Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Donkey In A Fetal Position. Has Merkel Laid The Foundation of A Backlash?

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++For the first time in my life time defense companies, selling their wares to the government, are being scrutinized and asked to review costs.  This is not only refreshing but critical.

The less the government wastes in military hardware spending the more it can revert those savings to rebuilding our military.

Second, not only should costs be reviewed but whether the program in question is the most appropriate for the type of future confrontation we are likely to face must also be discussed and professionally reviewed.

I was told decades ago by the Chairman of Loral, Bernard Schwartz, that manned airplanes were being built because The Air force wanted heroes and the future could and would be fought in the air with manned drones etc. China is working on just that and we are still building F 35's at hundreds of millions per frame.

I have no doubt Trump will be criticized for interfering with free market competition and this is not the job of the president and other accusations but he is setting a tone which is healthy, long overdue and should resonate with those who voted for him like myself.

Third, Today Obama advised Trump to embrace the legislative process. Obama infers he tried but because Republicans were obstructionists he had to resort to a his pen and phone. How hypocritical can you get?

Fourth, Though I have no proof, I believe the CIA 's recent effort to challenge Trump's authentic electoral victory suggests there are renegades in the department that either were unleashed or were not properly tethered. One of the weapons propaganda agencies use is to spread doubt,to discredit and to disseminate destabilizing dis-information.  The CIA, form time to time, has a dark history of using these tactics domestically when the agency comes under the sway of  and managed by misguided and highly charged political management.

Meanwhile, Merkel is in deep political "do do" because she bought Obama's concept of allowing Muslims to flood Germany.  No doubt Germany is more sensitive than others nations when it comes to treatment of refugees but making emotional decisions that are unwise will create backlashes against that which you are trying to accomplish.

Finally, anti-Trump reaction persists and showing a donkey in a fetal position should become the symbol of the Democrat Party. (See 1 below.)
1) The Vast Cognitive Gulf between the Left and the Right

Is there a neurological or psychological reason that explains the left's complete meltdown at losing an election, compared to the Right's historic general acceptance of loss?  Since Donald Trump's upset win on November 8th, a vast number of angry voters on the Left have become unhinged, delusional, depressed.  And they act out, like spoiled children when they do not get the toy they want.  Many of our elite media left remain, like Ken Burns, in a "fetal position."  

When Barack Obama won his second term, conservatives were distraught about the certainty that the damage already done by Obama would continue for another four years.  Obamacare would continue to destroy what was once the best health care in the world.  The EPA would continue to destroy jobs and businesses with pride and glee, without a moment's thought for those devastated by their thousands of new regulations.

Iraq was already a disaster because, by removing all US troops, Obama left it as an open invitation for Al Qaeda and ISIS to take over.  Libya was gone, our ambassador dead.  Syria was being systematically destroyed by its own barbaric leader.  Samantha Power, who once passionately opposed genocide sat by quietly for years as Assad continued to murder his own people by any means, no matter how inhumane.  Obama, despite his "red line" threat, did nothing.  So subservient to Iran,  he did nothing to stop the murder of all Christians in the Middle East.  Conservatives  knew it was going to be bad and it was.  But they never acted like the sore loser Left we have been seeing and reading these past six weeks.  The Right did not try to overturn the election by threatening and stalking the electors.

From the top of the legacy media chain, the New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, CNN, MSNBC, there is nothing but anger and accusations.  Someone must be blamed for their loss and it must not be their candidate.  No way.  There has to be a nefarious, outisde-of-the-campaign cause.  It was Comey, it was Russia, it was Wikileaks.  They never address the fact that Comey would never have been part of the problem if Clinton had not operated an illegal private server for her State Dept. business.  They don't want to discuss the content of those Podesta emails, leaked by someone who gained easy access to them, probably too easy for Russia -- most likely an inside job.  If the CIA knows, it is not telling.  It "concludes" but reveals no evidence.  But Hillary was at 48% before the Wikileaks and she lost at 48%.  She was an awful candidate who, like most of the Left, has nothing but contempt for a majority of the American people, especially those who would even consider voting for Trump.  So graceless is Hillary Clinton, she cannot bring herself to admit she lost due to her own failures.  She took far too many voters for granted; she never gave them a thought and has not for decades. 

There is an abyss between how the Left and the Right accepts loss.  What explains this?  The Left will produce countless "studies" that "show" they have bigger brains, are a more advanced species and that conservatives are truly mentally impaired.  That is what they do.  Nothing makes them feel better than demeaning their ideological opponents on pseudo-intellectual grounds.

Everyone knows it is the self-appointed morally superior Left that is behind the tyrannies of multiculturalism, political correctness, a genderless society, man-made global warming, the promotion of homosexuality and gay marriage, the crusade against all religions but Isalm, the most violent and intolerant faith on the planet.  Not all Muslms are violent and intolerant of course, but 99% of all terrorist acts are committed by radicalized Muslims.  And the Left's knee-jerk response is to protect the jihadis and blame the Right for their crimes.

The Left loved Castro, and Stalin and Mao -- they still do.  What explains that?   It seems sheer moon battery to anyone on the Right.  They were psychopathic killers, each of them.  Castro killed tens of thousands of his own people, imprisoned and tortured countless others.  And still he is a hero of the Left.  Now that he is dead, his brother is doubling down on the repression that is the blighted island's history since 1959.  Obama's "opening" has improved exactly nothing for the Cuban people.

There is a huge disconnect between how the Left and the Right see the world, America, and people, especially those who do not embrace the same rigid anti-values they do.  The results of this election have broken up families and friendships and it is the people on the Left who break up with those who voted for Trump.  ‘Tis a mystery.
We live in the greatest, most successful, least racist, most sane, welcoming and productive country on the planet.  The Left should get with the program and stop being the sorest losers ever.  They should stop melting down and shaming the 62 million people who voted for Trump.  He just might be a great President.


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