Thursday, June 8, 2017

Democrats Have Put One Over On Pitiful Republicans. Clinton Guilty of Breaking The Law. Trump Guilty of Poor Taste/Boorish Judgement! Widen The Net.

Comey had no right, nor was it his position, to determine Clinton's intent to do what she did. Furthermore, the statute does not dictate that one must have  intent.  The simple act is the basis of whether one broke the law. The determination of whether Clinton broke the law should have been Attorney General Lynch's decision but it is obvious Lynch had been compromised and told by Obama to go easy on Hillary.

When it comes to Comey and Trump, Comey concluded Trump evidenced no  intent to stop the Russian investigation but simply hoped, prospectively, for him to go easy on Flynn and nothing came of the original suggestion.

Therefore, based on her acts, Clinton is guilty, Trump's actions do not reach the level of  an intent to thwart a criminal investigation.

There is no doubt Russia did and will continue henceforth messing around in our elections as they will with all democracies etc. There is no evidence Trump did anything to stop this investigation. in fact, Comey stated Trump said pursue them..

What the anti-Trumpers want to do is make a connection where there seems none exists but there is enough appearance for them to make the leap in the hope they can continue to disrupt/hijack Trump's ability to govern and build a case for impeachment.

All of Democrat behaviour is done with the intent of finding a basis for impeaching Trump.  At some point, Americans will either become fed up or will be convinced. I doubt Trump will eventually be impeached but I do believe efforts to do so will continue.  I also believe the toll on Trump will continue to mount, will be effective and will keep him and his administration constantly having to fight,"fake news," windmills.

Whether this will work against Democrats come 2018, is too soon to tell but if Trump and Republicans pass legislation and come across as doing the job they campaigned on and were elected to do then I believe the Democrats, anti-Trumpers will regret their obsessive, cyncal behaviour.

Most Americans, in my opinion, will be willing to give Trump more slack if he and his party execute and if they do not, then there will be less slack in the Democrat, anti-Trump and mass media's "hanging" rope.

Meanwhile, there is no way to tell how long Mueller's investigation will last but it will cost a great deal monetarily and hurt Trump in his ability to govern and thus harm the nation.

Democrats have been effective in achieving what really should have been undertaken against Obama and all the liars and lying that came to be so much a part of his eight year presidency.  How did this happen?  Not because the events surrounding Trump are more significant than the ones involving Obama but because Republicans are bumblers when it comes to fighting back and because they are gutless and ineffective.  Democrats are organized and Republicans are not. Democrats are capable of speaking as one. Republicans lack the ability to be cohesive.

If I were a Republican in authority I would insist that Mueller investigate the linkage of Obama, Clinton and Kerry to Russia in  order to determine whether their policies had anything to do with Russian influence in our elections.  We know Obama asked his message be given to Putin regarding co-operation, we now know Obama wanted Lynch to go lightly on Clinton, we know Clinton enriched her foundation through the sale of uranium to Russia and we know Kerry pressed for the Iranian Deal which allowed that nation to continue its domination of the region and it took concurrence from Russia to get the Iran Deal passed.  Once you go after a school of fish you widen the net. (See 1 below.)

This from a friend and fellow memo reader. I am in total agreement.  Once again, Obama used agencies to impose fines which were directed for  political purposes.  The stench that emanates from Obama's eight years in office is beginning to surface but nothing will come of it because the public does not care and the mass media will never eat their own: "Dick,

Of interest will be AG Session’s reaction to the Wray appointment. As you probably know, he was a special friend to then Gov. Christie in New Jersey and Gov. Christie was apparently consulted on the appointment of Mr. Wray but Sessions had only a minor role in vetting his credentials. And Gov. Christie is a known anti-Sessions person, telling Trump he would not recommend him for AG. Having the president recently criticize him (Sessions) for filing the second and watered down version of his delay-immigration policy with the SCOTUS, not the original draft can’t have sat well with the AG, I shouldn’t think.

I just wonder how long Sessions will last working for Trump. Be a shame to lose him since he’s regarded as a pretty straight shooter and his action today to stop the government’s confiscation of jury awards that Obama then gave to political friends is a good sign of that intention, in my view. E-"
1) Comey: Lynch directive to downplay Clinton probe prompted him to go rogue

Former FBI Director James Comey revealed in Senate testimony Thursday that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch directed him to describe the Hillary Clinton email probe as a “matter” and not an “investigation.”
He also said that the directive, combined with Lynch’s unusual Arizona tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton, led him to make his independent announcement regarding the Clinton email probe last July.
Comey said that tarmac meeting was a “deciding factor” in his decision to act alone to update the public on the Clinton probe — and protect the bureau’s reputation.

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