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Bernie Marcus Defends Bannon. Obama and Jarrett's Mistakes and Incompetency Created and Helped Elect Trump.

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My friend, Bernie Marcus also knows, backs and defends Bannon against scurrilous attacks by deranged and embittered Liberal losers.

I was one of the RJC's founding members of their Atlanta Chapter and a family member was one of the national organization's original founding members.

Initially, the Atlanta chapter had about 7 founding members and we could meet in a phone booth. Kim  Strassel recently spoke before a group of 175 of its current members and Chuck and Bonnie Berk, have done a great job in building the Atlanta RJC into a formidable and respected entity.(See 1 below.)
Obama, the loser again.  I have said time and again, Valerie Jarrett is the mother Obama never had and she has been a disaster as well.  Obama did not go to the bathroom without consulting her first and between the two f them their policies and contempt for our Constitution helped create Trump and his victory.

Priebus stands heads and shoulders above Jarrett. (See 2 below.)

Personal comments regarding Obama's press responses. (See 2a below.)
If Hamas' funding continues to decline will this cause this radical terrorist organization to attack? (See 3 below.)
1) Bannon backed by Republican Jewish Coalition board member
RJC board member Bernie Marcus defends Trump's new chief strategist from accusations of anti-Semitism, says he is very pro-Israel.

A Republican Jewish Coalition board member has issued a statement supporting Stephen Bannon, who was appointed chief strategist for President-elect Donald Trump.

Tuesday’s statement from Bernie Marcus, a co-founder of Home Depot, comes in response to condemnations of Bannon aired since his appointment Sunday, in part from several Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League.

Marcus calls the attacks on Bannon, which criticize him for having ties to white supremacists and anti-Semites, “nothing more than an attempt to undermine the incoming Trump administration,” according to Time magazine.

“I have been shocked and saddened to see the recent personal attacks on Steve,” reads the statement, as tweeted by Time reporter Zeke Miller. “Nothing could be further from the truth. The person that is being demonized in the media is not the person I know.”

Bannon was formerly the chairman of Breitbart News, a site that Bannon called “the platform for the alt-right,” a loose movement of the far right.

Marcus says in the statement that Bannon is stridently pro-Israel.

“I have known Steve to be a passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel who felt so strongly about this that he opened a Breitbart office in Israel to ensure that the true pro-Israel story would get out,” the statement reads. “What is being done to Steve Bannon is a shonda,” a Yiddishism for a shame or a scandal.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++2) Forget Hillary and Trump. The biggest loser Tuesday night was Barack Obama.
Yes, his approval rating is sometimes above 50 percent. In at least one survey Obama is more popular than Reagan was at the end of his second term.

But survey numbers are fleeting and as we’ve seen, often wrong. The facts are not.
President Obama's record on foreign and domestic policy is dismal, to say the least. His withdrawal of American power from the world coincided with the rise of ISIS, the ravaging of Syria and a series of successful terror attacks both in the heart of Europe and here on American soil. Would there have been a Brexit, or victories for anti-immigration parties in Europe without the failure of Obama's leadership in the Middle East and North Africa?  Probably not.  He failed, and the world paid.

President Obama's domestic-policy record is even worse: The weakest economic recovery (if in fact there was any) since the Great Depression; a record number of Americans on food stamps and for the longest time; a stimulus plan that was an economic joke even before "Cash for Clunkers" became a punchline; and a doubling of the national debt in eight short years. And then there's Obamacare.

On election night Democratic operative James Carville announced "Obamacare is dead." He's right, but that was true whether Trump or Clinton won.

Obamacare didn't die in the ballot box, it died in the mail box: Millions of Americans are getting letters announcing premium increases of 50, 60, even 100 percent. And that's on top of huge deductibles that made their "insurance" little more than a reverse lottery ticket against medical catastrophe.

President Obama did this to America, and he did it on purpose. Obamacare wasn't crippled by being the best deal he could wrangle from the Republicans. It was crafted and passed entirely by Obama and his Democrat allies. He wanted it and he got it.
Good and hard.

