Monday, November 7, 2016

Tonight's The Night!

Abby and Brian get funky.
Dershowitz on the period after the election. (See 1 below.)


Tonight we will learn what/who the nation chose. (See 1a below.)


Will we be more divided than ever? (See 1b below.)

Hillary's ideas are right out of the book of 'stupid economics' according to Stephen Hayes.

That said, I am going to try, hard as it might be, to treat Hillary, should she be elected, in an objective manner.  I do not trust her enough to give her the benefit of doubt but will take what she says and not pick it all apart.

This effort may not last long.  Time will tell.

As for Donald, should he be elected, I will be somewhat more reserved in my commentary and will wait and see whether he can grasp the reigns and accomplish his programs which I believe are the better ones and more likely to bring about some improvement should external events allow such.  (See 1c below.)

Time will answer all of this..
My friend, Jonathan, Davis,  is the number two man at the largest private University in Israel where one of the University's associate professors discusses what Hezbollah could possibly learn from Russia. . (See 2 below.)

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