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Permanence Not Geography Is The Basis Underlying The Palestinian-Israeli Issue.

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It is always nice to have a dear friend and fellow memo reader respond to what you have written and then to amplify: "Dick, this may have been one of your best to date. You really captured all that is going on in society today, why and how it began and all the repercussions thereof. A few addendums to your points of fact. Last night I attended the ATLANTA SYMPHONY and the program was sensational. It was the music of the film ‘SINGING IN THE RAIN” which was being shown while the orchestra played the music of the film . The voices of DEBBIE REYNOLDS,DONALD O’CONNOR AND GENE KELLY WERE THEIRS.  MY POINT BEING, THEIR TALENTS ARE UNMATCHED TO THOSE OF TODAY. THEY WERE GREAT SINGERS ,ACTORS AND DANCERS . THEY WERE CLEAN CUT NO TATTOOS ,patriotic and you could understand every word of every song and no pyrophylites were included.  We were much better off then,than now and as we have stated many times before I do have great trepidation's for our country. If this concert comes to Savannah do not miss it! A---"
Trump asked for Comey to give him a hope sandwich.

 A hope sandwich is where you have two pieces of bread and you hope you had some meat!!
There are many voices who call for Israel to give back territory, allow two states to be created so  Palestinians can flourish and all will become peaceful in The Middle East.

Those who express such views are either prejudiced against Israel or are stupid enough to believe the Palestinian-Israeli issue is about geography. There is an element in our own State Department who have been preaching this nonsense from the time Israel won its Independence. The basis for their concern was American dependence on Arab oil and their argument was strengthened by the OPEC Boycott.  Now that America has more of its own indigenous oil resources this reality challenges the faulty logic of these State Department Arabists.

The threat Israel faces is not the fact that Abbas will not mouth some words.  It goes well beyond a temporary condition. It is existential in nature and goes to the very survival of Israel as a free and independent Democracy in an infested sea of autocratic tribal regimes who, for religious and other reasons, seek Israel's complete annihilation. When Abbas morphs into Sadat and the former King of Jordan, then there will be something Israel can base taking risks for but until then peace remains a non-geographic myth.

Now that these same tribal regimes are facing their own threat from their own brethren and brotherhood the opportunity for peace has become more plausible but remains a long way into the future.

Israel has given territory but it did not change minds, attitudes and Palestinian culture  which continues to teach hatred so their next generation of martyrs will be able to take over the reigns of government and perpetuate more misery upon their own people.

When Palestinians and Palestinian leadership take their head out of the sand and, as a former Israeli Prime Minister said: "Love their children as we do our own" then, and only then, will the prospect for a two state nation not only become a possibility but the basis for one will be laid for a true and survivable agreement.

So, once again, land for peace is the consequence of a peace based on Israel's survival and that has more to do with behaviour than geography.

