Saturday, February 11, 2017

Enforce The Law Is One Way To Cause Changes! Move Our Embassy To Jerusalem? Tillerson and Trump Clash.

Trump may be proving the old adage still has merit: " the best way to get rid of bad laws is enforce them."

The public does not understand or is unwilling to accept this.  Consequently, what Trump is doing will be resisted and mis-understood and that could make it more difficult if not impossible to carry out his agenda.  This creates an opportunity for Democrats to continue to resist and go to the nation and state repeatedly Trump does not know what he is doing when , in fact he actually does.  It will be fascinating to watch this scenario play itself out, ie. enforcing laws on the books that Obama ignored and returning America back to a nation that respects the rule of law, even though the laws might be unpopular because the bleeding hearts have taken to the streets.

" Trump Administration Begins Major Deportation Raids Across the U.S.! "

A dear friend and fellow memo reader met with a very high Israeli official and his belief is that Trump should move our embassy to Jerusalem pronto. Obviously Bibi has it on his agenda when they meet.

He also, believes it gives Trump leverage over the PLO.

I have said the same many times, whenever the PLO is allowed to reject the opportunity for peace and there are no consequences it simply allows them to dig in their heels.  There has to be serious consequences for obstinance. The world cannot be held hostage forever because of  PLO's hatred.
Now for some clean humor: 

The New York Post has an article stating Tillerson and Trump clash over rejection of Elliott Abrams as the number two choice for The State Department. Apparently the long knives have memories. This will harm Trump in the long run.  Perhaps the WSJ article, I posted yesterday, is not as reliable as the authors suggest.

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