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Stay in Hawaii And Play Golf - Make The World Safer! Come Back,Run A Third Time and Make America Worse!

Russia rejects Kerry but still votes against Israel.  (See 1 below.)

Eli Hertz is a friend and fellow memo reader.  (See 1a below.)

If Kerry understands anything it was that part of his speech where he called attention to Palestinian Leadership and suggested they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. Obama and Kerry have been doing this for years as the world disintegrates so he should know

The entire Kerry speech was an attempt to explain away the disaster Obama's policies have caused the world and the massacre of our relationship with Israel.  Kerry totally ignored, as Eli points out, the 60 plus years of American friendship towards and support of Israel and the willingness of Israel to make concession after concession only to be "dissed," time and again, by obdurate Palestinian Leadership, which continues to this date.

Kerry's talk was also disingenuous because it was not an attempt, several weeks away from leaving office, to propose a solution. It was a venomous lecture couched in language that was meant to be balanced and supportive..

Once again Obama's immaturity, his pissy fanny egoist centered personality has made an intractable problem worse. He has a record of messing up everything he touches.  Another day, another disaster. What's new.

The world would be safer if Obama stayed in Hawaii and play golf . (See 2 below.)
Recently Obama concluded had he run a third time he would have beaten Trump.  We will never know whether his smug self assessment would prove out but I began to think of  a new campaign
theme he could substitute for "Hope and Change."  It could have been:

a) Make America Worse



1)  Russia reportedly rejects Kerry request to adopt his Mideast peace framework

By Raoul Wootliff

Amid frantic diplomatic maneuvers ahead of a Wednesday speech by US Secretary of State John Kerry on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Russia reportedly rejected a request by United States for the Middle East Quartet to adopt the principles set to be presented in the speech.
Kerry spoke with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday night, at which time the Russian foreign minister dismissed the US secretary’s proposal, according to Haaretz.
Lavrov subsequently released a statement urging direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The two top diplomats exchanged views on the situation in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement and around it,” says a transcript from the call, which appears on Russia’s semi-official Tass news agency.

“Lavrov stressed the necessity of creating conditions for direct talks between the leaders of Israel and Palestine and warned against bringing US’ domestic agenda into the work of the Middle East Quartet and the United Nations Security Council. He stressed that attempts to use these formats in bickering between the Democrats and Republicans are harmful.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly fears that the Middle East Quartet — made up of the US, UN, Russia and EU — could adopt the principles set out by Kerry, Wednesday at a Paris summit on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict next month, and then return to the Security Council in the very last days of Barack Obama’s presidency to cement these new parameters in a resolution on Mideast peacemaking.

On Friday, Russia was one of 14 states that voted in favor of a Security Council resolution denouncing Israeli settlements. The decision, which infuriated Israel, was allowed to pass after the US decided to depart from its traditional policy and abstain instead of veto the resolution.
According to a partial account by Haaretz of some behind-the-scenes events before the anti-settlements vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hoped Russia would delay the vote in return for Israel’s acquiescence to a Russian request to skip a UN General Assembly vote days earlier on a resolution that would have allowed for the establishment of a mechanism to investigate allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria.

Netanyahu called Russian President Vladimir Putin hours before the vote Friday, according to Haaretz, in an attempt to persuade him to postpone. It seems Putin answered the call: less than an hour before the 15-member council was set to cast votes, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin asked for closed consultations to request a delay on the vote until after the Christmas holiday.

Churkin, according to Western diplomats who spoke to Haaretz, said Russia was not satisfied with the text, which slammed Israeli settlement building and expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and with the timing of the vote — just weeks before a new US administration is set to take power.

But Churkin was rebuffed and the vote passed with the 14 votes in favor, including Russia’s, and the US abstention.

The Middle East Quartet’s June 30 report lambasted Israeli settlement expansions but was seen in Israel as a success because of its unexpected focus on Palestinian wrongdoing. That document was issued jointly on behalf of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State John Kerry, European Union foreign policy czar Federica Mogherini and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Kerry was originally slated to give his address on Thursday, in the immediate aftermath of the scheduled vote, but canceled the speech after Egypt pulled the resolution at the last minute, apparently responding to pressure from Israel and US President-elect Donald Trump. The measure was reintroduced Friday by New Zealand, Senegal, Malaysia and Venzuela.

1a) Kerry - The Big Lie

By Eli E. Hertz

True peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs cannot be based on a lie. Putting Israel and its Arab neighbors on the same footing totally ignores the asymmetry of the history of the conflict and something as fundamental as cause and effect. The truth is that one side - the Arab side - has been the aggressor time-after-time. The Arabs have been the initiators of more than five major wars, political and economic boycotts and unbridled incitement. The Palestinian Arabs have launched wave-after-wave of terrorism against Israelis and other Jews and made hate the fuel that directs and runs their society.
All this began before there was a State of Israel, before there was an 'occupation' and it continues unabated to this very day.
Arabs have instigated war and terror attacks against the State of Israel in 1948, 1967, and 1973, and by various acts of belligerency throughout this period.
They have flouted their basic obligations as part of a free and democratic society to refrain from threat or use of force against Israel's territorial integrity and political independence.
These acts are in flagrant violation inter alia [among other things] of the United Nations Charter.
2) ZOA: Kerry’s Biased Anti-Israel Speech Ignored Facts, Promoted Falsehoods/Proposal of Hamas/PA Terror State Endangers Israel 's Safety and Security

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein released the following statement:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech today essentially was a proposal for a Hamas-Fatah-Iranian-Palestinian-Arab terrorist state, which divides Jerusalem in two, forcibly evicts Jews from their homeland, and requires Israel’s retreat to indefensible borders. His speech was filled with anti-Israel vitriol and falsehoods. Neither the U.S. nor Israel nor any of our allies would benefit from establishing another Iranian or Iraqi or Libyan or Syrian-style state in the Middle East – and that is exactly what Kerry’s proposal entails.  Kerry’s proposal endangers Israel’s safety and security – and would reward the Palestinian Authority (“PA”)/PLO for promoting the murder of Jews, honoring murderers of Jews, and paying pensions to families of murderers of Jews.

