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Dershowitz Agrees With Me. Obama Gave His Race Free Stuff, Jobs Would Have Been Better For Their Dignity. Josh Mandel!


My sentiments exactly and what I wrote several memos ago.  Want to get in the statehood game, then buy a ticket.(See 1 below.)
Is it about to  happen?

Obama gave his race a lot of free stuff at tax payer expense but never thought about their dignity.

His legislative agenda was sloppily drafted and resulted in mountains of fraud and corruption.(See 2 below.)
Josh Mandel for The Senate. (See 3 below.)

Trump Is Right: The Palestinians Must Earn a Two-State Solution

avatar by Alan Dershowitz

President Trump raised eyebrows when he mentioned the possibility of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The context was ambiguous, and no one can know for sure what message he was intending to convey. One possibility is that he was telling Palestinian leader that if they want a two-state solution, they have to do something; they have to come to the negotiating table with the Israelis, and make the kinds of painful sacrifices that will be required from both sides for a peaceful resolution to be achieved.  
Put most directly, the Palestinians must earn the right to a state. They are not simply entitled to statehood, especially since their leaders missed so many opportunities over the years to secure one. As Abba Eban once put it: “The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

It began back in the 1930s, when Great Britain established the Peale Commission, which was tasked to recommend a solution to the conflict between Arabs and Jews in mandatory Palestine. The commission recommended a two-state solution, with a tiny non-contiguous Jewish state being created alongside a large Arab state. The Jewish leadership reluctantly accepted this sliver of a state; the Palestinian leadership rejected the deal; for them, it was more important that no Jewish state existed.

In 1947, the United Nations partitioned mandatory Palestine into two areas: one for a Jewish state, the other for an Arab state. The Jews declared statehood in 1948; all the surrounding Arab countries joined the local Arab population in attacking the new state of Israel, and killing one percent of its citizens — but Israel survived.
In 1967, Egypt and Syria were planning to attack and destroy Israel, but Israel preempted them and won a decisive victory, capturing the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Sinai. Israel offered to return the captured areas in exchange for peace, but the Arabs met with Palestinian leaders in Khartoum and issued their three infamous “no’s”: no peace, no recognition and no negotiation.

In 2000-2001 and again in 2008, Israel made generous peace offers that would have established a demilitarized Palestinian state, but these offers were not accepted. And for the past several years, the current Israeli government has offered to sit down and negotiate a two state solution with no pre-conditions — not even advance recognition of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. Still, the Palestinian leadership has refused to negotiate.

President Trump may be telling the Palestinians that if they want a state, they have to show up at the negotiating table and bargain for it. No one is going to hand it to them on a silver platter in the way that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon handed over the Gaza Strip in 2005, only to see it turned into a launching pad for terror rockets and terror tunnels. Israel must get something in return: namely real peace, and a permanent end to the conflict.

The Palestinian leadership’s unwillingness to come to the negotiating table reminds me of my mother’s favorite Jewish joke about Sam, a 79-year-old man who prayed every day for God to let him win the New York lottery before he turned 80. On the eve of his 80th birthday, he railed against God: “All these years I’ve prayed to you every day asking to win the lottery. You couldn’t give me that one little thing.”  God responded: “Sam, you have to help me out here — buy a ticket.”  

The Palestinians haven’t bought a ticket. They haven’t negotiated in good faith. They haven’t accepted generous offers. They haven’t made realistic counter proposals. They haven’t offered sacrifices to match those offered by the Israelis.

Now President Trump is telling them that they have to buy a ticket. They won’t get a state by going to the United Nations, the European Union or the International Criminal Court. They won’t get a state as a result of the BDS effort or other anti-Israel movements. They will only get a state if they sit down and negotiate in good faith with the Israelis.

The Obama administration applied pressures only to the Israeli side, not to the Palestinians. The time has come — indeed it is long past due — for the United States to tell the Palestinians in no uncertain terms that they must give something up for a Palestinian state, and that they must agree to end the conflict, permanently and unequivocally. Otherwise, the status quo will continue, and there will be only one state — and that state will be Israel.

The Palestinians are not going to win the lottery without buying a ticket. 
2) It’s not a secret that many people in America were able to slack off and not put in any effort when Obama was in the White House, but that’s all over now.

