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Intimidation The Weapon of Choice Of The Weak. Oh Those Poor Conflicted Democrats. Bless their Souls. Knifing Israel All The Way! Let The Games/War Begin.

I get a lot of e mails and responses to my memo. Most are positive some are not but this one I thought very special and it came from a very special person and fellow memo reader. "Dick,
 I've been reading all your blog pieces since the UN vote the other day. A parting gift to the nation on Christmas and Hanukkah from a petulant, petty,arrogant president who has zero leadership skills.As one of the pieces said. in the end Israel can only count on itself to defend itself. Thank goodness it has a leader in Netanyahu who sees this clearly and hopefully will now have a  US president who has Israel’s back and will end this tragedy called the Obama administration.
I just heard the interview with Dershowitz where he spoke with Obama in October and asked for his support and Obama replied: ‘Don’t worry, I will always have Israel’s back”  Final proof of him being a liar and fraud we’ve suffered with for 8 years as leader of this country. Trump may turn out to be many things, but I am willing to bet his word is good, and he is not a liar".

Happy Hanukkah to you and Lynn

Yesterday, I was copied on an e mail that had nothing to do with me but I responded to one of the recipients who I know. He is a friend and very Liberal.  I responded that I did not know why I was copied and then I proceeded to express some thoughts which countered the thrust of what I was sent. His final e mail  acknowledged that we were coming at the subject from opposite poles and therefore we would not change each other's minds.

Always the one to have the last word, I noted that I am open to the views of others if only to assure that I remain open to challenges to my thinking.

Then I began to think about our back and forth e mails and I concluded what I always have:  Why are Liberals fearful of discussing opposing view points.  Is every political discussion a battle of opposing ideas? Are they so insecure that listening to another viewpoint is deemed threatening?

Are Liberals so sanctimonious that if someone challenges their viewpoint they are incapable of defending it or are they so convinced they are right they cannot tolerate other ideas?  No wonder our campuses are in such a mess. Thoughtful conversation has become the victim of the hysterical.  Kim Strassel is correct - intimidation is the weapon of the weak and no wonder PC'ism is destroying our freedoms and increasing divisions.  Sad.
I post a lot of what Johnathan Tobin writes because I agree with him most of the times and find he is direct and to the point.

I thought this op ed particularly informative because Obama and his lackeys, Kerry, and Rhodes, are doing their best to deny the significance of the Resolution that was passed because Obama chose to stick it to Netanyahu.

It has taken 8 years for Obama to reveal his true stripes even to those who still believe him and refuse to open their eyes because they have so much invested in their community organizer saint and because they hate Trump.

I felt Obama was a fraud from the git go.  Slick of tongue but inexperienced, not trustworthy and too steeped in the influence of questionable past relationships and associations  That I feel redeemed is no comfort because I never wanted him to fail though I never believed he would succeed.. He was propped up by the mass media and his cupboard was never allowed to be seen bare.  Little was ever known about him, his bloopers were never highlighted, he was always protected by an adoring press because he was their creature.The groundswell against him was never reported upon because his favorable ratings were always high and to be critical opened you up to charges of racism so the 'deplorables' kept silent, waiting in the wings for the day when they could record their feelings not against him but against his surrogate an equally flawed candidate named Hillary.

Now all the elites are shocked. They cannot explain to themselves where they went wrong. They have blamed everything and everyone but nothing really sticks . The elites simply remain out of touch with the goring Obama and his failed policies have caused others who want to work, live and play by the rules and who have respect for the law. These 'deplorables'  were characterized as gun toting, bible thumping angry whites who did not have the good sense to come out of the rain.

Well these 'deplorables' rained on the elite's parade alright but the battle is far from won because the anger of the geographic bar bell elites has transferred to attacking the victor who most assuredly is a novice in the traditional sense and has made his own crude mistakes. However, he won fair and square and that sticks in the craw of the elites.  It offends their sensibilities and wounds their pride.
How can so many Ivy League snobs be so wrong?

In a little over 20 days the battle will really begin.  The shellacked opposition have begun attacking Trump's Cabinet selections and other appointees with gusto.  They will go beyond legitimate questioning and probing and will dig up whatever dirt they can find and manufacture.  That is what the snakes in D.C do for a living and they will be led by one of the biggest Boa's of all - Chuck Schumer.

Obama has set the stage by blowing smoke in Trump's face and casting rocks in his path prior to the Inauguration in order to protect his legacy and insure his record in the history books.  This is the same president who, in 8 years, presided over one of the largest defeats of incumbents his party has sustained since the early 1900's. Many Democrats face a tough sledding because a disproportionate number are up for re-election in states carried by Trump.  Do they side with the 'great one' or do they cross over to save their skin or are they going down for defeat regardless of what they do?

Maybe they become obstructionists like they claimed the Republicans were with respect to Obama, in the hope Trump will fall on his sword and a little push from them could help. Many, being consummate politicians, who enjoy their power and perks, the last thing they are thinking about is what is best for America. After all they have not been terribly on board with the idea of "America Being Great Again." if judged by their actions, words and policies. Their main job is to get re-elected and that demands independent thinking and courage and that is why Democrat House members returned Ms. Pelosi and why they might select Rep. Ellison to choke off any hope they might otherwise have.

If Trump wishes to succeed, and I believe his ego will drive him to do so, he will avoid the mass media, do what his instincts tell him and drive hard, be bold and show the way for the weak-kneed in his own Party. Congress is adept at moving slower than a tortoise and I suspect Trump is not one to tolerate delay and dragging. If he can accomplish a host of judicial appointments, virtually all of whom will be resisted by Democrats, starting with his replacement of  Justice Scalia, truly reform the tax code rather than apply cosmetics, oversee the various renegade agencies actually enforce the rule of law and/or follow the dictates of Congress, address the matter of Islamic Terrorists, while rebuilding our military, he will go down in history as a solid president.

This will be a bitter pill for the anti-Trump crowd who are convinced he will destroy what remnants Obama did not have time to wreck.

Trump has assembled a pretty decent team to help him execute and there will be bumps along the way and some disappointments will surface because several of his appointees are not 'bubble' conversant and others will meet resistance from agency bureaucrats who do not accord with Trump's views regarding markets, trade, immigration, climate, energy development etc. They know they can wait out the gnats who annoy them because that is how D.C works.  Outlast 'em is their mantra.

If you think we are in for a stretch of tranquility I believe you are mistaken.  I think we are ready to begin a roller coaster trip that will have our heads spinning and it's consequences are too unpredictable but, as I have repeatedly said, for the first time in eight years I am upbeat.  Israelis must be ecstatic except for the fact that Obama is preparing to have the U.N declare Palestinian a Nation .

So let the games/Middle East War begin as it most likely will because Hamas, Hezballah, Iran must be emboldened by Obama's treacherous and perfidious actions! (See 1, 1a, 1b, 1c  and 1d below)


Why This Resolution Was Different

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