Friday, January 13, 2017

Poor Optics, Clear Hypocrisy. Obama Prepared To Totally Betray Israel?

Response to the stupid  anti-vaccinate crowd including the biggest of all, Robert Kennedy Jr.

I did not vaccinate my kids and the one who lived turned out fine.

A few days ago American aircraft killed over 30 civilians in Syria as they attacked rebel forces who had infiltrated  and were intermingled among these civilians. I doubt you heard or saw anything about this but, were these Israeli planes the U.N. and the entire world would have risen and spoken out in hypocritical protest.

Israel always fights with one hand tied behind them because of  world scrutiny.
Meryl Streep should be hired by MSNBC  to give political analysis.  They deserve each other.
Yesterday, Obama gave us another reason why his presidency failed in many instances.  Poor optics. The man cannot see alright.  He cannot see how he failed to build consensus because he basically hates being in the kitchen making sausage, he is too smart to engage with lesser souls.  Obama always believed his ideas were so incontrovertible he could not comprehend why they were rejected.

Once again, as the end of his presidency is within sight, Obama's  flawed character is revealed.
Meanwhile, if I understand Trump regarding Putin he realizes Russia means us no good and is a threat but if we are going to live in this world we are better to try and get along with them than to maintain a contentious relationship, if possible.

Whether it is possible to have this less contentious relationship will be determined by the degree to which Trump is prepared to compromise our security balanced against whatever benefits can be received.

When it comes to his distrust of our various intelligence operatives I believe Trump has every right to  be suspect because:

a) the leaks are timed and are of the nature to harm him and de-legitimize his administration

b) these various agencies have been flooded by Obama with senior officials who are of a political mindset and are not above harming Trump.

c) the mistaken analysis that has emanated from these intelligent agencies should make anyone wary of their conclusions

What all of this contentious atmosphere demonstrates to me is that the mass media will remain anti-Trump , hurt their own cause and "gotcha tactics" will continue to replace efforts to legitimately inform so everyone loses.

Creating stories to entertain has supplanted honest reporting.
Is Obama ready to totally betray Israel? (See 1 below.)
1) Obama's Betrayal of Israel
by Guy Millière  
  • President Obama's decision not to use the US veto in the UN Security Council and to let pass Resolution 2334, effectively sets the boundaries of a future Palestinian state. The resolution declares all of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem -- home to the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount -- the most sacred place in Judaism -- "occupied Palestinian territory," and is a declaration of war against Israel.
  • Resolution 2334 nullified any possibility of further negotiations by giving the Palestinians everything in exchange for nothing -- not even an insincere promise of peace.
  • The next act is the Orwellian-named "peace conference," to be held in Paris on January 15. It has but one objective: to set the stage to eradicate Israel.
  • In this new "Dreyfus trial," the accused will be the only Jewish state and the accusers will be the OIC and officials from Islamized,dhimmified, anti-Israel Western states. As in the Dreyfus trial, the verdict has been decided before it even starts. Israel will be considered guilty of all charges and condemned. A draft of the declaration to be published at the end of the conference is already available.
  • The declaration rejects any Jewish presence beyond the 1949 armistice lines -- thereby instituting apartheid. It also praises the "Arab Peace Initiative," which calls for returning of millions of so-called "refugees" to Israel, thus transforming Israel into an Arab Muslim state where a massacre of Jews could conveniently be organized.
  • The declaration is most likely meant serve as the basis for a new Security Council resolution on January 17 that would recognize a Palestinian state inside the "1967 borders," and be adopted, thanks to a second US abstention, three days before Obama leaves office. The betrayal of Israel by the Obama administration and by Obama himself would then be complete.
  • The US Congress is already discussing bills to defund the UN and the Palestinian Authority. If Europeans think that the incoming Trump administration is as spineless as the Obama administration, they are in for a shock.
  • Khaled Abu Toameh noted that the Palestinian Authority sees Resolution 2334 as a green light for more murders and violence.
  • Daniel Pipes recently wrote that it is time to acknowledge the failure of a "peace process" that is really a war process. He stresses that peace can only come when an enemy is defeated.
  • Resolution 2334 and the Paris conference, both promoted by Obama, are, as the great historian Bat Ye'or wrote, simply a victory for jihad.
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