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Bleeding Boxers and Liberals Flailing Over Trump's Election. The Future. Shut It Down, I dare You. Vichy, Not Soup!

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Juan Williams was fired by PBS and then hired by FOX. He is a regular on "The Five," which I find inane, and he also appears on various other FOX programs as a guest..

Williams asserts that it is bad if Russia involved itself in our recent election as alleged by America's Intelligence community.  However, Juan is unable to answer why it was ok for Obama  to intrude in Israel's election simply because he hates Netanyahu.

Juan Williams is basically stupid.  His vapid responses are knee jerk in nature and I do not know why FOX continues to keep him.

As for Megyn Kelly leaving FOX, I will miss her beautiful face but frankly she began to think she could drink her own bathwater and I doubt she will pick up much listener-ship from FOX .  It will be interesting to watch whether she starts drinking NBC's Kool Aid and becomes another infected disreputable reporter. My advice to her is avoid Brian Williams.

I watch very little TV except for some movies and a few sports activities. I get most of my information from reading articles, books, subscription material and thinking.  TV has become the "vast wasteland" Minnow said it would be but there really are some marvelous programs like HBO's Boxing. Watching grown men bleed is akin to watching Liberals flail and beat on themselves now that Trump is about to installed as our 45th president.
Defund. (See 1 below.)
 I get tweets from  Jedidiah Bila, Dana Perino, Water's and a host of others.  How they got my name is beyond me.  I do not tweet so I do not know how to reply nor read what they tweet.

One day no one will use computers and I will fade into oblivion because I also do not own a cell phone nor want one. I spent over 49 years smiling and dialing and no longer like talking on the phone.  I know I am odd but I am comfortable in my own skin though I drive everyone else nuts.

I never was good at small talk, I seldom, if ever, watch football and no longer care about baseball though I was an avid fan and had great seats when we lived in Atlanta and went to many Braves' Games.

I have lived beyond the norm and every few months I am getting notices my  Military Prep School classmates are biting the dust.

Life has been good and I count my blessings for having been basically healthy.  I have met many wonderful and interesting people and look forward to meeting more. My life has been enriched by them and I have good kids who have married well and have raised great children and now the grandchildren are beginning to procreate.

I have a fabulous wife who not only understands me but helps me to understand myself.

I wish for all the blessings I have had and truly hope the New Year will bring Health and Happiness to you and yours.

Finally, I have been lucky to have been born in this country and to have lived during what I call the "filet period" of America.  I regret that my generation is leaving less for the next and have encumbered them with an enormous debt which will restrict their options.  This was never my personal intent but I had little control over that fact though I made my protests known and still do.

I haven't the slightest idea what the future holds but I suspect it will be filled with a great deal of technological change and challenges. I hope the Millennials will meet them head on and  come to appreciate what a great nation America is and that the world  is,  and will always be, a better place if they stay true to America's values and not try and change it with everything new and untested.

My fear is that we are poorly educated  regarding our history and how America came to be and thus, are more likely to repeat unnecessary mistakes and will therefore, think less of what we have.

The destruction of the family unit, the disregard for civility towards our fellow persons is also a matter of personal concern as well as our lack of respect for the right to vote.

Often we do not appreciate the value of what we have until we lose it and then it is often too late.

I certainly do not expect peace will descend upon this world but I hope we will remain strong and dedicated to maintaining our freedom and always willing to sacrifice should we be threatened.

Trump cannot "Make America Great Again" but I do believe he can return us to a path that will lead us in a better direction given the opportunity and will receive the co-operation and support any president deserves and needs if his policies are sound and based on common sense at the minimum.
Erick Erickson challenges Democrats to shut it down.

His reasoning is not mine though I agree.  I believe it would drive more nails into the Democrat's election coffin. (See 2 below.)
If The Palestinians can get what they want without negotiating why would they negotiate?  Are the French returning to their Vichy roots? No this is not a soup! (See 3 below.)

The New Year brings the prospect of betterment and hope that the relationship with a strong ally will be rebuilt. (See 3a below.)

Without actually psychoanalyzing a person you are left to interpret their attitude from afar and by their actions.  That said, I believe Obama and Kerry have a deep seated animus towards Israel and therefore, towards Jews notwithstanding, their contrary protests.

