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Sowell A Sage! A Female Friend Writes. Unsung Salts of The Earth!

I was unaware we do not leave for Pittsburgh until later this afternoon so I am able to send this out this morning.
You have heard enough from me , now read what a truly great thinker writes.

Tom Sowell is one of the absolute best conservative thinkers in the nation and academia. He remains a thorn in the side of liberals and progressives and has for over 40 years. Partly because he is black and thus an embarrassment because their message to their enslaved black voters is you are helpless, need a hand out and cannot stand on your own feet and secondly, because Sowell debunks their nonsense with logic and clarity. Sowell is a sage.

This from a very dear female friend and fellow memo reader.  She sent for me to read and comment:

"My country, a land as beautiful as a full flower.
With petals bursting with color and freedom,
With the energy given by God to grow and flourish,
Tended by loving hands, allowed to bloom to her full, magnificent beauty.
People came from all the world to see her beauty and to breathe her perfume.
But then, her petals began to be plucked, one by one.
At first, no one noticed. No one worried.
The flower was still lovely, standing in the sunlight.
Still the most beautiful, still the most desired.
Slowly, her petals of freedom dropped to the ground.
They said it wasn’t true. They said she was just as grand as always.
But she was weaker now, and people passed her by.
No longer did they point her out for her glories.
They began to mock her for her failings.
And still they plucked away her petals.
No one said stop. No one gave her water. No one tended her now.
Instead, they argued over the dying flower that was left.
She stood, naked, trembling in the wind, alone and forgotten
And still they argued and called her names and said she was ugly.
Eventually they crushed her under their heels and said “good riddance”
When all she had ever done was give them beauty and freedom.
That was all gone now.  When would they notice?"

I responded: "... You write like a woman, sensitive and poetic.  I like a man, in your face and blunt.  

Thanks for sending and asking me my opinion."
When will the Clinton's mass media dolts blame Trump for putting his dog in a cage on top of their car? Stay tuned and don't be surprised.
The Iran Deal is proving far more dangerous than ObamaCare.(See 1 below.)
Perhaps the election will boil down to a vote on whether Bill is more sexually aggressive than Donald. Both are sort of screwballs. (See 2 and 2a below.)
Let's blame GW! (See 3 below.)
Finally, I received this from a fellow memo reader and tennis friend.  We have over 30 tennis courts at The Landings and Hurricane Matthew washed the material off our soft courts so they all had to be resurfaced. Our tennis facilities are rated at the top of those in the Southeast and we have splendid professionals running our program.  I thought I would re-post what my tennis buddy sent: 

"One pretty good way to evaluate people is what they do when no one is looking!

At the fitness center this morning, I found one guy energetically scraping court #1 with a pole-mounted hand scraper. He didn't look like one of Triet's regular crew.

As I got closer, I recognized Cris Kader (our tennis Director and Head Pro). Without stopping work, he said they'd finished 17 courts and would finish 14 more by the end of the day. He finished his part in close to an hour and was followed by a regular crew to lay the HarTru.

A player from another group and I were the only tennis people who saw him.

If you're impressed as I am by his maintenance enthusiasm along with his management and member-relations skills, pass this along to other tennis folks."
We too have a wonderful father and son team who do yard work for us. Winston Sr.,the father and his handsome son, Winston Jr., are the kind of people Hillary would consider deplorables because they are white,Southerners (Bill would call them red necks) probably not going to vote for her though I cannot say for sure.

Winston and his son are hard workers, honest as the day is long and the salt of the earth. They are the kind of people who made this country great. They are a dying breed.

Winston Sr. had back surgery recently and naturally returned to work before he should have and his son insisted he not do heavy lifting. The father is a deer hunter and fisherman, does not own a computer but his son does.

They have worked for us ever since we arrived at The Landings and we have given their names to several of our friends.

We did not hear from them after Hurricane Matthew departed and we were concerned and drove by their neighborhood only to find they were late in getting their electricity back but they came today with Winston Jr's son and a friend and cleaned up the back yard which I left for them (I did the front Monday and included re-clearing a path so the tree hauler could get his equipment in position when he comes next week.)

