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Rational Liberals Not An Oxymoron. Heading For A Constitutional Crisis? My View of Trump and The Palestinian Issue and Lamenting J Street et al.

Hillary has enlightened us why she lost.  She blamed Comey, then Putin.  My advice is she should look in the mirror and say deplorables.

Michelle also announced she and the entire nation have now lost all hope.  Well, thank God investors still have some left.  I too still have some hope left and it is that Michelle and her Nobel Prize of a husband live a productive life , remain healthy as America recovers from all their stupid change, failed policies and national discord they helped to create. (See 1 below.)

(How can you be hopeless with this good ole red neck philosophy:
History will not treat Obama as well as he chooses to treat himself.  He too should look in the mirror but the problem is his mirror does not reflect as it should.  It is always rosy pinkish in tone.

The Saturday headline in our local paper reads: "Obama Puts Putin on Notice."

More useless red lines drawn in the sand?
This from one of my dear friends, neighbors and fellow memo readers and Semper Fi: "I'm very worried about our elector's votes . J---"

My response: "All that can happen is a Constitutional crisis which will later be resolved in The Republican House, send the market's temporarily down, make justifiable fools of the Demwits and probably cause them to lose more elections down the road.  Most Americans have a sense of fair play, even rational Liberals which is not an oxymoron.  Me"

Click here to watch and share this ad now.  I find it interesting that  many believe the CIA's conclusion and yet, this organization has screwed up many times at major junctions in our history.  They got it wrong on Saddam's WMD and then many blamed GW for relying upon their assessment and accused him of lying.  There are always grand standers and they eventually pay a heavy price as this joker will.

Obama was totally unqualified to become president  but because he was black ,ran a slick campaign and McCain and Romney did not, we elected him and allowed him to govern and what a mess he made.

Trump has a record of accomplishments outside government. Yet, he too may make matters worse but he won fair and square against all odds and if Americans still plays by the rules Trump will be rightfully elected. If not, this nation will allow itself to sink further and the Constitutional Crisis that will occur will make us even more vulnerable until such time as the Republican House rectifies matters.
Nothing causes change more than removing the carrot.  For years corrupt Palestinian leadership has played The West for the suckers they have been. We have doled out untold billions and it never went to improve the lot of the man in the street or those in the refugee camps which the U.N has kept alive because it gave their employees jobs much as welfare has done in our country and around the world. Saving the underdog, in order to give jobs to community organizers and bleeding hearts, provides full time work and compensation because there is neither intent nor a challenge to solve the problem.  The problem becomes the udder to be milked.

.Meanwhile Israel absorbed and resettled over 5 million refugees, many native Africans. and all Israel has ever sought was to live in peace with their hostile neighbors.  

Israel even gave up farm lands and infrastructure for the hope of peace only to be bombed and attacked causing Israeli children trauma and families to live in fear of their very lives.

The Arab and Muslim nations surrounding Israel also refused to take in their brothers and resettle them,improve their lot but were happy to dispense their oil money to keep the political flames burning.

How did these Palestinian refugees occur?  They were the consequence of unprovoked wars and open hostility by Arabs nations upon Israel which Israel kept winning, beginning with the State of Israel's establishment in 1967. The Palestinians were given the same opportunity but refused to accept the U.N's offer and thought they would get it all after Israel's defeat.

Now history has been re-written and is used to seed uprisings on American college and university campuses by radicals who are mostly financed by the Wahhabi sect of The Saudi Royal Family and supported by misguided lying and feckless academics and administrators and assorted anarchists and anti-Semites because they too receive funding for their various endowments and departments. Yes, American academics have become advocates on behalf of Palestinians because oil money and morality somehow mix.

Do Palestinians have a right to their land and to live in peace?  For sure they do.  Has their leadership worked on their behalf to achieve this right?  Not really. Why? Because once the problem is resolved their funding stops and the Swiss Banks Accounts of Palestinian leaders would dry up and their Parisian life styles would be threatened. Yasser Arafat's wife and children live in luxury in Paris to this day.

Will Trump be able to break this Gordian Knot? That remains to be seen but the appointment of a pro-Israel Amb. and the movement of America's Embassy to Jerusalem could send a refreshing signal that the past is no longer going to remain the future.

I have no inherent animus towards Arabs and Muslims but facts are facts and their past despicable mistreatment  is now used by radical elements within their society to reverse history and to engage in barbarous "pay back" acts. Bullies, who morph into gangs and plunder a neighborhood, cannot be tolerated or allowed to live in a civil society.  They are a cancer and must be met with full force and eradicated. Accomplishing this when the entire world is involved is difficult and demands the coordination and dedicated commitment of the civilized. 