1)Congress Planning to Defund UN as Critics Seek Full Withdrawal
By Alex Newman
U.S. lawmakers and pro-Israel activists are calling for an end to American taxpayer funding of the United Nations after a controversial UN Security Council vote declared some Israeli settlements to be illegal. Congress is already planning to cut the UN's funding in response to the UN scheme. The growing outrage also came from President-elect Donald Trump, who vowed that the UN situation would change once he is in the Oval Office. But other critics of the UN said defunding the “dictators club” would not be enough, and that it was past time for the U.S. government and other civilized member states to ditch the scandal-plagued global body altogether.
The most recent wave of outrage surrounding the UN came in response to UN Security Council Resolution 2334, a deeply controversial measure adopted on December 23 with 14 votes in favor and the Obama administration abstaining. Among other controversies, the measure purports to declare the Jewish presence in parts of Jerusalem and an area known to Jews as Judea and Samaria (“West Bank” to Arabs) to be a “flagrant violation” of what the UN likes to call “international law.” Basically, the UN and more than a few of its autocratic member regimes do not think Jews should be allowed to live in East Jerusalem and other areas.   
Unsurprisingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasted the UN and its “shameful” resolution, vowing to ignore it and curtail relations with the governments and regimes responsible for the scheme. “Israel rejects the anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement ridiculing the UN. “Israel looks forward to working with President-elect Trump and with all our friends in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, to negate the harmful effects of this absurd resolution.”
Trump, a longtime critic of the UN and globalism in general, was among those to speak out, albeit more mildly than on the campaign trail. “The United Nations has such great potential but right now it is just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time. So sad!,” said Trump on social media after having previously noted that the UN was not a friend of Israel, freedom, or the United States. Unfortunately, as explained by its own founders, the UN was always designed to be progressively strengthened. And it already does much more damage than it would if it were merely a place for people to talk and have a good time at taxpayer expense. Trump sent out another statement blasting Obama and the UN, urging Israel to “stay strong” because “January 20th is fast approaching!”
But the world may not have to wait until Trump is sworn in for concrete action. Leading Democrats and Republicans alike have fervently denounced the UN and slammed the Obama administration for failing to exercise the U.S. government's veto to stop the scheme. Even ultra-far-left U.S. lawmakers slammed the UN scheme, with Congressman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) blasting it as “a one-sided, biased resolution.” Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), another pro-UN globalist who also happens to be pro-Israel, blasted the UN as a “fervently anti-Israel body” that has been that way since it declared Zionism to be racism. Other Democrats also rushed to put out statements condemning the UN resolution.
Republicans — even of the globalist and neocon variety — were also furious at the UN vote. Perhaps most vocal was conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who is leading the charge to cut all U.S. funding to the UN. “The disgraceful anti-Israel resolution passed by the UNSC was apparently only the opening salvo in the Obama administration’s final assault on Israel,” he was quoted as saying, reminding Obama that Congress reconvenes soon and that under the U.S. Constitution, Congress controls the money. On social media, he said: “No US $ for UN until reversed.” Other GOP lawmakers agreed.
Even neocon globalist and reliable establishment figure Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who chairs the Senate appropriations subcommittee for the State Department and foreign operations, vowed to push for Congress to stop funding the UN. “The UN has made it impossible for us to continue with business as usual,” Graham said. “Almost every Republican will feel like this is a betrayal of Israel and the only response that we have is the power of purse.”
“This is a road we haven’t gone down before,” Graham was quoted as saying in media reports, adding that the UN was increasingly being viewed as anti-Semitic. “If you can’t show the American people that international organizations can be more responsible, there is going to be a break. And I am going to lead that break.” A number of other GOP senators have already pledged their support, and media reports suggested that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would also be on board.
Senate aides quoted in a number of media reports said a variety of options were under consideration. Among them: defunding the UN, defunding certain UN programs and policies, withdrawing from UN agencies such as the communist-controlled UNESCO, and even passing legislation to protect any Jews targeted by the UN who may also be American citizens. Also being considered is cutting off funds for the U.S. taxpayer-funded Palestinian Authority, and even the possibility of expelling its diplomats in the United States.
While the situation is likely to get more dramatic after Trump is sworn in, congressional officials speaking to reporters off the record said action could begin as soon as next week when lawmakers reconvene. “We will make a very strong attempt to do something immediately,” one senior GOP senate aide told the pro-Obama, pro-Clinton, pro-UN Washington Post. “It is a real moment to re-examine the relationship with the United Nations and what it really does.”
Even Israel's most vehement American critics have realized that the UN's behavior is bizarre — the UN and its various agencies have condemned Israel more often than all other governments on earth, combined. The U.S. government, of course, pays more for the UN than 185 other member governments and dictators — combined. And yet the UN, when it is not demonizing Israel, spends much of its time haranguing Americans and others to surrender their God-given rights under various guises.
From free speech and religious freedom to gun rights and due process, the UN has become increasingly bold and vicious when it comes to attacking the unalienable rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights. It is also increasingly threatening U.S. independence and self-government as it seeks to empower itself as what UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon called the “Parliament of Humanity.”
For those reasons and others, The John Birch Society, a constitutionalist group with chapters in all 50 states, has long worked to not just defund the UN, but to get the U.S. government out of the UN and the UN off U.S. soil. “For over 56 years, The John Birch Society has been warning and educating the American people of the danger called the United Nations,” JBS CEO Art Thompson said, a reference to the 56-year-old “Get US Out of the United Nations” campaign. “The recent brouhaha is only the tip of the iceberg relative to the harm that the UN has done since its very founding by those who wish to destroy the independence of the United States — indeed all nations — on the road to a one world government led by megalomaniacs.”
