Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy has issued a directive for the U.S. peasantry.
"People have to start living a life that's commensurate with reductions in greenhouse gases," McCarthy said during a recent social discussion with Mashable.
Who is this woman to tell anyone how they should live? Was she elected? No. Called by God? No. Hired by the American people? No.
McCarthy was appointed by President Obama. She runs a political agency for a political administration in maybe the most political city in world history. She's neither prophet nor angel.
Yet she makes a pronouncement as if she has the moral authority, the heavenly justification, to tell others how they must live. She demands we return to an era in which humans produced less carbon dioxide emissions and therefore lived much more primitively.
Why do we put up with such arrogance? Why are we constantly subject to these bullies?
McCarthy is not out there on her own. There is a small army of like-thinkers who cannot suppress their impulses to run other people's lives. Just last year a European Commission report said that the Paris climate agreement required "profound lifestyle changes." Activist Naomi Klein threatens us to "change, or be changed." Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to keep us away from foods he doesn't think we should have.
And Obama himself warned us about driving our SUVs, eating as much as we want and setting our thermostats at 72 degrees. Those privileges are reserved only for the select few who one day will surely have their own private ZiL lanes in Washington dedicated to their SUVs and luxury limousines.
The existence of the political left is entirely based on using the muscle of government to forcibly direct and control people's lives, and McCarthy's statement fits in snugly with that agenda. The left will use any means necessary to obtain and expand its power. The global warming scare. Minimum wage demands. Appeals for income equality. Social justice. Environmental justice. Forcing an ostensibly free people into doomed government health care and retirement programs. Ginned-up hate for corporations and banks. Sprawling suburbia. Campaign spending.
Everything is a crisis whose only solution is to hand over more power to those who are demanding it.
Will we ever be free of these people, this council of commissars, who would happily hold everyone else's lives in their hands? It's a legitimate question. And the answer doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in those on who desire liberty for themselves and all others.
It's disturbing to think that one day historians might write about how our great experiment in human freedom fell to the power-hungry forces who crushed it from within.