The yelling and screaming on American College Campuses in support of the Palestinian Cause is not only misguided, it too denies facts.  It is simply another way left wing radicals, who dominate the Democrat Party, can clothe their anti-Semitic beliefs in the garb of compassionate do gooders.  If Obama truly wants me to believe his pious comments regarding his behaviour towards and support of Israel why did he press so hard for The Iran Deal? Why would he send billions of ransom dollars to a nation that seeks Israel's annihilation and then our own?  This is same nation that leads the world in supporting terrorism and is responsible for more American casualties than any other Arab nation?
Rabbi Fischer expresses his thoughts on the Comey "matter." (See 1 below.)
1)A Number-by-Number Review of How the Comey Flap Went Down
By Rabbi Dov Fischer
So, let's review what we heard:
1. The President was not a target of any investigation.
2. Comey did not trust Donald Trump, regarded him as a liar, and therefore wrote copious notes of meetings with the president.
3. Trump told Comey that Flynn is a nice guy, so Trump hoped Comey would not investigate Flynn.
4. Comey felt uneasy about that request but did not feel strong enough to tell the president so.
5. The president never asked Comey to stop or stall or even pause the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election, nor did he intimate that Comey should do so.
6. Comey leaked his notes to the NYT through a middleman.
7. Last year, Comey was directed by Loretta Lynch to speak of the Hillary email criminal investigation not as an "investigation," but as a "matter." In fact, it was an ongoing criminal investigation.
8. Comey felt queasy about Lynch's directive, so he jumped the gun on the Justice Department and held his own press conference to report on the Hillary investigation and even arrogated to himself the authority to make his own call as to whether a prosecutor would convene a grand jury.
9. A substantial number of media reports about the White House and the Russian investigation, based supposedly on unnamed leakers within the intelligence community, continually have been outright false because those in the know do not secretly talk to the media, and those who secretly talk to the media are not in the know.
Here is what this means:
1. The head of the FBI must be strong enough to stand up to a president – not to hate him or oppose him, but to stand his own ground respectfully.
2. Comey is not made of that stuff, by his own admission.
3. Therefore, by his own unintentional admission, Comey is unsuited to head the FBI.
4. Someone who has a history of never lying probably has not lied when a question arises as to his or her veracity.
5. Someone who has a background of lying may well be assumed to be lying on other matters when a question arises as to veracity.
6. Trump speaks falsely so often – even when he does not have to – that he probably does not even realize he is lying, and when he does speak falsely, it may well be unintentional and pathological, but not intentionally to deceive or lie.
7. Comey now admits that he leaks. Someone who admits, on the one occasion when he is asked under oath, that he directed leaking of secret FBI-related stuff to the New York Times may well be assumed to have an ongoing history of leaking confidential material to news media like the Times.
8. In an FBI where the director leaks to the news media, the whole cockamamie spy organization may be understood to be permeated with a culture of permissive leaking.
9. For this reason, too, Comey needed to be fired long ago.
10. Comey does not trust Donald Trump, does not like Donald Trump, regards him as a liar, and is suspicious of Trump to the point of Comey documenting his private meetings with the president.
11. Someone with that degree of bias against President Trump, even if such personal bias be warranted, cannot honestly conduct an impartial investigation that looks at Mr. Trump or his White House.
12. Therefore, Comey had to be replaced because he cannot be trusted to conduct an impartial investigation.
13. Comey seems to have leaked to the media everything about the FBI's investigations and concerns regarding these matters except for the fact and disclosure that President Trump has not been and was not being investigated for anything.
14. George H.W. Bush pardoned the despicable Caspar Weinberger just before Weinberger went on trial. President Trump can pardon Flynn any time he wants – before trial, during trial, after trial. There could not possibly have been any constitutional overstepping for Trump, who could instantly legally stop a Flynn investigation on a dime, to say, essentially, "I hope you can find a way to leave my friend, who is a good guy, alone."
15. New Yorkers speak directly. Midwesterners, by contrast, speak indirectly. People in Britain, by further contrast, are even less direct. Those styles are matters of culture. When a British person says, "I hope you will not investigate," he or she means: "I expect you not to investigate." When an American Midwesterner says, "I hope you will not investigate," it is impossible to know what the person really is saying; it is about playing mind games. But when a New Yorker from Brooklyn or Queens says, "I hope you will not investigate," he or she means: "It is my sincere hope that you will not investigate." That is, if a New Yorker from Brooklyn or Queens wants to say: "I expect you not to investigate," he or she will say: "You better not investigate if you know what's good for you." Trump is from those inner boroughs. When he said "hope," he was expressing his hope.
16. Comey never leaked about the pressure to which he was subjected by the Obama White House to ease off on Hillary Clinton's crimes. She committed clear crimes in disclosing certain of her top-secret emails and in removing secure federal electronic documents from her office.
17. The middleman through whom Comey leaked, a Columbia University law professor, may well have committed a crime by participating actively in the leaking. Time will tell.
18. Until recently, the Democrats hated Comey more than did the Republicans, and they wanted him fired immediately, too.
19. None of this nonsense parallels Watergate in any way. In Watergate, there was a criminal break-in. Here, there is nothing – just an innocently undisciplined and brash president with a fundamentally good heart and honest intentions to make America great again, but who unfortunately lost tons of good will by conducting himself disgracefully during campaign debates and throughout the election year, insulting and calling people names, lying about people like Ted Cruz's father, and laying the groundwork to be dragged through mud once elected – something that would not have been possible with more decently behaved Republicans like Mitt Romey and John McCain.
20. The reality is that the American people chose not to elect a Mitt Romney or a John McCain, but instead opted for a bull in search of a china shop. The voters came out to vote for this guy.
21. When the Democrats took down Richard Nixon, they replaced a pseudo-conservative who had engaged in d├ętente with Soviet Russia and rapprochement with Communist China, who had implemented wage and price controls, and who named liberal Supreme Court justices after he botched up two consecutive picks. We ended up with Gerald Ford, who was a decent and honest conservative but who was not suited to be president, because Nixon's first vice president, Spiro Agnew, was really a crook.
22. If the Democrats ever took down this president – and they will not – he would be succeeded by a rock-solid presidential-quality fundamental conservative who also would make America great again by following virtually the same political agenda as Trump, only without the ruckus and tweets, but with dignity, fear of G-d, uncommon humility, and loyalty to the Constitution. And if he were to rise to that post and name Mike Huckabee as his vice president, not only could we see this country's economy become great again and its military might become great again...but we even could see this country's moral fiber and its social character become great again.
23. That Pence-Huckabee development has to wait nearly eight years, until after President Trump concludes his second term.
Rabbi Dov Fischer, an attorney and adjunct professor of law, is a senior rabbinic fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values and congregational rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California and holds prominent leadership roles in several national rabbinic and other Jewish organizations. He has been chief articles editor of the UCLA Law Review, clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and served for most of the past decade on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America. His writings have appeared in The Weekly Standard, National Review, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Jerusalem Post, American Greatness, Frontpage Magazine, American Thinker, and Israel National News. Other of his writings are collected at

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