Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Updated Pictures, Explaining Government Types and Humor! The Elites Just Do Not Understand The Common Man!

Dagny and Blake updated.

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It looks like Trump will win and he deserves all the credit because he got little help from the establishment.

I believe the market is a buy because he will also be a better president than most believe.  The elites and the PC crowd just do not understand the common people.


This from one of my oldest friends and  fellow memo readers.  I helped him get his job and he has been one of the best analysts for the retirees of his State's Retirement System.

"Tonights The Night!"

That’s the punch line for a not-too-great joke, but it has many applications. Tell me if you haven’t heard it.

An observation: It is amazing that the Right / Left view of the political spectrum is so prevalent. Even among those who know better, it is easy to slip into the Left / Right mindset. Instead, I would suggest that a far better model of politics and forms of government be a spectrum of the amount of power exercised by the government. Rather than me try to explain why Communists and Fascists are similar because they are both on the totalitarian end of this scale, please view this video from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTYp9YJZqTI

Yes, it is from The John Birch Society, but don’t prejudge the video based on that.

Your Gentile friend,
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