Other prominent commentators also referenced the JBS campaign amid the recent furor over the Israeli settlements resolution. Conservative commentator and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan picked up on comments by senators Schumer and Graham blasting and threatening the UN to illustrate the escalating fury over the global outfit. “If the folks over at the John Birch Society still have some of those bumper stickers — Get the U.S. out of the U.N., and the U.N. out of the U.S.! — they might FedEx a batch over to Schumer and Graham,” Buchanan quipped in his latest column. “May have some converts here.”
More than a few other prominent conservative commentators said plans to defund the UN did not go far enough. David Greenfield at FrontPage Magazine went through a litany of UN crimes, abuses, and horrors before saying that “we and every sane country” should have defunded the UN decades ago. “If you give money to the U.N., it will end up anywhere and everywhere except where it’s supposed to go,” he continued. “But defunding the U.N. isn’t enough. There is no reason for us to remain there at all.”
He said the U.S. government should “defund and withdraw” from the scandal-plagued outfit. “The billions we waste on the U.N. will go toward taking care of our people,” he added. “And once we are free of the U.N., we will actually be able to promote real human rights instead of pandering to the dictators and Islamists of the United Nations.”
Former Senator and GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum, meanwhile, said the growing crisis in relations between the UN and the U.S. government was the perfect opportunity for those seeking to abolish the UN altogether. “This has opened up the opportunity for those of us who are very anti-U.N., who think that it has passed its prime, it’s not serving any really good purpose, it’s not helping legitimate governments around the world and it’s outlived its usefulness,” he was quoted as saying. “To the extent we can deconstruct it, the better.”
Santorum also suggested Trump's focus could now move from NATO, a UN subsidiary, to the UN itself. “The focus will come off NATO and will move squarely onto the U.N.,” Santorum explained to a pro-UN propagandist at the anti-Trump Washington Post, which claimed the U.S. was better off with a functioning UN in a propaganda piece about the upcoming “war” between Trump and the UN. “It’s going to be a very raucous time. Barack Obama, with this move, did more damage to the United Nations than he did to Israel.”
Conservative media outlet WND is circulating a petition slamming the UN and calling for a U.S. withdrawal. “It is outrageous an organization hosted on American soil, protected by American arms, funded by American tax dollars and built upon a global order sustained by the United States seemingly spends all its time attacking America and its ally Israel,” reads the petition, signed by thousands of people so far since it was published on December 27. “The United States should stand with its allies and in defense of its own principles rather than continuing to pay the bills of an organization which has all but openly declared itself an enemy both of our Republic and the besieged Jewish State.”
Writing in PJ Media, Roger Simon, co-founder of the conservative outlet, also said it was time to take on the UN. Ridiculing the UN as a “moribund center of international corruption and megaphone for tin-pot dictators,” Simon suggested that Trump could find savings to rebuild the military and U.S. infrastructure by ending funding of the “clowns” at the UN. “Although, in this case, it would be useful to negotiate the entire institution out of existence, or at least impoverish it to the degree it will have to decamp from Manhattan and leave that pricey Turtle Bay real estate for better purposes,” he said, adding that there is apparently lots of empty space in Yemen.
“I wouldn't doubt you would have all your deplorables solidly behind you in this negotiation/defunding and a lot more of the country as well, once they get full knowledge of exactly how much we're actually paying for this insanity,” Simon continued. “As with most things, they haven't been told by our media, who have no interest in informing the public on anything that might disrupt their narrative.” But the truth is getting out anyway, and the American people overwhelmingly think the UN is doing a bad job.
Even some neocons and establishment loyalists called for taking serious action against the rogue international body. Columnist and establishment talking head Charles Krauthammer, for example, a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations that has been instrumental in surrendering U.S. sovereignty for generations, suggested on Fox News’ “Special Report” that Trump should turn UN headquarters in New York City into condos.
“We’re paying an organization that spends half its time — more than half its time and energy and resources and bureaucracy trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide, mayhem, murder, terrorism is going on all over the world,” declared Krauthammer, a neocon. “It’s an obsession that to an outside a observer appears to be insane. And the rest of the time is spent undermining the United States and democracy [sic] and our allies around the world. It is an organization that exacerbates tensions, it does not assuage them…. It turned out to be a disaster.”
While stopping short of calling for an American exit (Amexit) from the UN, Krauthammer did suggest getting the UN out of the United States. “Any move to minimize our support for it, any move to get it out of the U.S. — imagine if [UN] headquarters were in Zimbabwe. The amount of weight and coverage it would get would be zero. I think that’s good real estate in downtown New York City, and Trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos.” Considering the UN’s three tributes to mass-murdering Cuban dictator Fidel Castro so far in the weeks after his death, Havana might make a good spot for UN headquarters as well.  
With the UN, there is much more at stake than Israeli settlements. And there are plenty of reasons to support a U.S. government withdrawal, or an “Amexit,” from the UN beyond the recent resolution. Legislation to secure an Amexit, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, has been introduced in practically every Congress for decades. With lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and large swaths of the American public in outrage mode over the latest anti-Israel vote, the time has never been better to Get US Out of the United Nations. Concerned Americans should contact their elected representatives to make their feelings known.
Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, is normally based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU
2) I Hope Democrats Obstruct Donald Trump’s Agenda at Every Turn

