Monday, February 27, 2017

Sarah Noga's Photography. La La Land and HollywoodGate Boo Boo!

This is the link to pictures from The SIRC President's Day Dinner, featuring our speaker, Elliott Abrams,  taken by our fabulous photographer Sarah Noga, a student studying photography at SCAD.
Last night an aging actor made a "uge" boo boo and awarded the best picture to the wrong film makers. Maybe Hollywood will now be less critical of Trump but I doubt it. Mistakes are made because we are all human.  A little compassion and decency would be a nice thing to see but then these are traits only reserved for the screen and scripts.

In the real world we are treated to lies, deceit, hate and prejudice.  Maybe that's why we go to the movies to get away from reality and to experience La La Land which did not win!

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