Winston and his son, along with so many hard working people, have done an amazing job of clearing the debris, cutting fallen trees into haulable log sizes, roofers repairing damage and a host of other people doing whatever was asked of them.

Some industrious people set up food wagons to provide breakfast, lunch and dinners for those without electricity and neighbors got busy helping each other.

This is the unified America I love and the Landings Administration employees have been superb in keeping us notified and up to date on the progress.

We probably have another month before our community of some 9000 are back to their routines and we will have some 1000 or so less trees to shade us from Savannah heat, for dogs to urinate on and birds to sing from but we will survive. 

Most everyone obeyed the mandatory order to leave our island but one couple at the end of our street remained and the husband was told by his wife she would kill him if he chose to ride out another hurricane.

If members of our two parties could work in unison America could become great again but the ideological divide, unlike Hurricane Matthew, is not going to blow away. In fact, I suspect matters will worsen due to the animosity displayed and the disgust engendered by the campaign.



U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement on Iran at the White House in Washington, January 17, 2016. (Reuters/Carlos Barria)   
As if granting Iran international permission to have a nuclear weapons program (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action –JCPOA) and approximately $150 billion weren’t enough, we’ve recently learned that the Obama Administration also agreed to lift United Nations (UN) sanctions on the “financial linchpin of Iran’s missile procurement network” – Bank Sepah. The American public and Congress were told that Bank Sepah was not supposed to receive sanctions relief until 2023.  This was, simply put, not true.
In this secret deal, Iran petitioned to have sanctions on this specific bank lifted in exchange for American prisoners. Why did Iran specifically list this bank when there are many other financial institutions that received sanctions relief immediately from the nuclear deal? Because it is the “financial linchpin” of Iran’s missile program. If the President sincerely desired to limit Iran’s ballistic missile program, then he never would have agreed to provide sanctions relief to Bank Sepah. The U.S. Treasury Department, the United Nations, and many other world powers have recognized the vital role of Bank Sepah in Iran’s ballistic missile program.
In January I outlined the dangers of providing sanctions relief to Bank Sepah due to its historical and current ties to Iran’s ballistic missile program. I hoped to make a case that sanctions on this bank should be maintained, if not strengthened.  Little did I know that this secret deal was already decided on and it was going to be impossible to keep sanctions on Bank Sepah.
President Obama, on January 17th, 2016, promised the American people that he would continue to enforce the sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile program:
“Of course, even as we implement the nuclear deal and welcome our Americans home, we recognize that there remain profound differences between the United States and Iran.  We remain steadfast in opposing Iran’s destabilizing behavior elsewhere, including its threats against Israel and our Gulf partners, and its support for violent proxies in places like Syria and Yemen.  We still have sanctions on Iran for its violations of human rights, for its support of terrorism, and for its ballistic missile program.  And we will continue to enforce these sanctions, vigorously.  Iran’s recent missile test, for example, was a violation of its international obligations.  And as a result, the United States is imposing sanctions on individuals and companies working to advance Iran’s ballistic missile program.  And we are going to remain vigilant about it.  We’re not going to waver in the defense of our security or that of our allies and partners.”
