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Has Coarseness Become an American Way of Life? Which Way The Electoral Vote?

I have learned from several memo readers that Maureen Dowd article I posted was written by her brother and posted by her.  OOPS! (
 She published, but brother wrote it.)
The attacks on Trump from the sore loser Liberals highlights what hypocrites they are and it also makes them look weak and disorganized, which they also are. As long as they continue to ignore the will of those whom they called deplorables they will continue to dig their own graves.  I, for one, am happy to go to Home Depot and buy them shovels.

Meanwhile these same losers have called on more loser sympathizers from Hollywood to de-legitimize Trump's smashing victory over their anointed candidate.

We have seen these sore losers go from Comey, to  recount, to The Electoral College, to Russia and now to Hollywood to salve their wounds from coming to grips with the fact that a) they have been rejected by those Americans they rejected and b) their selection of a candidate who has been flawed for the last thirty years and  distrusted. (See 1 and 1a below.)
Has Coarseness become an American way of life? Black Lives Matter Verbally Assaulted a Kansas School Board and Yelled 'We Run This Meeting Right Now'
Rex Tillerson, as Sec. of State, will have these strategic issues to face and try and resolve because Obama not only did not solve them, he actually made them worse before handing them off to Trump.

a) Russia's desire to rebuild its empire.

b) China's desire to expand its sphere of influence in the Pacific.

c) ISIS' desire to continue threatening the Western World and expand its influence in The Middle East.

d) Iran's desire to threaten its neighbors, continue it's effort to reach nuclear status and spread its brand of terrorism.

e) Cope with Trump's pledge, and apparent move, to establish our Embassy in Jerusalem because there will be blow back.

d) Deal with N Korea's threat, nuclear expansion and deliver-ability.

e)  Deal with any reaction from Mexico and other nations to the south whose citizens have been invading our nation illegally after Trump enforces our borders and makes changes in our immigration policies. (See 2 below.)
Assange refutes the whiners claims.(See 3 below.)
I sent this letter to the local paper and here is a response from a close friend and fellow memo reader and mine to him.  (See 4 and 4a below.)
This from our Australian cousins! (See 5 below.)

Mau-Mauing the Trump Electors

Progressives misread Hamilton to overrule democratic norms.

Even before taking the oath of office, Donald Trump has achieved the impossible—driving liberals to the original text of the Constitution. This strange new respect for the Founders will only last until the President-elect nominates a new Supreme Court Justice, and too bad it arrives as an assault on the Electoral College to elect someone other than Mr. Trump.

This organized political campaign is being conducted in the name of Alexander Hamilton, and not merely because of the Broadway musical. In Federalist No. 68, Hamilton wrote that the Electoral College “affords a moral certainty, that the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”
Progressives are invoking this line to claim Mr. Trump lacks such qualifications. And they are calling on those they call the “Hamilton electors” to vote for Hillary Clinton or somebody else when they meet on Dec. 19. The immediate goal is to peel away 37 from Mr. Trump’s 306-vote majority and deny him 270 votes.

This gambit is being promoted by supposedly lucid Members of Congress, liberal columnists, left-leaning constitutional scholars and Hollywood celebrities. OK, maybe the last group is not-so-lucid, but remnants of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign are also on board. GOP electors report being bombarded with tens of thousands of emails and phone calls.

There is an originalist constitutional case that the electors are supposed to act as an deliberative body who can exercise their own “discernment,” as Hamilton put it. They could vote for anyone they choose.

But the Electoral College as the framers conceived it was never meant to be independent of the popular will. The framers had tremendous respect for the judgment of the people, and the electors aren’t supposed to be de novo second guessers. There have been 150 faithless electors in U.S. history, and only nine since World War II.
The historical record suggests that discernment was meant to be triggered only in exceptional circumstances when new information about a President-elect’s “qualifications” unknown to voters emerged after the general election. Nobody can claim that Americans didn’t understand the nature of Donald J. Trump when they voted.
There have been no revelations. The Russian hacking only divulged material about Mrs. Clinton and the conduct of her staff, not Mr. Trump’s fitness. Some Hamilton renegades claim a vote for Mrs. Clinton is legitimate because she won the popular vote, but everybody knew the electoral rules in advance.

In Federalist No. 68, Hamilton wrote that discernment also depends on the electors being disinterested and insulated from political pressure. The virtue of the Electoral College is to raise “every practicable obstacle” against “cabal, intrigue, and corruption” and other “heats and ferments, which might be communicated from them to the people.” In other words, the coordinated, partisan effort to mau-mau the electors is precisely the sort of politicking and political tampering that the Electoral College was designed to prevent.

The various “Never Trump” movements don’t have a record of success, and this one won’t stop Mr. Trump from swearing on the bible Jan. 20. But a secondary goal of these Democrats is to undermine the legitimacy of Mr. Trump’s Presidency before it begins. They want to mobilize opposition to his every decision.

