Sunday, November 27, 2016

Novel Rantings of A Deranged Conservative Mind.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Subject: A Novel Outline About The End of America. (See 1 below.)
1)Were I a writer, in the vein of John Grisham or Ayn Rand, I would compose a novel depicting a lesbian candidate for the presidency, named Missy Mistaken, who lost her bid under the Natural Party and who claims to have been sexually assaulted by the winning president elect  global industrialist, Morris Brag, who ran on an America First campaign slogan.

Mistaken became so distraught she sought to challenge president elect Brag by demanding a recount in three states that historically never vote for a rational human and/or a conservative. In order to finance the recall she approached  Victor Evil, a short seller hedge fun billionaire and anarchist, who made his fortune by taking advantage of and/or creating chaos, to finance same.  He readily agreed.
When word got out this was happening several events coalesced.  First, the nation's three largest newspapers, The New York Trash, The Washington Column and The Los Angeles Earthquake, took up the call for a recount.  Second, the leveraged industrial complex of the president elect began to collapse and, to make matters worse, many of his businesses were attacked by ISYOUIS, the un-named  radical Islamist terrorist organization.
As this was happening, the current president, Ebon Wrongus, seized the opportunity to declare Marshal Law. 
Then, N Korea's Dictator, Low Hung, declared he was going to nuke San Francisco.  President Wrongus, fearing climate change and fouling of the air, agreed to withdraw all American troops stationed in The Pacific. This actually proved a wise move because President Wrongus needed them to quell the riots and attacks on police and Corpsemen at home.
As the dollar crashed, Victor Evil realized his short position would be successful but pay off would be in a worthless currency so he began going long currencies of nations that were glad to see the dollar collapse and whose leaders had been offended by President Wrongus such as Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, to name a few.
Victor Evil was able to increase his leverage by borrowing against his gains and thus, placed the banking and investment segment in jeopardy.  Gold Ransacked, the prestigious investment bank of president elect Brag's opponent, also began to short the dollar realizing Victor Evil was on to a money making strategy. After all, they had spent millions hosting lunches and dinner for their candidate who had lost to president elect Brag and they were not used to losing.
Missy Mistaken, had no evidence the election had been rigged but hell hath no fury like a lesbian scorned and with the nation's mass media on her side it was easy to convince the Brag haters her suspicions and claims were valid.  After all, during the campaign, Brag had stated he would be willing to challenge a victory by his opponent and had made his fortune in an unsavory manner by being shrewd, taking chances and being a step ahead of the next person. In fact, he had employed the same tactics in winning his unlikely nomination.To make matters worse, he had bested the best the establishment could come up with in a variety of stacked debates.  Speaking of stacked, Brag's wife is just that and will be the first beauty to occupy the White House since Abigail Adams.
Meanwhile Mistaken and Evil were busily engaged in causing Brag's industrial empire to collapse just as he was working on appointees for his administration. After all, would it not be an embarrassment of riches if the first non politician was forced into bankruptcy upon assuming the presidency?

Because Brag had left egg on the face of the establishment, the pundits and mass media dolts he had only the people to defend him and the people did not count because America was so politically correct it had become fractured in pursuit of everyone's desire for fairness and its failure to defend its porous borders.
And thus a great nation, that had contributed so much to the world, had been so creative and generous, had sacrificed so many of its youth came to an end. Furthermore,  ISYOUIS, had enslaved EUROPE, taken over the Sheikdom's of The Middle East and only Israel remained as the sole Democracy in the region and had survived because of their technological capabilities because this tiny nation had become a source of energy and clean water to Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.
Of course this novel is fiction and nothing like this could actually happen because president Ebon Wrongus was the recipient of The Nobel Peace Prize, long before his term in office ended and before the fact that he had failed in everything he attempted.  But then again, perhaps much of what I have written could actually happen because when a formerly free people allow themselves to become uneducated, are stupid enough to allow bad policy to be imposed on them, cripple their military, disengage from their role of leading other democracies and spend themselves into poverty pursuing the dreams of an incompetent narcissist, anything is possible.
As word of America's imminent collapse and bankruptcy of its president elect spread, millions of liberals who voted for his opponent fled north to Canada and south to Mexico. America's entire movie industry, along with Silicon Valley, was wiped out by these departures and a multitude of Wall Street restaurants and service personnel went out of business too, because no more lavish fund raiser dinners were likely to be held.
Yes, the end of America was in sight because a frustrated lesbian and a rapacious Rasputin hedge fund manipulator decided the decision of We The People had become intolerable and offended their liberal sensibilities

(Naturally, any connection of those named  above to actual people and/or politicians, who are not real people, is purely con-incidental and happenstance

This outline of a novel is purely a figment of my deranged, conservative and satirical mind..)

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