Tuesday, November 8, 2016

High Fives To Donald and The Mass Media Blew It Again!

This is why High Five was created. I give High Fives To Donald!
The professionals will spend years going over the campaign data and trying to figure out what they missed. They will probably come to the wrong conclusion(s) because they cannot swallow their pride. It would choke them to do so. The New York Times, The Washngton Post, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC et al have a good bit of crow to digest along with the contributors to The Weekly Standard, George Will and others of their ilk.

Once again the mass media, the PC and elite crowd missed because they do not understand those who make up the backbone of this nation.

Obama lied, Hillary lied, the nation suffered and the anger rose until it boiled over. The fact that Trump was the beneficiary of all of this caught all of the above by surprise because he did not fit the mold of what their view of a president should be.

Dewey lost to Truman for much the same reason. Dewey was never ever able to connect with the common man as was Truman.  Hillary was never able to connect either and Trump was. Alas, the mass media's focus was always on Trump's foibles and crude manner and they missed the fact that he positioned himself to become the conduit through which the exasperation's of the common man were able to flow.

Time will tell whether Trump can measure up to the awesome task he faces and whether our enemies will allow him the opportunity to carry out his agenda. He owes little, if anything, to anyone and has both Houses of Congress in his corner.

I am hopeful.

Time will tell whether I should be

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