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So It Goes. Ignoring Trump's Contract - A Matter Of His Own Doing. Are Parts Of The Campaign Rigged? Bless Their Souls! THE SPEECH!

I find it fascinatingly bemusing Liberals and Socialists are complaining about and oppose the  merger between Ma Bell and Warner because it makes them too big. Yet, their desire to make government big , even overpowering, is what is also driving corporate bigness and the urge to merge.  Small entities cannot fight big bureaucracies. 

If someone builds a monstrosity next to you (government) and the shadows block out the sun on your garden you have two choices short of setting fire to their home (anarchy), ie. move your garden or move your home.

New technology is making current technology obsolete and is as much behind the 'need' to cope as anything else. Ma Bell has lost her glamour and the world's population is so much bigger and offers so many communication and entertainment options.

Government de-regulated the telecoms and the airlines and now they want to restrict customers from reaping the benefits because government bureaucrats knows best.  Let competition reign in the market place .  We now can call all over the world for pennies.  Airline prices are up because of terrorism not lack of competition. 

Bigness may not always be better and when that proves the case bigness will fail because a free market place, if allowed,  is too competitive to support the incompetent, the non-competitive. This is why government is failing.  It no longer delivers a service at a price that is affordable and in an acceptable, dependable manner

Those who have tasted freedom will not support a failing government. K Mart lost out to WalMart and so it goes.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The mass media folks concentrated on Donald's ending comments, about suing those women who allegedly lied about him, rather than the points he made in his "Contract" address in Gettysburg.  Why Trump makes comments that allow the mass media to attack him is beyond me but his "Contract" is rational and should be the focus of discussion.

We were very close to Newt when we lived in Atlanta and we had him speak at our home to a group named "Friends of Newt," of which we were members.  I keep his "Contract With America" under the glass on my desk. It is so benign yet, the press clobbered him and Time Magazine said he was the "Grinch who stole Christmas."What Newt proposed was sheer logic and had we embraced all of what he proposed we would be a much healthier country today.  "Ole Bill" saw the light and embraced some of it and got re-elected in the process not to take anything away from his masterful political skills.

No doubt Newt urged Trump to say what he will do in the first 100 days, should he be elected. He may or may not accomplish what he proposes  but it is what should be done to get our train back on its track. 

When a Conservative offers reasonable solutions the mass media's first instinct is to find fault and attack.  They did this to Newt and some in Congress even called it "A Contract On America."  I challenge anyone to read what Newt proposed and conclude it was as atrocious as those in the media and opposition wanted you to believe.  I suspect the same will be the case with Donald's "Contract."  Yet, Donald stupidly goes out of his way to touch every "Wet Paint - Don't Touch " sign.  His seems to have a pathological reaction which undercuts the more reasonable case he tries to make.  If he loses in the end he will largely own his defeat.

At the end of this memo I have written a speech for Donald that he should give in the waning days of the campaign. (See 2 below.)
This from a dear friend and fellow memo reader in regard to my posting of Tobin's op ed. "Tobin's essay, largely a defense of Hillary's illicit, not to say, treasonous, activities  which brings to mind the old aphorism, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you!" 

Numerous studies have shown how easily rigged, and significantly so,is  the American voting system. It is sheer folly not to consider that a master criminal of Hillary's background, experience and pathological
lust for power to do just that. And to prepare for exposing it at the first sign of ANY unusual behavior at the polls. 


My view remains that when it comes to the actual vote I suspect there will be errors and some cheating maybe but certainly not enough to swing an election.  That said, I continue to believe Donald is justified in believing aspects of the election are rigged.  Certainly that is the case with the mass media and collusion's between the Clinton's and members and agencies of this Administration.  We know the IRS prevented participation by conservatives, we know there is evidence Obama's Justice Department seemingly stacked the deck by manipulating The FBI Director. We also have evidence Hillary lied consistently yet, has not been held to account as if she had been a "normal" citizen who lacked the political and coercive power of the Clinton's.

If there is any additional rigging I submit it came from the mass media who helped choose/anoint Trump because they wanted the weakest candidate to face their beloved Hillary. Did the Republicans get snookered by the mass media? Erick Erickson sees otherwise and believes Trump set himself up with the Clinton's,

Both views are somewhat conspiratorial but for different reasons. How do you explain a come from nowhere candidate like Obama?. (See 1 below.)

Finally this from a very dear friend and fellow memo reader regarding the mass media's gamesmanship with respect to the economy and interest rates:

 "I read this response to an article discussing how interest rates are not artificially low and though you might enjoy it.

So it's circular in that the policies and regulations that depress productivity, scare more people into being defensive savers, fear of investing in fragile economic circumstances, etc. Gee, that explains it?

That is not an explanation but a BS pile of excuses for the failures of this administration and the Fed.  Chicken and egg stuff. 

Too much govt intervention, manipulation, and policies that illustrate disdain for free markets and the things that made this country great. Only to be followed by a condescending presentation of excuses. 