Democrats have declared they will do what they perceive Republicans having done to Obama and will obstruct, block, and oppose Donald Trump in every way, shape, and form unless he goes completely their way. Good. They should. In fact, they should try to obstruct Trump so thoroughly that the government itself is forced to shut down.
People need to be reminded that they do not need government to solve all their problems. People need to be reminded that the only reason various services shut down in the last government shutdown was because Barack Obama wanted to use people’s pain for his political gain.
The more Democrats obstruct Donald Trump, the more people will realize they do not need cradle to grave welfare, entitlements, and government nanny-state-ism. This is a good thing.
Democrats are the party of government. If Democrats drive up public dislike of government because of its incompetence and inability to get anything done, that only helps the GOP and conservatism.
I can only hope they’ll shut it all down. And the funniest bit of this is that Democrats know all this and are loath to shut down the government. So Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan can offer the Democrats table scraps knowing the Democrats won’t shut anything down, but by accepting the meager table scraps the Democrats will piss off their own base for settling for so little.
This is a very good proposition for the GOP.

Netanyahu: Upcoming Paris Conference Could Lead to Further Anti-Israel Action at UN

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

A France-hosted international diplomatic conference set to be held on Jan. 15 could lead to further action against the Jewish state at the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Tuesday.
In remarks delivered to a group of Israeli ambassadors at a Foreign Ministry conference in Jerusalem, Netanyahu stated, “The Paris conference is a futile conference, but there are signs that they will try to take decisions reached there and have them become another decision at the UN Security Council. We are entering a big diplomatic effort in order to succeed in avoiding this.”