Obama's supporters shrug off such criticism. They believe Obama will be viewed as a success because history is written by political winners, not masters of healthcare policy. As the first half-black American to achieve the presidency and the first Democrat to win a popular-vote majority since 1976, Obama fans believe his two White House wins make him a lock for the list of successful presidents.  Not.

But now President Obama is going to hand the keys of the White House to Donald Trump. It's the biggest of his electoral defeats, but hardly the first. In fact, the devastation of the Democratic Party is Obama's true political legacy.

If Democrats were a species of wildlife, Barack Obama would be indicted under the Endangered Species Act. As Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia reports, the Obama era cost Democrats 11 governorships, 13 U.S. Senate seats, 69 House seats and 913 legislative seats(!). And that's before the 2016 results, in which (for example) Kentucky Republicans won the statehouse for the first time since 1921, and the Iowa GOP picked up the state senate.

The Obama Effect has wiped out a full generation of Democrat politician—rising stars like North Carolina's Kay Hagan or Indiana's Evan Bayh or Wisconsin's Russ Feingold—who could be potential POTUS or VP candidates…if they hadn't been defeated in the Obamacare backlash (in Feingold's case, beaten badly twice!)

So who is the face of the post-Obama Democratic Party: Joe Biden? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? I'd make a "Golden Girls" wisecrack but they'd all have to play Sophia. (She was the reallyold one.)

To paraphrase Hillary Clinton, the entire Democratic village went all-in to raise Barack Obama to the White House. He, in turn, razed that village and set it ablaze. Now he's leaving the White House in the hands of a man who spent a year searching for his birth certificate. Because Barack Obama couldn't beat him—not with all the money, all the media and all of his magical "light-bringer" political powers.

Barack Obama is an abject failure. Obamacare is done. His executive orders will be overturned. He has no political successor. There are no "Obama Democrats" to champion his ideology.

And the indisputable evidence of Obama's failure will come the moment Donald Trump stands with him on January 20 and takes the oath of office.

2a) Monday, I heard Obama respond to questions from the White House Press Corps prior to his departing for Europe and  last apology tour.

As I listened to his long winded spin answers, I wondered whether the man was delusional or just so narcissistic he was incapable of being honest, first with himself and then with those living in America.

He told us how strong the economy was by relying upon the under 5% employment figure totally ignoring those 20% seeking employment but conveniently not counted.

He never touched the $20 trillion deficit he helped create, the hundreds of thousands of refugees he helped create, the weakened position of America, our continued dependence upon foreign energy sources and you know the rest.

Obama said his administration's accomplishments allowed the incoming president time to prepare for the problems he would face because there were no imminent concerns.  Since Obama has never been able to call radical Islamists by their name I assume they do not exist and what about that busted re-set button, China's South China Sea expansion etc.?

I did think Obama made one observation that was cogent and it pertained to his characterization of Trump as not being qualified to be president and in fact even dangerous.

Obama sort of backed away from his harshest characterization of his successor and said that Trump's personality could become a problem given some of his comments as he faced certain problems that would arise.  

Obama is now off to Bernie Sander's world of fun loving Socialists and will be explaining why Trump will be  Europe's friend. This from the same man who suggested the election of Trump would be a disaster, removed Churchill's Bust from The Oval Office and made the Prime Minister of one of our closest, strongest friends wait while he went to dinner.

Bad politics seems to be an enterprise where you walk out on a long plank, proceed to saw it off and hope you can survive by not falling.

As for Hillary and what is "Left" of her party and the second guessing by her/their adoring biased mass media, it is amazing how they are learning so much after the fact as to why they were so wrong and totally unable to see the train wreck they predicted would be Trump's.

Oh well, forlorn Democrats, led by Pocahontas, Bernie, Pelosi and maybe Ellison now have two to four years to figure it all out, snipe from the sidelines and do what they can to keep America stuck in the rut it has been in for the last eight Obama years.