This speech was given on the very same day that President Obama signed the secret agreement to provide sanctions relief to Bank Sepah.  The President said the U.S. would “continue to enforce sanctions on individuals and companies working to advance Iran’s ballistic missile program,” even as he agreed to secretly remove those sanctions from Bank Sepah. Americans have the right to be furious over this revelation. This act is quite contrary to “remaining steadfast” and continuing to “enforce these sanctions vigorously.”
Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, unashamedly proclaims that the Islamic Republic’s “missile capability is not open to any form of negotiations or compromise.” His statement is not a convoluted one, but rather is quite clear – Iran will not allow its ballistic missile program to be limited in any way.  And this is  exactly what has happened. The Pentagon informed Congress in its annual report that Iran has developed more advanced ballistic missiles since the signing of the JCPOA. In December 2015 the Iranians conducted a medium range ballistic missile test with the Ghadr-110 which can carry a nuclear warhead.  In March 2016 Iran tested multiple missiles within two days. And once again, in July 2016, Iran demonstrated its defiance to ballistic missile restrictions with a test of yet another ballistic missile.
On September 25, 2016, Tasnim News Agency reported that Iran launched its newest model of ballistic missile – Zolfaqar. If Iran was pursuing a domestic nuclear program, then why does it need new ballistic missiles capable of carrying warheads?
We have already given up so much to the Iranians for a deal that trumps wisdom, common sense, international law, and American values. Now we find out there have been even more concessions to Iran, this time the early removal of sanctions on Bank Sepah.  And it is probably a safe bet that more concessions will be revealed over time.
This deal is getting worse and worse all the time.  The next president needs to kill it.
2)Bill Clinton caught in underage sex scandal?!?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about sexual assault and presidential candidates.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign has let all sorts of accusations fly at GOP rival Donald Trump — but there’s one bombshell Clinton probably wasn’t expecting.
A new book is raising questions about former President Bill Clinton’s already sleazy sex history — and if true, these allegations could TOTALLY shake up the 2016 presidential campaign.
Bill Clinton’s disgusting past as a sexual predator is back in the limelight in a book released Monday by bestselling author James Patterson.
Patterson’s book, “Filthy Rich,” chronicles the pedophilia and sexual assault allegations against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his oddly close friendship with Clinton.
The “Lolita Express” was Epstein’s private jet. Clinton had taken at least 10 flights on the Lolita between 2001 and 2003, suspiciously foregoing Secret Service detail at least five of those flights, Fox news reported.
This jet soon became infamously known as one of Epstein’s favorite locations to take advantage of underage girls, and Clinton’s request to fly solo became much more suspicious, Patterson says.
This isn’t a fringe lunatic writing this, either. Patterson is one of the best-known authors in America, and the 300-page non-fiction novel has an original print run of 500,000 copies and is predicted to be a best seller.
It describes the close relationship between the two powerful men, and the injustice of the alarmingly short, 13-month sentence Epstein received following his disgusting sexual escapades and abuse accusations.
Patterson describes Epstein’s case as a “year long assault” on prosecutors, alleging they were biased and weren’t fit to be on the case. His victims attempted to appeal the leniency of the sentence, but consistently failed.
Epstein owned a private island that famously became known as “orgy island,” a place that Clinton visited numerous times between 2002 and 2005, according to the Daily Mail.
The two were such close friends, that Epstein had the former president’s email addresses and multiple phone numbers. Clinton praised Epstein for his “insights and generosity,” and legal documents revealed that Clinton owed ‘favors’ to Epstein.
Epstein even claimed to be a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation in his plea deal and received a lesser sentence for operating a sex ring with underage girls due to his charitable work with Clinton’s family foundation.