When I see the pres tout how great things are since Obama took office, I have to wonder where the common sense responses are hiding, only to be reminded there is no honest source of journalism waiting to refute this crap. For them the emperor is still sporting a classy wardrobe with excuses changing daily.  
I have written the speech Trump should be making if there are any undecided voters left for him to capture or minds to change. It is brief and somewhat self-deprecating so it is not the kind he is probably capable of/ or comfortable with making because his ego, defensiveness and narcissistic tendencies always get in the way.  

Obama is even more narcissistic but he is  clever and knows how to deliver an artful speech. Though it is full of nastiness, invective and lies it is effective and his breezy style appeals to the gullible and his fawning admirers who do not care about substance and do not know a fact from a lie. They lack reasoning skills because so many of their teachers and professors fail to challenge them to think.  Rather, students spend huge sums on tuition and boarding swallowing and regurgitating the didactic doctrinaire they are fed that spews from the lips of the very liberal academics who inhabit our campuses and who are engaged in/ and dedicated to spreading their socialistic precepts, attacking our nation and its accomplishments.  I have the Elizabeth Warren's in mind who hate capitalism and free markets because they create "unfair" results which government can neither define, dictate nor easily control.  Free choice, speech and actions are anathema to these gloomy professors who fear any reasoned challenge would rock their boat.

It took decades upon decades to fill the hallowed halls of higher academia to bring matters down so low  but we have arrived at the point where free speech has been replaced by safe zones so the feeling of the sissified/wussified, and/or whatever other anti-PC word is applicable, are protected and enshrined. . 

Marine Corps training should be mandated on every college campus but then why ruin a good branch. Who would be left to protect our elite? - Bless Their Souls! (See 2 below.)
Now for some humor:  Click on Old Woman & Man and Enjoy! This is a riot!!
1) Yes, The Election is Being Stolen ByErick Erickson

Texas is now a toss up state. Georgia is too. Utah, the most Republican state in the nation, is now going third party. Evan McMullin is now officially ahead there. Arizona, another seriously Republican state, looks like it is going Democrat too.
Yes, I think it is time to take seriously the accusations that the Clinton machine is stealing the election. There is no way those solidly Republican states should be going Democrat.
The evidence for theft is there.
In August of 2015, a major Clinton donor had a private conversation with Bill Clinton. In that conversation, we can deduce that some level of coordination was taking place.
Fast forward a few months and it turns out Democrats make up significant support for one candidate within the GOP. Of Republican supporters, pollsters determine moderate Republicans, not conservative, are backing him.
All along it seems more and more obvious that Donald Trump was working hand in glove with the Clinton machine. He called Bill Clinton before running. He drummed up Democrat turn out while building hype about Republican turn out. Turns out that Trump is not expanding the GOP and is not bringing in a wave of new voters. In fact, turn out this year is not a record high.
Only 9% of Americans chose Trump and Clinton as the major party nominees. The one is a repeat donor of the other. Trump endorsed Hillary Clinton over both John McCain and Barack Obama in 2008. He has given to her campaign repeatedly. He defended Bill Clinton in the 90’s against Paula Jones, et al.
Trump decided to get into the Republican race, build up an online army of trolls to make it look like he had massive support, then intentionally sabotage the race to hand it to his friend Hillary Clinton.
It turns out Rush is still right. Voters, when given the choice between a Democrat-lite and a Democrat, will always go for the real thing. Between a candidate who supports increasing the minimum wage and implementing socialist healthcare and another candidate who supports increasing the minimum wage and implementing socialist healthcare, the voters are always going to go with the Democrat, not the Republican who supports the same.
The race is being stolen. And the genius of it all is that Trump used Republican voters to steal it from the GOP. Now he is handing it to his friend Hillary Clinton. That also explains why Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton remain very close friends. This was all part of the plan and Trump took advantage of angry voters looking for change.
2) The Speech:

First: This is uncharacteristic of me but I know I have made many comments that have been hurtful and boorish. They are, perhaps, why I am considered to be down in the polls.  I am not a slick and professionally trained political debater as my opponent who has been in the public's eye for over thirty years. 

But, I cannot blame Hillary for my mistakes and behaviour.  If I lose, it is in large measure because of myself.

That said, I am not a quitter and I am fighting, in the end, not for myself but for this country,  which I love and which has given me opportunities no other nation could and, most importantly, for you who I have come to know better.

Second: My opponent and her husband  have perfected the psychiatric act of projection.  In other words, they artfully and cleverly blame others for their own actions. My own actions have contributed to their ability to tag me by saying I am unfit, do not have the temperament and should not have my finger on the nuclear button.  This allows Hillary to deflect attention from her own failures, misdeeds, lies, corruption and lack of accomplishments. In other words, from Whitewater, missing Rose Law Firm legal documents and their reappearance, her failed healthcare legislation, the questionable cattle trade and the more recent failed Russian Reset Button fiasco, Benghazi, her utter contempt for protecting America's secrets and Libya and the list is almost endless.