Hamas in Gaza is facing an acute financial crisis as its overseas cash sources dry up. This is forcing the Islamist regime and its armed terrorist wing, the Izzadin Al-Qassam Brigades, to resort to increasingly desperate measures, such as using international aid organizations to funnel cash away from Gazan civilians.
Hamas's dire financial situation has multiple causes. Egypt has effectively blocked off many smuggling tunnels linking Gaza to Sinai, which previously were used to transfer money into Gaza from Hamas donors.
Additionally, Hamas finds itself without a clear international backer these days. Not only is Egypt under the rule of President Sisi decidedly hostile, but relations between Hamas and Iran are unstable, rising and falling periodically due to disagreement over conflict raging in Syria.
Iran provides Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad with military support through its own generals, and thousands of assistance fighters from its Lebanese terror proxy Hizballah. Palestinians generally oppose the Assad regime.
Nevertheless, Iran sometimes does try to smuggle money to Hamas, but this source of funding is unreliable.
Qatar's financial aid to Gaza has, since the 2014 Israel-Hamas war, been limited to civilian reconstruction programs. Here, too, Hamas has gotten involved, seized apartment buildings to use as financial assets.
Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman told the Israeli Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee late last month that sources of outside funding for Hamas are drying up.
Recent revelations by Israel's domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, confirm this situation.
In August, the Shin Bet revealed that Hamas had been targeting international aid organization operating in Gaza, rerouting money intended for humanitarian assistance towards preparations for war with Israel.
For example, Hamas stole 60 percent of the annual budget of the World Vision international air organization, stealing 7.2 million dollars a year from it, according to the Shin Bet. Money intended to feed and help Gazan children instead went towards purchasing weapons, building bases, and digging attack tunnels.
The theft went as far as taking thousands of food packages intended for Gazan civilians and sending them to armed members of Hamas territorial battalions, according to the Shin Bet investigation.
World Vision responded by firing 120 Gaza employees.
Also in August, Israel charged an engineer from Gaza with exploiting his position in the United Nations Development Program, which rebuilds damaged residential buildings, for rerouting 300 tons of construction material to help build a Hamas naval terrorist base.
On Nov. 1, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) exposed a Hamas plan to smuggle money to its operatives in Israeli prisons, and to its West Bank terror cells, by forcing Palestinians who have travel papers allowing them into Israel to act as cash smugglers.
Two Hamas operatives targeted Gazan civilians at a border crossing on their way to Israel for business or medical treatment, said the IDF's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai.
In July, the Shin Bet arrested two Gazans with tens of thousands of dollars hidden in their shoes. They were under Hamas orders to transfer the cash to operatives in the West Bank to fund terrorist attacks. Hamas intelligence agents had been approaching Gazan civilians systematically for money smuggling purposes, Shin Bet said.
Hamas's financial situation is part of a larger ticking bomb that is the Gazan economy. “The whole of the Gaza Strip is in economic-civilian distress,” Liberman told Knesset.
Noting that 95 percent of Gaza's civilian economic funding come from the international community, Liberman said Israel faced a structural tension between its wish to improve the living conditions of ordinary Gazans and the attempts by Hamas to exploit Israel's humanitarian steps. Hamas has stolen construction material, injected into Gaza by Israel for civilian reconstruction, to build itself up militarily, Liberman said.
According to Liberman, as part of its bid to keep money from the international community pouring into Gaza's economy, Hamas also refuses to resolve crises. For example, it did not take link up Gaza's purification plant, paid for by the World Bank (and costing $100 million), to the electric grid, despite the fact that Israel approved a unique electrical supply to it, Liberman added.
Meanwhile, more than 90 percent of Gaza's water is unfit for consumption, and it will take at least two years for the international community to set up desalination plants on Gaza's coastline. A water crisis will likely strike Gaza long before that, Liberman said. Israel is formulating a water crisis response policy.
The warning signs from Gaza's economic situation continue to mount, driven by Hamas's insistence of using the enclave as a fortress of jihadist hostility towards Israel and ignoring its peoples' basic needs.
Hamas's 26,000 armed members, and 40,000 government employees receive their salaries, and the regime is building up its armed forces despite the cash shortages. Ordinary Gazans, on the other hand, are on their own.
Yaakov Lappin is a military and strategic affairs correspondent. He also conducts research and analysis for defense think tanks, and is the Israel correspondent for IHS Jane's Defense Weekly. His book, The Virtual Caliphate, explores the online jihadist presence.

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