But progressives who say they’re alarmed about the erosion of democratic “norms” should reflect on whether this a norm they really want to erode. Their “Hamiton” theory is that 538 activists nominated by the parties should subvert the popular will in a maneuver that has never occurred in the history of the republic. So Election Day is a mere formality, and democratic legitimacy will actually go to whichever candidate can persuade, harass or intimidate 270 members of this club.

Some of the same people making this argument also claim Mr. Trump is a fascist, believe it or not. At least we now know what these Democrats really think of democracy.


Democracy’s Future? Don’t Despair!

2) Rex Tillerson’s Foreign Policy

Will he spend his years at State trying to flee his fossil-fuel history?

Donald Trump on Tuesday nominated Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of State, and the news is that the Exxon Mobil CEO is facing skepticism from Republicans as well as Democrats. Presidents deserve to get the advisers they want, barring unusual circumstances. But that doesn’t mean nominees don’t deserve scrutiny, and for Mr. Tillerson that includes climate change and Russia in particular.

The 64-year old Mr. Tillerson is a highly capable executive who has led one of the world’s largest companies in a time of tumultuous oil-and-gas markets. As politicized as the oil industry is, he has had to deal with heads of state and finance and foreign ministers around the world. He certainly knows how to do bilateral diplomacy better than Senators who opine from their soap boxes. He also knows all about global thugs, having had Exxon’s Venezuela’s assets seized by that socialist regime.

But Mr. Tillerson’s business pedigree also makes him a ripe political target, and one big concern is climate change, though not as the political left imagines. Democrats will attempt to stigmatize him as a fossil-fuels fossil, and our worry is the CEO will spend his State tenure trying to mollify those critics.

He has already shown some tendencies in that direction. He has said Exxon Mobil believes the risks of climate change “are serious and warrant thoughtful action”—and he supports a carbon tax. His company has also called the international Paris accord on climate change “an important step forward,” though it would do nothing to reduce global temperatures since it lacks serious enforcement mechanisms.

These views matter because Mr. Trump is going to be under enormous diplomatic and political pressure to remain part of the Paris accord. This would be a mistake in part because President Obama committed the U.S. without Senate approval—an end run around the Constitution. Over time the accord could also become a policy straitjacket that the legalistic U.S. will follow while the rest of the world honors it in the breach.

The left wants to capture Mr. Trump on climate change, which is why Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio have made pilgrimages to Trump Tower. The New Yorker’s views are unformed enough that Mr. Tillerson’s counsel will be important. GOP Senators will want to flesh out his positions before they confirm him.

As for Russia, Mr. Tillerson’s long business history in Russia deserves a thorough airing. The CEO has said he has “a very close relationship” with strongman Vladimir Putin, and it isn’t reassuring that he opposed U.S. sanctions against Russia even after Mr. Putin invaded and annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

Mr. Tillerson may have been arguing his business book at the time, since Exxon has extensive investments in Russia that have been hurt by sanctions. The question is how he views sanctions and dealing with Russia from the point of view of American national interests and values.

Mr. Trump has called for better relations with the Kremlin, and we doubt even President Obama would say his Russia policy has been a success. Mr. Obama sought accommodation but ended up sending a message of weakness that encouraged the Russian to cause trouble for the U.S.—from the Baltic states through Ukraine and down through the Middle East. How would Mr. Tillerson avoid the same result?

Mr. Tillerson’s nomination could become the proxy for the debate over Russian hacking to meddle in the U.S. presidential election. Democrats who went along with every appeasement in the Obama years are suddenly born-again hawks. More dangerous for Mr. Tillerson’s Senate chances is skepticism from Senators John McCain,Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, who pointedly says that “friend of Vladimir” is not an attribute he’s looking for in a Secretary of State.

Mr. Trump will set his foreign-policy direction, but he also has a steep learning curve that will make his advisers especially important in the first year. The Senate should weigh Mr. Tillerson’s confirmation testimony in that context.

BREAKING: Julian Assange speaks to Sean Hannity: “OUR SOURCE IS NOT RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT” 

Sean Hannity spoke with founder and editor-in-chief of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, on his radio show today to clear up the source of the DNC hack.