Ajit Pai is the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and he is telling these lazy Americans that enough is enough. Pai is going to be cutting fraud out of the abused Obamaphone program. The liberals, like this woman, are sure to lose their minds.

Fraud was a beast that ran wild in Obama’s America. Welfare, food stamps, and healthcare were vastly overdrawn and taken advantage of by those who refused to get a job and go out and pay for the things they needed.

This has pushed our economy into the gutter and burdened our taxpayers, but with Trump as president and with a Republican dominated government, that is no longer acceptable.

The Obamaphone, for those who don’t know, was a program that gave free phones to Americans with low incomes.

This makes a lot of sense — phones are a necessary part of our society to receive calls for job interviews and in the case of emergencies, especially since pay phones have all but vanished. It was supposed to be a great boost up for people who are out of work, not a permanent free phone.

But the problem with this program, like many Obama programs, was that it was sloppy. Too many people were able to cheat the system, costing the government and taxpayers millions of dollars. These people in need were not getting simple flip phones but smart phones hot off the presses.

These people don’t need the latest iPhone 7 or Galaxy 8 if they can’t afford to buy it themselves. They don’t need internet access either — that is a luxury. If you need internet, go to the library. If you need to print something off, go to Staples.

Chairman Pai has decided to give the program a set budget of $1.5 billion. What a wild idea, right? These expenses should not threaten responsible use of money in the United States.

This is not the only program that was managed poorly under Obama’s administration, not even close. Obamacare, which everyone is aware of, was abused by the those who were sick or poor, who got cheap or free healthcare. But it was up to the rest of America to pay for it, and that’s why Trump is going to be repealing it.

These systems are abused too much. If you have a problem with these changes, it’s probably because you are a freeloader!
3) Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate 2018

To the Left, Josh Mandel might be the most dangerous Republican in
America. At first glance, the slight-framed, unassuming, constantly
smiling Ohio state treasurer might look like a political pushover. Yet,
beneath Mandel’s disarming exterior lies a brilliant, principled,
successful war hero.
It is as if Mandel were grown from a petri dish in a lab far beneath the
bowels of the Republican Jewish Coalition headquarters. A twice-
deployed U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, attorney, former city
councilman, former state representative, and current state treasurer,
Mandel has risen up through Ohio politics by running on an
authentically principled brand of conservatism. His combat experiences
overseas have led Mandel to a remarkably clear-eyed stance on the
jihadi threat, and Mandel is very much already a known commodity
within the broader pro-Israel and counter-jihadism communities. He is
unapologetic about the civilizational clash between liberalized West
and barbaric jihad, and about the concomitant need to protect the
homeland from radical Islamism.
Mandel is also an ardent fiscal conservative, and his tenure as Ohio
state treasurer has been marked by a stalwart stewardship of taxpayer
resources and a push to make Ohio’s budget more transparent for public
consumption. He is a close personal friend and ally of Rep. Jim Jordan,
a conservative icon in the U.S. Congress, and is detested by Ohio’s
Republican RINO Governor, John Kasich. One might say that, as a matter of Ohiopolitics, Mandel has all the right friends and all the right enemies. He is
running for U.S. Senate not to be a mouthpiece for leadership, but to
stand unequivocally on principle and represent the citizens of Ohio.
Josh is also a family man—as a husband and father of three—and is a
proud Jew. He unapologetically speaks of the need to defend and
preserve America’s Judeo-Christian moral tradition. In a time where
Jewish conservative leadership is sorely lacking at the national level,
Mandel is hoping that the second time is a charm in a rematch of his
2012 race against one of J Street’s favorite U.S. Senators, left-wing
zealot Sherrod Brown. In a state where Donald Trump crushed Hillary
Clinton 52%-43% and the senior Republican Senator, Rob Portman
demolished former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland 58%-37% to
win reelection, Ohio—like much of the industrial Midwest—is primed
to move from purple to red. It goes without saying that national
conservatives couldn’t be happier about their chances with Mandel’s
early entry into the 2018 race.
Josh Mandel has declared his candidacy early, but the Club for Growth
has already endorsed his bid, and it is not too soon for you to do the
same. Josh is a warrior for our cause, and we are proud to support our friend 

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