Saturday, June 10, 2017

Continuing The Mission. If Not Trump Then Sessions.

Now that we have heard from Comey there appears to be no collusion, no obstruction. Thus, Democrats find themselves without a solid basis for impeachment but that will not stop them.  They are on a mission.  Their mission is to defend America against terrorism. However, the biggest terror they face is Trump's election and it has driven them nuts.

But what about Democrats helping pass legislation that will offer legitimate health care coverage, eliminate rules and regulations that strangle American business passed on the premise they protect the climate and everything else under the sun? What about Democrats participating in the rebuilding of our military and allowing generals to do what they know best and have been trained to do, ie, destroy the enemy? And what about Democrats joining Republicans to construct new tax reforms so that people can get re-employed and finally, is it out of the realm of patriotism to expect Democrats to get off this president's back because they nominated a candidate who was deplorable?

Is this too much to hope for?  Perhaps, because when Trump hoped Comey would go easy on Flynn all hell broke loose.
Now that Comey has squashed the hopes of Democrats and those of  Rep. Waters', Pelosi seems to believe Democrats can keep their witch hunt going by focusing on Atty. Gen. Sessions.  After all, he met The Russian Ambassador at some public function and they probably drank a few glasses of vodka together and exchanged pleasantries.

The problem Democrats will have is that Sessions has no foundation nor sold uranium to Russia. Will Trump support Sessions or will he cave as Republicans did decades ago with respect to Gingrich?

Time will tell.
Weather here magnificent.  Have a great weekend.

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