Last Friday, as reported by The Algemeiner, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations urged French President Francois Hollande to cancel the planned summit.

“In the aftermath of the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which was a significant step backward in achieving direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and Secretary [of State John] Kerry’s speech on Middle East peace earlier this week, the international community should not plunge forward with the ill-conceived and poorly timed Paris conference,” CPMAJO Chairman Stephen M. Greenberg and Vice Chairman and CEO Malcolm Hoenlein said in a statment. “Now is a time for serious reflection on how peace can best be achieved, not for another sham forum in which the usual one-sided outcomes against Israel are the likeliest result. Given the significant issues that were raised in the past week which have long-term implications for the prospects for peace, proper preparation after serious consultation is essential.”
In an interview with The Algemeiner last week, Hoenlein cautioned it was possible the Obama administration could — following the recent passage of the anti-Israeli settlement Security Council resolution last Friday — take a “further damaging step” against the Jewish state before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

“We need to prepare for every option,” Hoenlein said.

Expressing concern about the upcoming Paris conference, Hoenlein argued that it “could produce a document that could then be brought to the Security Council for an immediate vote.”

On Tuesday, B’nai B’rith International President Gary P. Saltzman said in a statement that the Paris conference would “provide the international community an opportunity to gratuitously gang up on Israel. The past two weeks have already seen Secretary of State John Kerry deliver a speech unfairly blaming Israel for the current impasse and the United Nations Security Council pass a resolution broadly condemning the Jewish state. The Paris summit should not take place, as it will only further embolden the Palestinians and disincentivize them to negotiate.”

3a) Israel and the Trump administration
By Isi Liebler

In just two weeks, a new U.S. administration will enter the White House. It may well prove to be a turning point for Israel, reversing the tide of global hostility of the last eight years in which the outgoing administration regarded us diplomatically as a rogue state rather than as an ally.

President-elect Donald Trump is regarded by many observers as a volatile personality, unpredictable and capable of reversing his opinions.

Aside from one comment made early in his campaign about Israel having to pay its own way, Trump and his spokesmen — both during and after the election — have sent extraordinarily positive signals to Israel. He personally intervened, albeit unsuccessfully, to prevent President Barack Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the U.N. Security Council. While he cannot rescind the iniquitous Resolution 2334, he did undertake to ensure that under his administration, Israel would be treated as a genuine ally of the U.S.

He has conveyed other unequivocally positive messages. His designated ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is an outspoken proud Zionist Jew, as is his point man for Middle East negotiations, Jason Greenblatt. Trump has made it clear that he does not believe that settlements represent the cause for the breakdown in peace negotiations, and he seems determined to transfer the U.S. embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

It should also be noted that Trump has more positive contacts with Jews than any former American president. Moreover, his daughter converted and married Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew who maintains a religiously observant lifestyle and is one of his key advisers.

What gives us grounds for optimism is the fact that, whatever divisions may emerge between the Trump administration and the Republicans who dominate both the Senate and the House of Representatives, they are all in accord in their desire to commence a new chapter in U.S.-Israel relations wherein the Jewish state will be treated as a genuine partner.

In this context, Trump’s personal invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to attend his inauguration ceremony reflects yet another expression of endearment.

If Trump moves in this direction, it is likely to have a major influence on the manner in which other governments behave toward Israel and may, to some extent, mitigate the damage of the Security Council resolution.
The remarkable reversal of the U.K., first endorsing and according to some reports, drafting the U.N. Resolution at the behest of the Obama administration, and then berating Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech, already reflects this trend. The Australians, to their credit, condemned the U.N. Security Council Resolution from the outset.

There may even be similar movements from a number of European governments, some of which were undoubtedly embarrassed when the bias and double standards in their efforts at political correctness were revealed.

The Trump administration will undoubtedly also strengthen conservative forces which are almost all more pro-Israel than the incumbents.

Under such circumstances, the Palestinians are likely to discover that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states — other than paying lip service to mollify domestic pressures — are unlikely to confront a Trump administration to defend their irrational and inflexible demands.

