Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Are Happy Days Here Again? More Commentary and Some Random Thoughts!

Both Obama and Clinton made gracious transition speeches.
It is too early to come to many hard and fast conclusions.

Let's see who Trump appoints and who he fires. There are a lot of Obama bureaucrats who are buried in the bowels of government and, as a businessman, Trump is not going to understand the resistance he will meet.  

I never will forget the story about Nixon who wanted a tree removed that blocked his sight from The Oval Office.  The tree was still standing when Nixon left office.

Trump has good intentions, wants to be a great president and has a chance to be so because expectations are low. His Party can deliver if they have the guts, are prepared to do what is best for America and can bury their egos and angst over their displeasure with and failure to support their party's candidate.

Watch for Dr. and now Rep.Tom Price, from Ga. with respect to  the crafting of a Republican Health Bill to replace Obamacare.

There will be a lot of things happening and over the next several weeks and  I will be in Orlando for Thanksgiving. Then we return to Orlando to help our son in law as Abby, his wife and our daughter, goes to Israel .  I also have a GMOA Committee meeting in December so I will be in and out.

It is going to be fascinating to see what happens to the Clinton's, their Foundation, all those who hooked themselves to their wagon, lied on their behalf and helped to keep them engaged in America's political scene for well over 30 years. It also will be interesting to see how Obama handles the clipping of his wings because Trump's election is a total rebuke and rejection of what he has done to our nation.

I would expect Jerusalem will now become Israel's official Capitol, notwithstanding resistance from The State Department and the following will serve in some capacity in Trump's Administration: Carson, Giuliani, Flynn, Gingrich, Kellyanne, Kudlow and Bolton. Trump would be wise to encourage the right wing of his party to retain Ryan as Speaker. The Iran Deal has to be on shaky grounds.

One additional thought.  The mass media have been found thoroughly wanting. Their arrogance and bias backfired.  Americans are slow to anger but when they have had it they are a force to be reckoned with and the media, who are educated in a liberal cocoon, then work in an even larger one and believe they know best, have a lot of egg on their face but probably will not comprehend the disdain we have for them and their self-serving views. They have not served our nation well of late.

Finally, perhaps, Black Americans will free themselves from their blind commitment to Democrats and their own terrible leadership. Perhaps a stake has finally been driven through the heart of those who have embraced Political Correctness which has destroyed our nation and perhaps children, hungering for a solid education, will now be given the challenge they are entitled to and not the one unions have imposed on them.

The unleashing of American ingenuity and can do attitude, mixed with freedom and Democracy, is a powerful force but the financial morass we find ourselves in is also a powerful impediment and we have to see how that plays out over time. Markets, should be encouraged.

God Bless America and it can truly be thrilling to watch an America back on the move again and heading  in the "right" direction and away from the Left's Cliff.  

That's the despicable Obama ad which showed grandma being wheel chaired over the cliff - remember?

Bernie and Pocahontas have also been relegated to a back seat where they belong.

I seldom watch TV news though I often have the Tube on for noise.  When I do catch the news it is generally FOX because they cover more items somewhat more objectively, at least Bret Baier does ,so I have not heard how the other stations are swallowing their bitter pill and explaining how they missed what was evident for those who have a keener sense of how 'real' Americans think. By "real" I mean whose who pay their own bills, try and support their families, avoid government dependency, believe The Constitution is worth keeping and obey laws.  These "real" people cut across all ethnic and racial lines and are generally sickened by what has happened to our nation. Hilary thinks these "real" people are deplorables and they showed her how deplorable they can be when they feel they have been insulted and demeaned.

I am proud to consider myself a deplorable. It also helps me to keep more on course with what is likely to happen so I do not get caught up in what causes so many to miss out on those possibilities that can change the course of history. Perhaps being a market contrarian has something to do with it.  I will have to give more thought before I take pen in hand.

In a future memo, I hope to give my views on why Trump was able to snooker the Left and mass media types knowing they might fall into the trap he set for them.

Please understand, I am not gloating nor am I willing to give Donald a pass.  There is much debris in the road ahead.  The damage from Hurricane Obama cannot be ignored.

More commentary from my memo readers:

One of your best memos.  A fine summary of the post election revelations.  Do we give high fives to the Media for professional insight or fear mongering?D---

B----- and I were at the GA GOP party at the Grand Hyatt until almost
midnight, then came home and watched until almost 2:00AM. I was overwhelmed
as each state was called to Trump. When NC came our way was the first time I
actually felt we had a good chance.

I guess Clinton and the media learned that deplorables vote. The media had
an answer they wanted and couldn't get the facts to support it. The elites,
on both sides, just didn't get it....that the "folks" are tired of being
ignored and lied to. They are tired of empty promises and no action to fix
their problems.....that the people want us to control our borders, that
there really is a radical Islamist threat that can't be ignored, that we
need a more robust economy and better jobs, .....and they're tired of the
condescending attitude to traditional values, religion, military service and
law enforcement officers.

The "forgotten man" has spoken....and the "protected class' has received a
strong message from the "unprotected" that things must change.

A great day for America!!   C----

Finally DECENCY. Good morning America. E-----

Pinch me as I still don't believe it's true! A----

But ... 
It remains to be seen how this will change the stranglehold of the establishment ... lobbyists, corrupt media, those who enabled the Clinton foundation. We have to make sure that what WikiLeaks disclosed doesn't just evaporate. We have a diseased political system. Our rule of law has been perverted. and the Muslim brotherhood has infiltrated the White House. 

Obviously Trump will have a new attorney general (Giuliani?) and will ask for Comey's resignation. Whatever crimes and corruption  disclosed by WikiLeaks need to be FULLY investigated in an impartial way. And if there were crimes they need to be prosecuted. 

But perhaps the most obvious test of Donald Trump's promises is if he's going to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. 

This entire situation needs to be thought of as a business turnaround; implementing new domestic and foreign policies and programs won't achieve the desired results if they are built on our badly flawed foundation.  R--

Here’s one from me: Go Donald! Drain that swamp!” D---

Dick, the electorate wants to be represented not ruled. I think that's part of the unspoken message. J--

Well done Dick.  No doubt you helped bring Georgia to Donald.  We have a chance now for our kids...J----

As we said yesterday, God's hand was in this win. We humbly & gratefully thank Him. L-----

I am a happy boy this morning!  I think this guy will knock it out of the park! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  DT

Well said!!! J--

What a night!!!! Unfortunately for us in Cobb County, Hunter Hill lost. They said Cobb flipped for Hillary. G---

Dear President Elect:

I am happy to tell you that I supported you from day 1.
I just have one request (this morning) from you: Please reinstate General David Petraeus and immediately include him within your inner circle. This is a man and a soldier can make an enormous contribution to our Country and assist with some good ideas how to handle our enemies.

I wish you great health, and enormous success to get our Country back. 

With great affection, 


A long and loud AMEN!!!!!!  J---

I'm still in disbelief. What a great day. L----

Thanks for working so hard to get the message out! Know he will surround himself with good people just pray he will listen to them ! Wish Rich could have seen the outcome xxx M------

Your hard work paid off!!  C----

Yes - God is good! Sooooooooo very exciting for our country. Thanks Bert for all you ongoing news.  J---

Love all the commentary! Haven't stopped smiling today! It's a new day in America. B------

Amen!! I am so relieved to see Hillary out of public life! Best regards, J--

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