Sunday, October 30, 2016

Scottish Bar Ads. Comey and My FBI Friend. Prof. Gruber Was Correct.

Clever Scottish bar ads

Now that Comey had dumped on Hillary , she fires back by attacking him. Her attack is a call for transparency.  This after she destroyed documents illegally, The State Department slow walked everything requested of them and asked her aides to wash out thousands of e mails etc.
Attacking Comey is not a smart strategy but it fires up her supporters.  Does it change the minds of the uncommitted leaning her way?

Here is a sequence of events for everyone who has not voted to consider.

a) "Ole" Bill visits Atty. Gen. Lynch.

b) Atty. Gen. Lynch admits allowing Bill to visit was big mistake and allows Comey to decide what was Hillary's responsibility..

c) Comey indicts Hillary in public but not in court.

d) Comey says investigation over, gives immunity to Hillary aides and allows destruction of e mails and computers.

e) Comey re-opens investigation. WikiLeak revelations  no longer leading the news parade.  Purposeful?

f) Atty. Gen. Lynch seemingly unwilling to issue subpoena Comey needs to examine "pedophile's" computer.

g) Public and Congress confused.

h) Hillary using the event to demand Comey be transparent after she did everything she could to destroy evidence etc.

i) Obama seemingly caught by surprise and likely to instruct Lynch to do what she can to block implementation  rule of law.

j) Hillary fighting for her political life so she can become president and protect and defend America.

k) Gruber was right, Americans are stupid and gullible and Hillary was right, "what difference does it make."

l) Voters will decide and no matter their decision, America will lose.

m) POGO was right again - "The Enemy is Us."

o) My memo readership has increased 14.9% of late.

p) Don't offend anyone when you dress for Halloween. Dress PC!

I understand people not feeling comfortable supporting Trump but that remains a poor excuse to find your way to supporting Hillary.

Sam Nunn wrote an op ed for the local paper doing just that and he based his argument on Hillary having a steadier finger on the nuclear button. I know Sam Nunn is a lonely  centrist Democrat  and his party has drifted far away from his beliefs.  That said, supporting Hillary is another cop out that stands with his vote against Bork for The Supreme Court 'because of the message it would have sent to his black constituents.'

Where all of this is going is anyone's guess now that Comey has taken a respected Independent Agency and compromised it while politicizing the election.  We will just have to wait and watch it unfold. Whatever happens the nation has been poorly served by a man who allowed himself to be tortured into ruining his career because he lacked the intestinal fortitude to reject political pressure and he is bringing a trusted Agency down with him.

I feel very sorry for my friend who ran the Savannah Office of The FBI and was promoted to run the criminal/gang division of the Los Angeles Office just in the past month.   Gene was the personification of what you hope an FBI agent is all about.  He was dedicated, professional, highly intelligent and obviously respected within the agency to have received such a tough and visible assignment.

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