The real enigma is Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. It is ironic that the Russian foreign minister attempted to defer the Security Council vote and then actually vetoed efforts to incorporate Kerry’s speech as Quartet policy. He also made it clear that Russia believed negotiations for peace could only be achieved through direct negotiations between the parties without preconditions – a direct repudiation of the Security Council resolution. Meanwhile, despite the delicate nature of the issues, Netanyahu has been engaged in numerous intimate discussions with Putin concerning Syria, border security and Middle East affairs.

Whether Netanyahu will be enabled to maintain this relationship will clearly depend on whether Trump succeeds in his current objective of developing a good relationship with Russia.

If he succeeds, a joint US-Russian initiative could deter Iran and Hezbollah from aggression against Israel. But likewise, they could also be tempted to collude to impose a settlement that may not be in Israel’s interests.
And so there is a very real hope that if the Trump administration marches in this direction, the year 2017 will witness dramatic, almost revolutionary changes as new political leaders will emerge who are no longer willing to appease Islamic extremists and have tired of political correctness and the chaos largely inflicted because of Obama’s distorted world vision. Many may gravitate toward Trump in the hope that he will initiate a new world order. This could have significant positive repercussions for Israel.

That is why it is important for Israel to demonstrate unity and restraint. The tone of our relationship with the new administration will be determined over the next few months and thus it is imperative to obtain consensus on the critical issues confronting us over the next few years because we now have a unique opportunity of persuading the new administration and the pro-Israeli Congress to institutionalize our core requirements. If we do not achieve this, we could be facing a Democratic regime in four years’ time, headed by anti-Israeli elements such as Bernie Sanders and Keith Ellison.

At such a crucial time, cabinet responsibility should be implemented as in any democratic country. Ministers behaving like shadow prime ministers and making imperious policy statements on settlements and annexation in order to curry votes should shut up or go into opposition. The time to debate the merits of annexations and building settlements outside the major settlement blocs is only after the critical issues have been resolved.
Yair Lapid has emerged as a credible centrist leader and shares similar views to the prime minister. Ideally, he should join Netanyahu and act as his foreign minister. However, that is unlikely to happen. But he should at least offer Netanyahu a safety net if extreme right-wing elements seek to undermine his efforts by reverting to demands for Greater Israel.

Netanyahu must consult Trump privately and seek to obtain his support on the following core issues:
  • A reaffirmed commitment to President George W. Bush’s April 2004 letter in which he agreed that the 1949 armistice lines could not serve as the new borders and that the U.S. would recognize the demographic changes justifying Israel retention of the settlement blocs. Bush made this commitment in recognition of Sharon’s Gaza disengagement. It was unilaterally rescinded by Obama.
  • Formal U.S. endorsement to annex the major settlement blocs, which, prior to Resolution 2334, all parties acknowledged would always remain part of Israel in a final settlement.
  • Recognition of the annexation of the Golan Heights.
  • Assurance that the U.S. exerts pressure on Iran. If Trump achieves d├ętente with the Russians, Netanyahu’s excellent relationship with Putin could also be leveraged to deter Iran and Hezbollah from stoking the fire against Israel.
  • Promotion of America’s global position in an effort to neutralize the double standards and bias against Israel at the U.N.
Finally, he should emphasize that while the majority of Israelis remain adamant that they do not want to annex another 3 million Arabs and wish to separate from the Palestinians, a two-state policy, as originally conceived, is now not even on the horizon. The U.N. Security Council resolution that Obama facilitated has empowered the radical Palestinian leaders, reinforcing their delusion that Israel is doomed to destruction in stages and that the Jews will follow in the footpath of the Crusaders.

Netanyahu would be well advised to consult with his experts. In lieu of repeating the empty mantra of supporting a two-state policy or the status quo, he needs to develop an alternative policy for separation which may involve ceding control over areas to the Jordanians and Egyptians.

Trump’s attitude toward Israel still remains an issue of considerable conjecture. Besides, initially he will be concentrating on domestic affairs. However, if Netanyahu succeeds in establishing a productive relationship with him, 2017 may be a positive turning point for Israel and our prime minister will emerge as one of Israel’s greatest leaders.

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