Out of the Woodwork: After Trump Denies Groping at Debate, Multiple Accusers Go Public

Out of the Woodwork: After Trump Denies Groping at Debate, Multiple Accusers Go Public

By Guy Benson

On Friday, the tape came out. On Saturday and Sunday, Trump allies and others warned that there was more to come.  And so here we are. The Republican presidential nominee's campaign is in chaos, fending off allegations from four separate women -- all going public on the same day, "coincidentally" -- that he fondled, kissed, or groped them without their consent. The alleged incidents date as far back as the 1980's, through as recently as 2013. None of these women went to the authorities at the time, but all have friends or family who confirm that they reported the episodes contemporaneously. Matt told you about the New York Times report last night. As those accusations entered the media bloodstream, more pieces dropped. A Yahoo! News story links to a Facebook post from a 2013 Miss Universe contestant who describes Trump's degrading treatment of the women in the pageant, later commenting that Trump "continually grabbed my ass" during the process. She is daring Trump to sue her, saying that she has "worse stories" she could share. Separately, here's a Florida allegation via the Palm Beach Post:
For more than 10 years, it was something Mindy McGillivray said she shared only with a close circle of family and friends. That changed Sunday night. Donald Trump was asked during the presidential debate about when he bragged that he kissed women without their consent and grabbed their genitals – remarks captured on audio that surfaced last week. Trump apologized for the remarks and dismissed them as “locker room talk.” But the debate moderator, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, asked Trump to clarify: “Have you ever done those things?” “No, I have not," Trump replied. Watching at home in Palm Springs, McGillivray said she rose from her couch and yelled at the TV screen: ‘You liar!’ McGillivray, 36, said she was groped by Trump at Mar-a-Lago 13 years ago. She said she never reported it to authorities. But her companion that day, photographer Ken Davidoff, vividly remembers when McGillivray pulled him aside moments after the alleged incident and told him, "Donald just grabbed my ass!"
These women's stories come in addition to the two women quoted in Wednesday'sNew York Times report, one of whom reported unwelcome kissing; the other, an up-the-skirt groping on an airplane by Mr. Trump.  This brings the total of women accusing Trump of unwanted physical touching to six, by my unofficial count, including another pageant participant ("he kissed me directly on the lips") and a writer for People magazine ("he was pushing me against the wall, and forcing his tongue down my throat").  Besieged by allegations they call untrue, Trump's team is reportedly mulling lawsuits against various media outlets. But there are a few problems here.  First, some of these women have told the same consistent story in private for years, which lends credibility to their claims.  Second, and most damning, they are telling the world that Donald Trump did to them...precisely the sort of thing he is on tape saying he does to women:
"Just kiss," he told Billy Bush in 2005, explaining his attitudes on making sexual advances.  "When you're a can do anything.  Grab them by the p***sy."  Lawsuits will draw even more attention to the story, and Trump is very likely to lose in court, if he even pulls the trigger because the standard for proving libel of a public figure is quite high.  And in the court of public opinion, Trump's own words add to the plausibility -- if not probability -- of his accusers' stories.  Ever since he flatly deniedthat he'd ever followed through on the actions mentioned in his so-called "locker room talk" during a nationally-televised presidential debate on Sunday, women began coming out of the woodwork.  These details come in addition to yet more tales of Trump's conduct, including barging in on naked beauty pageant contestants -- some as young as 15 -- in their changing rooms, which he later boastingly confirmed in interviews with Howard Stern.  And there's this old chestnut dug up by CBS News, in which a 46-year-old Trump charmingly tells a group of ten-year-old girls that he'll be dating one of them in a decade:
That's little more than a creepy joke, but it's not the first time Trump has talked about young girls in the context of their future sexuality -- including this mind-bogglingly appalling comment about his own daughter, who was an infant at the time.  (Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this man?)  By the way, the clip above comes courtesy of the same CBS News that lavished enormous amounts of overwhelmingly positive coverage upon Donald Trump throughout the Republican primaries. But now, just like we've seen at NBC, it's destruction time. The media chose the GOP nominee, then turned on him with a vengeance. As predicted. And so Trump -- losing badly, and toxic to most women, non-whites, and young voters -- is entering a bunker mentality with his inner circle:
3)Egypt, Russia's first-ever joint military drills to begin this week: Cairo

Ahram Online

Egyptian and Russian paratroopers will for the first time participate in a joint military exercise that Egypt will host on the Mediterranean coast this month, the country's military spokesman announced on Wednesday.

The military exercise, titled Protectors of Friendship 2016, will take place in the area of Al-Alamein, a coastal city a hundred miles west of Alexandria, from 15-26 October.

The drills will include several activites such as the deployment of troops, equipment and vehicles, and the exchange of experiences between special forces.

Egyptian paratroopers have already arrived in the training area to undergo altitude military parachuting using different types of jets as preparation for the joint training.

According to the statement, the nine-day exercise comes in the framework of joint military exercises for 2016-2017, which included 30 trainings with 20 Arab and African countries.

Egypt’s official announcement about the exercises comes a week after Russia’s defense ministry said that Russian paratroopers are expected to travel to Egypt in October to take part in joint military exercises to practice eliminating illegal armed groups in the desert.

"For the first time in history a Russian paratrooper unit with its own weaponry and equipment is planning to leave for Africa to participate in a joint international exercise," the ministry said in a statement.

The goal of the drills for Egyptian and Russian forces is to determine joint strategies of locating and destroying terrorist forces in a desert environment.

In 2015, Russia and Egypt held their first-ever joint naval exercise off the coast of Alexandria, which included supply and communication exercises, search operations, and defense and firing exercises.

In September, Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi flew to Russia to discuss aspects of military cooperation between the two countries in various fields.

September’s visit was the latest in a series of visits focused on boosting military cooperation between Egypt and Russia.

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