Asked if the Russian government was the source of the hack, Assange answered with the followingthe following:
Julian Assange: “Our source is not the Russian government.”
Sean Hannity: “So in other words, let me be clear, Russia did not give you the Podesta documents or anything from the DNC?”
Julian Assange: “That’s correct.”
Sean Hannity: “Can you confirm whether or not you have information involving hacked info from the RNC?”
Julian Assange: “We received about 3 pages of information to do with the RNC and Trump, but it was already public somewhere else.”
Sean Hannity: “The CIA supposedly says that the Russians definitely tried to influence the U.S. election. What is your thoughts on that?”
Julian Assange: “I think it is very interesting ..the key quote for us is from James Clapper on the 17th of November. James Clapper is head of DNI (Director of National Intelligence)…who oversees all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies and so his statement is as far as Wikileaks connection is made to the House Intelligence Committee.”
James Clapper audio: “As far as the Wikileaks connection, the evidence there is not strong and we don’t have a good insight into the sequencing of the releases or when that data may have been provided. We don’t have as good insight into that.”
Wikileaks has a 10 year flawless history of releasing authentic information.
4) Letter:For the last several weeks we have witnessed a full court press display of boorish and hypocritical behaviour on the part of liberal Democrat sore losers.

Next week the electors will either carry out their moral obligation and vote to make Donald Trump the president or they will persist in their effort to besmirch and de-legitimize his election and reject the will of the deplorables.

If they act as they should, according to Trump's electoral vote tally, the next episode by the sore losers could be to defeat his Cabinet selections or, at the very least, rake them over the coals for being his choices. [See 4a below.]

Middle Americans broke with the traditional bar bell voters in New York and California and decided it was time to redirect our nation's course and steer away from the devastating failure of Obama's presidency. That Hillary was a flawed and untrustworthy candidate conveniently escapes these sore losers because win at any price has always been their political mantra.

This week we also saw the tragedy in Aleppo and it is a sight Obama will take to his grave along with the other tragic events he allowed to occur while he remained cowardly silent and/or failed to act.

What kind of president Trump will be remains to be seen but his period as president elect gives us a clue that it will be active as he seeks to redress the stifling effect of 8 years of bungling by Obama and his persistent end running of our Constitution.

Trump seems prepared to unleash the economic strength of this nation which has been imprisoned and crippled by Obama's stifling policies and investors seem enthused.

For the first time in eight years I too am upbeat about America's prospects notwithstanding the threats we face from Obama's failed  legacy and the desire on the part of Russia, China, N Korea, Iran and ISIS to make life miserable for America and the world in general.

Friend's response: "Dick,
As usual .... love your letter!!!   It seems to me one of the most important underlying factors crying for the demise of Obama's approach  is not understood by liberals.  That the world will always have a leader ... someone at the top.  It will always have mountains and valleys ... if everything were at the same level, we would be covered with water and drown ...  so it is with mankind!  The world leader had better be us, because none of the other contenders would be anywhere near as magnanimous!   

My Response: "Your cogent observation is well put but what America is experiencing and must learn to do is realize the world's dorm room, which we occupied exclusively, has now become a two plus person dorm room and we must learn to live with China and/or other nations that mean us and the world harm and yet, impact them in ways that cool their temperature.  China will soon exceed us in many ways simply based on numbers if they survive their management of a democratic seeking economic system with Communists and tyrants at the head.  Then there are the renegade nations like Iran, N Korea and ISIS.  Woe is us if we continue to try and lead from economic weakness.. Me"


The Trump Cabinet: Bonfire of the agencies

Democrats spent the first two decades of the post-Cold War era rather relaxed about Russian provocations and revanchism. President Obama famously mocked Mitt Romney in 2012 for suggesting that Russia was our principal geopolitical adversary. Yet today the Dems are in high dudgeon over the closeness of secretary of state nominee, Rex Tillerson, to Vladimir Putin.
Hypocrisy aside, it is true that, as head of ExxonMobil, Tillerson made major deals with Russia, received Russia’s Order of Friendship and opposed U.S. sanctions. That’s troubling but not necessarily disqualifying. At the time, after all, Tillerson was acting as an agent of ExxonMobil, whose interest it is to extract oil and make money.

These interests do not necessarily overlap with those of the United States. The relevant question is whether and how Tillerson distinguishes between the two and whether as agent of the United States he would adopt a tougher Russia policy than he did as agent of ExxonMobil.

We don’t know. We shall soon find out. That’s what confirmation hearings are for.

The left has been in equally high dudgeon that other Cabinet picks appear not to share the mission of the agency which they have been nominated to head. The horror! As if these agency missions are somehow divinely ordained. Why, they aren’t even constitutionally ordained. The Education Department, for example, was created by President Carter in 1979 as a payoff to the teachers unions for their political support.

Now, teachers are wonderful. But teachers unions are there to protect benefits and privileges, not necessarily to improve schooling. Which is why they zealously defend tenure, protect their public-school monopoly and reflexively oppose school choice.