The U.N has proven worthless in this regard and has become corrupted by the very elements it was meant to contain.

What remains most bothersome to me is the actions of J Street and other misguided anti-Israel advocates.  It is one thing to recognize Israel's own transgressions when focusing on minutiae. but the larger picture tells an entirely different story. Why liberals are so narrow in their focus always mystifies me.  What guilt consumes them that they feel they must assuage? 

The best I can come up with is they fear being Jewish and being open about taking an unpopular position in support of their own.(See 2 below.)
In the next few weeks another president, presumably Donald Trump, will succeed Obama.  All presidents inherit unresolved or made worse problems of their predecessors and how intractable they may be and/or how they are subsequently handled or mishandled can determine , not only their presidency but also what happens to the nation.

Obama has left Trump  a plate of snakes, mostly the poisonous variety.  Because Obama was more of a retreat president, Trump faces some very serious issues such as:

a) What can he do to keep the disaster called Syria from spreading and impacting the region more than it already has?

b) The refugee problem emanating in Syria has flooded Europe and helped to further destabilize the region and Europe is fast losing its identity.  This impacts NATO just at a time when Russia is testing The West's will and ability to defend itself, meet its various commitments.and respond to any challenges from Russia  America is no longer seen as a trustworthy ally and certainly its military has been depleted.

c) Russia and Turkey left America on the sideline looking in when it came to planning recent half measures vis a vis allowing Aleppo's remnants to flee a safe corridor.

d)  China steals our equipment and we do nothing except plea they return it.  This kind of weakness is not lost on Chinese leaders and will only encourage more challenges to our resolve.

e)  Iran also feels emboldened and has received billions in ransom and rewards for partially obeying terms of a treaty which was called otherwise so Obama did not have to seek Senate approval.
Iran is now capable of going on a buying spree. European companies , and even American ones, are eager to respond.  Boeing did only last week to the tune of 7 planes.

This reminds me of when American Scrap Dealer sales to Japan returned in the way of bombs on Dec. 7, 1941 at a place called Pearl Harbour. Obama has been willing to give rope to our enemies with which they intend to hang us.

f) I have yet to mention the rogue nation of N Korea which is making serious advances in nuclear delivery and then we have ISIS and its spread which Obama totally miscalculated and recently blamed on others.

g)  All of the above must be viewed against the backdrop of a domestic debt totaling $20 trillion while interest rates are due to move higher.  Obama argues Russia's economy is ant size compared to our own but if Putin is willing to be bold and we remain timid and act like a pathetic giant Russia can leverage with less and make significant strides.  Obama allowed Russia to become a serious player in The Middle East.

h) On the home front, Obama helped to create a more divided nation than he inherited. The police are under attack, education is failing and more Americans are enjoying poverty status than in history as more unemployed no longer believe there are available jobs matching their challenged  talents.

The size of The Department of Education has doubled over the last few decades while education results have declined. The same is true of The Energy Department while we remain dependent on foreign sources. Yet, America has more untapped reserves than any nation in the world.  No wonder American have little faith in government.  No wonder Hillary lost. No wonder Obama's record fails to match his lofty words.

i) I could continue to list a host of other Obama failures and/or "snakes" but I see no useful purpose in doing so because Obama will soon be gone However, the impact of his failed legacy will remain and whatever impact it will have cannot be disregarded but they will because the mass media have no desire to connect dots that undercut their mission - to besmirch Trump and maintain exposing his faults while denying any successes however modest they may be. After all a successful Trump  could mean Democrats remain out of office for a significant period.presidency and this is not a tolerable
prospect the mass media want to contemplate.
Kim Strassel just e mailed her father, who has suffered from cancer for an extensive period, passed away Wednesday. Fortunately she was there with him.

