Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump Deplorable Racists Fund Mostly Black Band So They Can Parade. Up to 70 Plus. Off To Meet Olivia.

Trump racists fund mostly black band so they can appear appear at Inauguration.

I heard the initial interview and figured they would eventually get their funding from deplorable Tea Party bigots. (See 1 below.)

The anti-Trump liberal politicians no shows are now reputedly up into the 70's. What pathetic Lilliputians.

These will be the same cowards who will continue to stonewall Trump's appointments etc.

They are blind to the fact that the entire world is watching how immature and self-centered they are because they live in a cocoon.
We leave for Atlanta tomorrow and then Saturday to Detroit to see/meet our Great Granddaughter, Olivia.

Back very late Monday and then have a very busy and full week so probably not many memos for a while.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Inauguration festivities and I hope and pray Trump lives up to my expectations and disappoints all the liberals who expect/want him to fail and have contributed so much to putting roadblocks in , not only his way, but also,even worse, our nation's path.

I always hoped Obama would succeed. I believe he failed but I did nothing other than express my reasons why I thought he was on the wrong track.  I never physically protested, I did not hold up signs, block highways, riot, say he did not win fair and square, etc.

I do believe, when his library is finally built, we might learn more about who he is, his history and background but time will tell.

His desire to stay in D.C and continue to carp from the sidelines makes him open season so when I feel so inclined I will continue to express my thoughts about the president who refuses to leave.
1)Trump supporters have been branded as ‘Racist’ and Deplorable while people like Rapper Snoop Dogg promised to “roast” any “jigaboo ass n***ers” who performed in DC…. Charming!
"After rapper Snoop Dogg promised to “roast” any African-Americans who performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration, “racist” Trump supporters raised $650,000 dollars to have a predominantly black marching band play at tomorrow’s event.
Billy Hawkins, president of Talladega College, a historically black campus in Alabama, appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show to complain about“mean-spirited” criticism and “nasty emails” received after the college’s famed Marching Tornadoes band tried to raise $75,000 to fund their trip to perform at the inauguration parade.
After a GoFundMe account was set up to support the band, Trump supporters donated a whopping $650,000 dollars, which at one point was coming in at a rate of $1,000 dollars an hour.
“We owe Bill O’Reilly a great thank you. The GoFundMe account has skyrocketed,” Hawkins told Fox News. “The closer we get to Friday, the more excited I become. I’m so proud of our young people.”
In a video, Hawkins states, “These African-American students are citizens of the United States of America and we’re going to Washington to participate in a United States of America event.”
But wait a minute, I thought half of Trump’s supporters were a basket of deplorable racists? Hillary Clinton told me.
The band’s presence at the inauguration is likely to upset rapper Snoop Dogg, who put out a video last week vowing to call out any African-American musicians who performed at Trump’s inauguration.
“Which one of your jigaboo ass n***ers going to do it?” asked Snoop, adding, “I’m waiting for you to do so I can roast the f*** out of you.”
Well Snoop, now you have your answer. It’s the entire black roster of the Marching Tornadoes.

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