Kerry also called for easing the Gaza weapons blockade, which he called “restrictions” on Gaza.  This would enable Hamas to bring in more military equipment, further gravely endangering Israel’s citizens. 

In the course of his speech, Kerry repeatedly ignored or twisted reality and/or blatantly lied.  

Although Kerry threw Israel a few “bones” – such as speaking about the PA’s incitement of terrorism and naming of public squares after terrorists, Kerry engaged in the false “moral equivalence” of equating Jews living in their homes to the PA’s promotion of terrorism and murder.  And Kerry’s attacks were mainly reserved for Israelis who dare to live in their own millennia-old homeland in Judea/Samaria and eastern Jerusalem. 

Kerry ignored that the PA/PLO rejected offers of statehood in 2000-01 and in 2008 and refused to negotiate with Israel for the past seven years, proving that the issue is Israel’s existence – and not a Palestinian state or Jews living in their old city in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria.   Despite Israel’s willingness to negotiate and the Palestinian’s refusals, Kerry blamed the Israelis and the Palestinians “equally” for the lack of peace. 

Kerry also ignored the diplomatic terrorism carried on by the Hamas-Abbas alliance, which also proves that the Palestinian Authority’s intention is murdering Jews and destroying Israel. 

Kerry promoted “justice ” and compensation for Palestinian-Arab “refugees’ – of which there are only about 30,000 remaining. – but Kerry ignored the almost one million Jewish refugees who were forced out of their homes and businesses in Arab countries when the Arabs invaded the newly-reestablished State of Israel in 1948.  

Kerry also blatantly lied that the Obama administration has supported Israel regarding Iron Dome and BDS (anti-Israel boycotts, divestment and sanctions), etc.  In fact, the Obama administration repeatedly attempted to cut funding to Iron 

Dome.  Congress restored the funding cut by Obama.  The Obama administration invoked anti-Semitic labeling restrictions, and frequently issued statements (like UNSC Res. 2334) that promote BDS.

Kerry castigated Israel for its security checkpoints – ignoring the fact that the only reason that checkpoints exist is the existence of continual Arab terrorism against innocent Israelis.  If there were no Arab terrorists, there would be no checkpoints.   The U.S. has checkpoints in every airport.  If there was no Islamist terrorism, there would no checkpoints in Israel or in airports around the world. 

Kerry also promoted that each side should adopt his proposals “without waiting for the other side.”  Thus, Kerry would have Israel endanger its citizens’ lives by removing checkpoints, without waiting for PA/PLO/Hamas knife and car ramming attacks on innocent Israelis to end.

While Kerry acknowledged that Hamas wants “one (Palestinian Arab) state, Kerry ignored the fact that the PA/PLO/Fatah has repeatedly proven that they also want one Palestinian Arab state that replaces all of Israel.  PA/PLO/Fatah maps, stamps, official emblems and textbooks all show no Israel and a “Palestinian state” that encompasses the entire land of Israel.  The PA/PLO Fatah repeatedly calls the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 the “first occupation,” and the lands that Israel regained while defending herself in the 1967 war, the “second occupation.” PA leader Abbas at the UN has condemned Israel’s occupation since 1948! 

Much of Kerry’s argument against settlements (which he admitted are only located on a tiny portion of Judea/Samaria) was based on Kerry’s baldly-stated false premise that a Palestinian Arab state must be “contiguous” to be viable.  Kerry ignored the fact there are many countries throughout the world that have non-contiguous enclaves and exclaves, which are perfectly viable (including Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Malawi, India and Bangladesh, to name a few).   

Kerry also ignored that a “contiguous” Palestinian-Arab state would cut Israel in two, resulting in a non-contiguous indefensible Israel. 

Despite admitting that settlements are on only a small percentage of Judea/Samaria, and that 99% of the Palestinian Arabs live in the areas under the PA’s or Hamas’ authority, Kerry falsely depicted settlement growth, which is almost all within existing Jewish towns borders, as the problem.   

Kerry also falsely acted like UNSC Resolution 2334 passed last week was not of any serious consequence, or any different from prior anti-Israel resolutions.   Kerry ignored that Resolution 2334 declares that the Jewish quarter, Temple Mount, and Western wall are now “occupied Arab land” and that makes 700,000 Jews living in the Jewish homeland into pariahs (or even criminals) who are living there illegally. Prior resolutions calling for a “freeze” of “settlements” did not say that the “settlements” were on Arab land.  
Resolution 2334 also called for dividing Jerusalem.   And now, in his speech, Kerry publicly proclaimed that he too wants to divide Jerusalem in two. 

Kerry also praised the Arab Peace Initiative (API).  He ignored that the API requires Israel to make every concession first, and then the Arabs will decide whether to have normalized relations with Israel.   The API also calls for millions of alleged descendants of supposed Arab refugees to move into Israel, in addition to having a Palestinian state. 

In sum, Kerry’s speech tossed a few bones to Israel while again stabbing Israel in the back with a proposal that endangers the Jewish state.

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