes of many, including Ed Conant, Donald was apparently correct when he charged  this election is well on its way to being stolen by crooks whose name ends with C and one of them claims she did not know  "c" stood for classified and yet lectured members of her State Department about "c"yber attacks

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