Third: I have been accused of saying the election is rigged.  Perhaps the actual vote count will not be rigged but one has to be utterly blind not to see the mass media favor liberals and the contributions of the members of the mass media go overwhelmingly to liberals.  Furthermore, one has to be even blinder not to see that Obama's IRS purposefully sought and did deny conservative organizations their legal rights and the prime instigator took The Fifth, which is her right. Then we have Obama's Justice Department squelching the Director of the FBI from prosecuting Hillary in the same manner they would you or any other citizen had they acted in the same way as Hillary because the Clinton's have what you do not - political clout.  Finally, we have the visit by Bill to Attorney General Lynch's plane the day before Hillary was exonerated for the purpose of discussing their grandchildren?  

If you believe this and the many outright lies Hillary has committed for over thirty years, when she is backed into the truth corner, then you are beyond gullible.

Fourth:  If you can say you are better off than you were eight years ago, America is stronger and more respected, our country is less racially divided, our voice more respected, we are less in debt or have better infrastructure to show for it and you feel better about your brighter future then you should vote for Radical Hillary and get four more years of Obama and Obama Care because that is what she is offering you. That is the snake oil Hillary is selling just as Obama did when he first ran.

Fifth: What this nation hungers for and what will solve so many of our problems is one simple word - JOBS. I have built many structures, employed many people.  Name something Hillary has built. Name one person she has employed beyond the political environment.  As I just said, she has failed at everything she has tried or been entrusted with.

I offer you "A Contract" with the following terms: As soon as I enter the White House on January 20, 2017, I will begin implementing my 8-Point Plan for the First 100 Days of the Trump Administration, and here’s what we’ll do:
  1. On Day One, we will roll out our plan to BUILD THE WALL, send criminal illegal immigrants home, and finally end the open borders nightmare.
  2. Begin renegotiating ALL unfair trade deals like NAFTA which have undercut American employment and exported our prosperity.
  3. CANCEL all executive orders, bureaucratic rules, and crippling regulations that send American jobs overseas.
  4. Work with Congress to REPEAL and replace the disastrous ObamaCare legislation that is ruining American healthcare.
  5. Lift the radical Obama regulations on America’s energy industry to END our dependence on foreign sources and create new jobs here at home.
  6. Propose, pass, and sign into law a massive TAX CUT for all working Americans and unleash the jobs-creating power of our small businesses.
  7. NOMINATE Supreme Court Justices who will uphold the Founders’ Constitution and not legislate the liberal agenda from the bench, and…
  8. IMPOSE strict new ethics rules to restore the integrity of the Office of the Secretary of State.
Friend, you are going to be amazed what we will accomplish during those First 100 Days -- I promise you that you will be proud of your President again.

 I and my administration will do everything LEGALLY in our power to accomplish this pledge in the first 100 days of my administration, should I be elected. 

Six: What I have said during the campaign and what I have tried to convey is substantially and distinctly different from what my opponent offers.  I believe in The Constitution.  I believe it has served our nation well.  I believe our Bill of Rights should be supported and protected and my appointments to The Supreme Court, given the opportunity, will do just that.

I believe a nation that does not protect its borders is doomed.  We are a nation of laws and we are a people who abide by our laws.  This is what separates us from so many other nations. I am not opposed to immigration. We are a nation of immigrants but I am opposed to supporting illegal entry and refuse to support breaking our nation's laws. I am more than willing to change our immigration laws and will seek legislation that will allow a legal pathway towards citizenship but not to the disadvantage of those who seek to become Americans legally.

I am for energy independence and simplified tax laws.  These should be no brainers and they should result in greater support of government by our citizens which is critical if we are to survive and prosper as a free and Democratic Republic.

Seven:  I cannot do this without the support of a concurring and supportive Congress. 

If you elect me because you agree with what I believe you want and America needs in order to be Great Again and I am prepared to try and deliver, then do not force me to deal with radical Democrats who want to turn America into another failed Socialist country.

If you want to diminish your freedoms and rights then elect the lady in the pant suit because I am not your man.

If you want more of the same despair then elect the lady in the pant suit because I am not your man.

If you believe the lady in the pant suit should be promoted for her misdeeds then I am not your man.

If you want the best government money and special privileges can continue to buy then elect the lady in the pant suit because I am not your man.

Finally, if you do not wish to have the prospect of a good  job that allows you dignity, challenges you to stand on your own two feet with your head held high and raise a family in the tradition of our nation's history, then vote for the lady in the pant suit because I am not your man. 

Remember what Obama told you early on - 'you did not build that, government did.' How insulting, how demeaning, how false. American's built America! Government assisted and now has come to impede and at a cost which will break us..

I need your vote, I seek your vote, I plead for your vote so together and united we can Make America Great Again!

God Bless America and God Bless You!

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