Conservatives have the odd view that the purpose of schooling — and therefore of the Education Department — is to provide students with the best possible education. Hence Trump’s nominee, Betsy DeVos, a longtime and passionate proponent of school choice, under whom the department will no longer be an arm of the teachers unions.
She is also less likely to allow the department’s Office for Civil Rights to continue appropriating to itself the role of arbiter of social justice, micromanaging everything from campus sexual mores to the proper bathroom assignment for transgender students. If the mission of this department has been to dictate policy best left to the states and localities, it’s about time the mission was changed.
The most incendiary nomination by far, however, is Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. As attorney general of Oklahoma, he has joined or led aseries of lawsuits to curtail EPA power. And has been upheld more than once by the courts.

Pruitt has been deemed unfit to serve because he fails liberalism’s modern-day religious test: belief in anthropogenic climate change. They would love to turn his confirmation hearing into a Scopes monkey trial. Republicans should decline the invitation. It doesn’t matter whether the man believes the moon is made of green cheese. The challenges to EPA actions are based not on meteorology or theology, but on the Constitution. The issue is that the EPA has egregiously exceeded its authority and acted as a rogue agency unilaterally creating rules unmoored from legislation.

Pruitt’s is the most important nomination because it is a direct attack on the insidious growth of the administrative state. We have reached the point where EPA bureaucrats interpret the Waters of the United States rule — meant to protect American waterways — to mean that when a hard rain leaves behind a pond on your property, the feds may take over and tell you what you can and cannot do with it. (The final rule excluded puddles — magnanimity from the Leviathan.)

On a larger scale, Obama’s Clean Power Plan essentially federalizes power generation and regulation, not coincidentally killing coal along the way. This is the administration’s end run around Congress’ rejection of Obama’s proposed 2009-2010 cap-and-trade legislation. And that was a Democratic Congress, mind you.

Pruitt’s nomination is a dramatic test of the proposition that agencies administer the law, they don’t create it. That the legislative power resides exclusively with Congress and not with a metastasizing administrative bureaucracy.

For some, this reassertion of basic constitutionalism seems extreme. If so, the Obama administration has only itself to blame. Such are the wages of eight years of liberal overreach. Some legislation, like Obamacare, will be repealed. Some executive orders will be canceled. But most important will be the bonfire of the agencies. We may soon be secure not just in our puddles but our ponds.
5) Subject: FW: : INCREDIBLE STORY: Because An Orthodox Jew In NY Treated 
An Employee Nicely - South Korea Abstained In U.N. Votes Against Israel

The following story is viral on social media - and has been
independent verified by YWN:

This past weekend I heard an amazing story: Mr. Sol Werdiger, CEO of  Outerstuff, a company that produces sports apparel, who received a phone call from Mr. Oh Joon, the South Korean UN Ambassador asking to meet him for lunch at a Kosher restaurant in Manhattan.

Although Sol did not know the purpose of the meeting he agreed to meet with Mr. Joon.

When they met, Mr. Joon told him the following, "I have always heard negative stereotypes about Jews and Israel and I took it at face value.
Then, my daughter took an internship working on design in your company.
Throughout the year, she has been telling me how wonderful it is to work
at your company."

Mr. Joon continued, "There are four areas which stood out and
impressed my daughter

. 1) Everyday, at 1:30 p.m., no matter what was going on at the office, all the men including those from neighboring offices, retreated
into a room to pray with sincerity and calm

. 2) Every Friday the office shuts down early in the afternoon in
preparation for your holy Sabbath and is closed on the Sabbath - this  includes all workers no matter which faith or religion they maintain.

3) My daughter observed that each petitioner for charity - and there were many - were treated with respect and left with a check in hand.

4) My daughter was treated with the utmost respect and dignity. 
Because of the amazing experience and lessons the company taught his
daughter, Mr. Joon took out his checkbook and was ready to write a check
returning all his daughter's earnings! Mr. Werdiger wouldn't hear from
it. "Your daughter worked and earned her salary and rightfully deserves
her pay, I will not accept any remuneration."

Then the Ambassador relayed the most amazing thing. "As you know, I
have voting privileges at the UN. Because of my renewed appreciation of
the Jewish people, I abstained from voting on resolutions against Israel
on three occasions. At one resolution I was the ninth vote needed to
pass the motion and resolution against Israel and because I abstained,
it did not pass!"

Mr. Werdiger told me that no one at the office had any idea that
this girl was the daughter of an Ambassador and no one ever imagined
what type of impact their typical conduct at work had on her or how this
impacted the votes against Israel.

G-d has entrusted us to follow the example of our forefather Avraham
to be trailblazers and to set examples becoming a light to all nations
by living exemplary lives as outlined by the laws, personalities and
experiences of our precious and timeless Torah!

Wishing you a most enjoyable & uplifting Shabbos
Rabbi Dovid Saks
Jewish Heritage Connection, 601 Jefferson Avenue , @ the JCC of Scranton, Scranton, PA 18510
(YWN World Headquarters - NYC)

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