Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Luntz on Kaine. Rolland Golden, The Morris Museum, Augusta, Ga. and His Katrina Series. Matthew Is Coming, Be Safe!.

Frank Luntz does an interesting job of soliciting and analyzing the views of a randomly selected group of potential voters and based on his results my reaction to Kaine was verified.

Kaine did what he was robotically programmed to do and came across as obnoxious and I believe he resurrects Hillary's health issue because if Kaine ever became president America would be sucked down the drain worse than Obama has done.

Once again, we had a display of how the Clinton's have perfected their attack dog approach.  Go after an opponent's character, lie, smear and project your own misdeeds by attributing them to your adversary.  (See 1 below.)

Trump chose Pence, as his first appointment.  I submit, Pence confirms my view that Trump will surround himself with accomplished and decent advisers etc. Pence had an outstanding record as Governor of Indiana.  Had Pence chosen to run for President, I might have selected him over Kasich.
Two articles that support my concerns. (See 2 and 2a)
I have a board meeting in Athens tomorrow and plan on going to Augusta, Friday to visit The Morris Museum.  Rolland Golden is a very dear artist friend of ours and his award winning  "Katrina Series" is showing at The Morris.  It is ironic that we are leaving to go to Athens when Hurricane Matthew may be emptying The Landings and then to Augusta to view watercolors of the devastating hurricane that hit New Orleans as Mattthew attacks our own area.

No memos for a while and I hope when we return our home will still be here.

To all those located in the path of this storm I hope and pray you will be safe.
1) According to a focus group put together by longtime pollster Frank Luntz, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence overwhelmingly won the debate against rival Democrat Tim Kaine in Farmville, Virginia Tuesday night. 

Kaine is interrupting way too much.

The focus group wants the moderator to lay down the law and shut him up until it's his turn.

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