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What Is Personal Responsibility? Still Wiping Egg Off Their Collective Faces.

Several weeks ago we had house guests who are dear friends from when we lived in Atlanta.  Their oldest son is an officer in the Coast Guard.  Over the weekend we were updated on how their kids are doing and some sad details about what it means today to be a member of The United States Coast Guard

To put things in perspective The United States Coast Guard is the smallest military branch, yet, has the largest geographic responsibility; in other words protecting our nation from coast to coast.

Their son flies Coast Guard planes which are older than he is.  A large fleet of the same type plane he flies was delivered to The Afghan Army, was never used and then was destroyed. Brand new planes were destroyed while The Coast Guard flies old clunkers.

Budget cut backs mean when their son goes out on missions he must now provide his own food and drinking water.

There are other details I could enumerate  pertaining to the demands we place on those who risk their lives and do so in outdated equipment, in need of constant repair because Congress was unwilling to gore any treasured oxen, fearing voter backlash, Consequently,  Congress embraced sequester as a valid compromise.  In other words, the wimps in Congress equated welfare program largess with the defense of our nation and put those who are committed in personal jeopardy.

I understand The Pentagon is a "uge" facility where waste and inefficiency is standard issue but one would hope Trump, and whomever he appoints as Sec. of Defense, will bring some rational order to the way The Pentagon functions. Furthermore,  it is sad that Congress resorts to a "one size fits all mentality" approach because it is more interested in getting re-elected and does so by ducking making responsible decisions that may also carry some political risks.

Our kids grew up with their son, we attended their son's wedding, we have spent over 20 annual beach weeks with the parents so we have a special concern for his welfare.

Their son has been engaged in dangerous rescue missions and does them routinely.  Surely our government can provide him with the best and most modern equipment. I have no doubt the Congressional gym is well outfitted.
This from a long time dear friend and fellow memo reader regarding an article he read pertaining to personal responsibility.  What's that? (See 1 and 1a below.)
I understand the need for leaders of nations to use diplomatic language when a thuggish dictator, who killed many of his own citizens and ran many off their lands etc., passes. But I do not understand why ordinary citizens, including a radical football player, believe the occasion affords  them the opportunity to offer their praise.  As I have said before, I realize many liberals often need to hemorrhage and bleed whenever a tyrant meets his maker because they feel compelled to show their heartfelt respect.  It's what unthinking automatically do and after all good manners is a mark of good breeding.

For weeks we have witnessed a plethora of evidence of how two faced and witless students, their misguided professors, anti-Trumpers, several losing hypocrites for the presidency and an odd assortment of weirdos can get so riled but it is getting a bit thin watching all the swooning over a 90 year old monstrous criminal.

During the last debate, Hillary chided Trump for his threat about perhaps not accepting the people's vote and she said doing so was a solemn duty. Today she announced she is going along with the challenge by allowing her legal representative to join Jill Stein's challenge. We know Hillary is a liar, we know she is not trustworthy but I did not know she would double down so soon after losing the campaign and conceding she had lost.

As for the mass media they too are frustrated by the fact Trump has ignored and "end runned" them so they have resorted to creating news by guessing what will be the president elect's next move and when he does not act, in accordance with their sense of timing, they report everything is going to hell. These are the same experts who are still deservedly wiping egg off their collective faces.

Meanwhile, the current president has less than 2 months to do more damage. Stay tuned.
What hath Trump wrought?  A great deal actually.  (See 2 below.)
1)My commentary on an article I just read......Unbelievable!

We live in a world where most people under the age of 55 believe they don’t need to accept personal responsibility for their behavior.

I believe this ignorance of personal responsibility is one of the consequences of today’s parenting styles.

Just as concerning to me is the parent’s accomplice.......THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

They continue to attempt to legislate the stupidity out of distracted drivers. Something I believe can’t be done!

First it was Lane Departure Warnings, then automatic braking systems and other devices to compensate for the distracted driver.

Now, they want to control your cell phone while you are driving. The automobile manufactures will be willing participants in this endeavor because they don’t want to get sued by the distracted drivers who are injured in accidents caused by their own carelessness.

No wonder the kids of today have no sense of personal responsibility.......from the day they are born, everyone is working to remove their personal responsibility.

As I’ve said before and someone said it before me, “You can’t fix stupid!”
Government wants to disable your phone when you're driving | Digital Trends

1a) Feds want a ‘driver mode’ for smartphones to reduce driver distractions 

It’s always rather unnerving to see a driver looking at their smartphone, especially if they’re hurtling along a highway at the time.

Indeed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) believes the issue of distracted driving has become so serious it’s pressing smartphone makers to consider new ways of tackling it.

It’s not always easy to prove that an accident was caused by a driver using their phone, but a number of reports in recent months, as well as surveys that look at handset use behind the wheel, suggest distracted driving is a growing problem.

While the NHTSA has long been making efforts to combat phone use in the driving seat, new guidelines published this week call on makers like Apple and Samsung to add a so-called “driver mode” that limits what someone can do on their phone when they’re behind the wheel, the NY Times reports.