Michelle Obama, Hopeless in Hawaii

Poor Michelle Obama, the highly praised and highly partisan First Lady, complained to Oprah Winfrey in a recent interview that she has lost hope.
Mrs. Obama said that her husband did deliver on his promises of offering hope to the American people, but that now “we are feeling what not having hope feels like.” Of course, Mrs. Obama is hopeless these days because Donald Trump will become our nation’s 45th President and demolish the odious Obama legacy.
The First Lady and her husband joined the entire leadership of the Democrat Party to vigorously campaign for Hillary Clinton to become our next President. Despite their best efforts, Clinton lost the Electoral College to Trump by a landslide, 306-232.
Trump will soon take office and will actually deliver tangible results to the American people instead of mere “hope and change” rhetoric like Barack Obama. The so-called “hope” delivered by the current administration consisted of the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, millions of additional people on food stamps and in poverty, 15 million more Americans no longer in our nation’s workforce, stagnant wages, and skyrocketing health insurance premiums.
As President, Barack Obama made many promises such as a stimulus plan that would create “shovel ready jobs,” and a health care plan that would lower costs, create jobs, not add to the deficit and give Americans the ability to keep their original plan and doctor if they wanted. Of course, all of these promises were eventually exposed as lies. Michelle Obama should talk to the millions of Americans who were negatively impacted by her husband’s policies and lost hope after his lies were revealed.
The actual hope that Trump can deliver includes high paying jobs that can support a family. Under Obama, we have seen an increase in part time positions and low wage service sector jobs, while the country has lost over 300,000 manufacturing jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
If Michelle Obama is hopeless today it may be due to the fact that her incredibly generous taxpayer funded gravy train will be ending. In the last eight years, she utilized a larger White House staff than any First Lady in history. She also was able to travel the globe on the taxpayer’s dime.

In fact, she will be leaving her office only after spending another expensive year-end vacation with her family in Hawaii. According to Judicial Watch, the total cost to the American people for all of the lavish Obama family vacations is more than $70 million and growing.
In Hawaii, the Obama family will spend over two weeks enjoying luxurious accommodations provided by the American taxpayers. All of this is occurring while the average American supposedly injected with such Obama hope is lucky to afford even a measly family vacation in this economy.
Fortunately, relief in the name of Donald Trump is on its way. Even before he officially takes office Trump is generating jobs throughout the economy, the stock market is soaring and the value of our currency, the dollar, is increasing.
Not surprisingly, many elite liberals in Hollywood and along the East Coast share Mrs. Obama’s pessimistic view about the future; however, they only have themselves to blame. If their policies truly delivered genuine hope, good jobs and a strong economy, voters would have easily elected Hillary Clinton to continue the Obama agenda.
Instead the American people voted for authentic “hope and change.” Trump only won because so many Americans have felt hopeless. Now, hope among average Americans is on the comeback trail due to Trump’s victory.
While Michelle Obama may not like it, the American people do. In recent days, Trump’s approval rating has increased to the highest level ever. Americans like what they see in his transition, a man who is picking a strong cabinet and is a tireless worker, not playing golf or loafing on vacation.Donald Trump is working long hours to deliver results for the American people.
The era of failed politically correct policies and phony rhetoric is over for America, it’s time to get back to work.
Jeff Crouere is a native of New Orleans, LA and he is the host of a Louisiana based program, “Ringside Politics,” which airs at 7:30 p.m. Fri. and 10:00 p.m. Sun. on WLAE-TV 32, a PBS station, and 7 till 11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990 AM in New Orleans and the Northshore. For more information, visit his web site at E-mail him at
2)Trump’s pick for Israel envoy signals break in U.S. policy

Administration may end support for Palestinian state.

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s selection of a hard-line pro-Israel advocate as his U.S. ambassador to the Jewish state could signal the end of decades of American support for the establishment of an independent Palestine.

The president-elect’s transition team already has asked the State Department to assess how to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, according to one official, underscoring Trump’s commitment to back Israel in ways no American leader has before.

Trump isn’t the first incoming president to promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv. But his team’s State Department request and comments from aides and advisers suggest he will be the first to charge into what promises to be a diplomatic and political minefield.

Theambassador-designate, David Friedman, has long ties to Israel’s settler movement and has supported stances on the far-right of Israel’s political spectrum, well beyond those of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Orthodox Jewish lawyer from New York has suggested Trump would support Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank, effectively eliminating the possibility of a Palestinian state. He has served as president of American Friends of Bet El Institutions, which supports a settlement.

“This is about as sharp a break with past policy as I’ve seen in the last 25 years,” said Aaron David Miller, a Mideast adviser under five American presidents of both parties.
Incoming U.S. leaders have often massaged the long-recited policy points on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as when Bill Clinton’s team stopped calling Israeli settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank “obstacles to peace” or when George W. Bush eliminated the high-profile position of special Middle East coordinator. Since President Jimmy Carter, however, each has stopped short of building a new embassy in Jerusalem.

Doing so could be perceived as recognizing Israel’s right to the entire city, even though the U.S. has promised for years to help found a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

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