The agency wants to see technology that automatically reduces a phone’s functionality and switches the display to a simplified interface when it detects the car is in motion. It could involve, for example, blocking video and prohibiting use of the keypad. The technology would also need to have the ability to target only the driver’s device so passengers’ handset functionality remained unaffected.

Some app developers have already been making efforts to encourage car owners to refrain from using their software while driving. Pok√©mon Go, for example, introduced an update in the summer that forced players to confirm they’re a passenger and not a driver when it detects the phone is inside a moving vehicle. Subsequent updates have made it even harder to play in such conditions, though a major drawback is that it affects passengers too, as well as those on other modes of transport such as trains.

Automakers, too, have been incorporating platforms such as Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto into their newer vehicles. CarPlay, touted by the Cupertino company as “a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car,” reduces distraction by offering a limited number of apps via the vehicle’s built-in display, among them iMessage, Apple Maps, and Music. Importantly, the driver can interact via Siri, so they never have to take their eyes off the road. There are also ways drivers can use CarPlay and Android Auto even if their car doesn’t support the systems.

These are all steps in the right direction, but now the NHTSA’s guidelines indicate it wants smartphone makers to do more to prevent car owners from using their phones while driving.
“Your smartphone becomes so many different things that it’s not just a communication device,” Anthony Foxx, secretary of the Transportation Department, told the NY Times. “Distraction is still a problem. Too many people are dying and being injured on our roadways.”
2)What has Trump done??

Last night a friend claimed that Donald Trump wouldn’t make a good president; he is brash, he is racist, he is a loudmouth; you know the normal things people learn to recite after being programmed by television news.  The one I loved was that, “Trump is arrogant.

My friend questioned if one man could make “that much difference in the world today.” To my friend's credit, she was respectful enough to let me respond when she asked, “Really, what has Trump done?”

I said, “In June of last year, Trump entered the race for president. In just a little over a year, Trump has single handedly defeated the Republican party.

He did so thoroughly. In fact, he did so in such a resounding way that the Republican Party now suffers from an identity crisis. He literally dismantled the party. Trump even dismantled and dismissed the brand and value of the Bush family.

Trump has Obama petrified that Trump will dismiss programs that weren’t properly installed using proper law.

Trump has single handedly debunked and disemboweled any value of news media as we knew it—news now suffering from an all-time level of distrust and disrespect.

Trump has leaders from all over the world talking about him, whether good or bad. Trust me, powerful men who have been president before weren’t liked by the global community. I doubt Mikhail Gorbachev liked Reagan when Reagan said, "Tear down that wall."

Trump has expressly disclosed the fraud perpetrated on the American public by Hillary Clinton. He has, quite literally, brought Hillary to her knees—if you believe that nervous tension and disorders offer physical side effects and damage.

Trump has unified the silent majority in a way that should be patently frightening to “liberals.” As the press accuses Trump of being a house of cards, Trump has proven the press is the real house of cards. He has whipped up the entire establishment into pure panic. Trump has exposed them for who they are and worse, what they are. George Clooney was right when he said Trump draws live news coverage of his podium that he’s not yet approached. Thanks, George, you were perfectly correct.

What we see as headline news today are actually the last bubbles from the ship that is now sunk—meaning the standard news media, as a propaganda machine, has been exposed. They have no more value.

In the same way Trump asked the African-American community this question, I asked you my friend, ”At this point, what do you have to lose?” We have mass cop shootings, riots in our streets, ambushed cops, double digit inflation, bombs blowing up in our cities, targeted police, a skyrocketing jobless rate, no economic growth, privately owned land being seized by the federal government, the worst racial tension in my lifetime, no God in schools, more abortions than ever, illegal aliens pouring into our country, sick veterans receiving no care, and a debt that doubled in seven years to $19 trillion. Are you really happy with the condition of the current system?

One man has done all of this in one year—one guy, and on his own dime. And with everything I’ve written above, you believe Trump hasn't done anything? You claim that you are afraid of Donald Trump? No wonder we’re in trouble.

You can say that Trump is a lousy presidential candidate. That’s your right. Just don’t ever say he’s not effective.

That Megan Kelly, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, Rachel Maddow, the Huffington Post, the New York Times, Raleigh’s News and Observer, the AP, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and many more, failed to implement their collectively orchestrated lie on the American people against Trump, is actually a massive testament to Trump. The press colluded pure propaganda to accomplish his demise … and they have collectively failed and miserably.

Here's just one example of how badly America is injured right now. There are high school football players on their knees during the national anthem simply because the press used as propaganda to program those kids to do that very thing. But, these kids are mimicking NFL stars the same way the same kids choose which brand of football shoe to purchase—they're overtly brain-washed to do that very thing.

Now, we have a generation of children who hate America.

America’s problem isn’t that little children are on their knee in collective disrespect of America. Our problem is that America is on her knee from collective disrespect by Americans.

You can disrespect America all you want. But, it’s high-time you respect the silent majority. Because they’re not simply the “silent majority” as you’ve been trained to believe when Hillary calls them “deplorables.” The fact is, they are simply the majority. And now they're no longer silent either. Donald Trump changed all of that, single-handedly and within one year." 

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