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Bureaucrats and Prostitution. Can/Should Anything Be Done About Soros? Rep. Gowdy - My Man. Trump's Approach Has Merit?

A Muslim wife complains to her husband that all the
Romance had gone out of their marriage.
"Remember when you used to carry me up to bed?"
She asked.
"Yeah," he replied, "But to be fair, you were
Only eleven years old at the time!" 

Just in 2017 already . (See 1 below.)
Can anything legally be done about  George Soros ?  Should anything be done about George Soros and his money?  Is George Soros important?

What to Do About George Soros:
You decide. 

I have no idea what Trump will decide when it comes to Elliott Abrams but since Elliott supported two other candidates in the recent campaign, should Trump ultimately agree to Elliott serving in his adminisrtation it might well be further evidence this article is onto something.  (See 2 below.)+++Rep. Gowdy has earned a reputation for being razor sharp and particularly tough in the various committee positions he has held, whether it was the Benghazi hearings, the hearings over Hillary Clinton’s email servers, or whether he is dressing down a smug IRS commissioner.After the ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in regards to President Trump’s travel ban was released, Gowdy, a former U.S. federal prosecutor, released a full statement, and it is hot! (See 3 below.)+++Gowdy is one of my favorite Congresspersons.  He has little charisma because he is brainy and a sound prosecutor.Recently he had the GSA testify on a wasteful expenditure of tax payer money at a breakfast meeting held in Las Vegas.Granted the hearing is all theater because I doubt anything will come of it or that anyone will be prosecuted.  Bureaucrat spending of tax payer money, in a non fiduciary manner, is as old as prostitution.  I urge you to go to Rep.Gowdy GSA.comand then click on :Oversight Hearing on GSA Abuse - Hearing on GSA Abuse Tgowdysc. ... Rep. Gowdy Questions DHS Sec. Johnson about Sanctuary Cities - Duration: 6:50. Tgowdysc 109,250 views.You should be thoroughly disgusted. No wonder citizens, voters, tax payers are fed up with government and are so distrustful of politicians..===My idea from the gitgo. (See 4 below.)+++

List of Islamic Terror: 

This is part of the list of Islamic terror attacks maintained by

During this time period, there were 251 Islamic attacks in 32 countries, in which 1648 people were killed and 1950 injured.

(TROP does not catch all attacks. Not all attacks are immediately posted). 
2017.02.10IraqMosul415A suicide bomber at a restaurant claims four patrons in mid-bite.
2017.02.09IsraelJerusalem04A terrorist opens fire on a market and stabs a patron with a screwdriver.
2017.02.08SomaliaBosasso40Four guards lose their lives preventing the massacre of hotel guests by Islamic gunmen.
2017.02.08AfghanistanJowzjan62At least six Red Cross workers are murdered by suspected Islamic State enthusiasts.
2017.02.07AfghanistanKabul2148Women and children are among the victims, as a suicide bomber detonates outside a courtroom.
2017.02.06PakistanSahiwal10A Shiite doctor is shot to death at his clinic by Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat radicals.
2017.02.06AfghanistanMaidani34Two women and a child are torn open by a Taliban rocket fired into their home.
2017.02.05IraqMosul20Two men are crucified for smoking in the Islamic State.
2017.02.04IraqNergal130Children are among thirteen bodies found in a mass grave near an ISIS prison.
2017.02.04MaliMénaka48Four security personnel are murdered by Ansar Dine.
2017.02.04SomaliaKismayo33An al-Shabaab ambush leaves three dead.
2017.02.04IraqMosul50Five civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2017.02.03KenyaMandera10A 15-year-old boy succumbs to al-Shabaab gunshot wounds.
2017.02.03FranceParis00A man wielding a machete charges guests at the Louvre while shouting 'Allah Akbar!'
2017.02.03IraqMadean15Jihadis set of a bomb at a fish market, killing a bystander.
2017.02.03SyriaAleppo34Three children are disassembled by a Sunni bomb blast.
2017.02.03IraqMosul724The Islamic State sends rockets into a residential neighborhood, killing seven civilians.
2017.02.03PakistanAstarzai10A woman is gunned down by a conservative relative for working outside the home.
2017.02.02YemenAmsurrah60Six people are laid out by al-Qaeda shrapnel.
2017.02.02PakistanLower Mall12A mother of three is gunned down by her conservative brother for having an affair.
2017.02.02AfghanistanAlmar80Eight police officers from one family are drugged and shot to death in their sleep by a terrorist in uniform.
2017.02.02AghanistanYusof Khail20A cleric and his wife are gunned down in their own home by Religion of Peace rivals.
2017.02.02SomaliaMogadishu10al-Shabaab is suspected of a car bomb blast that leaves one dead.
2017.02.01SomaliaBosaso26An al-Shabaab attack on a remote checkpoint leaves two dead.
2017.02.01IraqHawija50Five Iraqis are forced to their knees and shot as an ISIS video camera rolls.
2017.02.01IraqBaghdad211A pair of Mujahideen bomb blasts claim two lives.
2017.02.01AfghanistanLashkar Gah12A child is disintegrated by a Taliban rocket.
2017.01.31NigeriaDalori10A university student is killed by a child suicide bomber at a mosque.
2017.01.31CameroonDouble17Three suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person.
2017.01.31IraqMosul30Three children are successfully picked off by an ISIS booby-trap.
2017.01.31IraqZolo20Two construction workers are kidnapped and pumped full of holes by Islamic militants.
2017.01.31IraqMosul1422ISIS members send rockets into a residential neighborhood, killing fourteen innocents.
2017.01.31USADenver, CO10A pastor working as a security guard is shot to death at a transit office by a 'radicalized' Muslim.
2017.01.31CameroonKontcha53An aid worker is among five people murdered by Boko Haram.
2017.01.31AfghanistanYumgan10A woman accused of a sexual affair is shot and killed by Islamic fundamentalists.
2017.01.31NigeriaKubwa13A Boko Haram ambush leaves one dead and three injured.
2017.01.30YemenHodeida23Two crew members are killed when a Saudi frigate is attacked by suicide bombers in boats.
2017.01.30ChechnyaChali22Islamic extremists attack a police station, killing two members.
2017.01.29BangladeshDhaka10A 72-year-old woman's throat is slit by hardliners over her religious views.
2017.01.29IraqHawija30Three 'youths' are brutally executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.29NigeriaBulabulin159Islamists machine-gun fifteen motorists along a highway.
2017.01.29BahrainBilad al-Qadeem10Shia militants gun down an off-duty cop.
2017.01.29Philippinesal-Barka23Two children, ages 2 and 5, are obliterated by an Abu Sayyaf bomb blast.
2017.01.29IraqRashidiyah270Twenty-seven men, women and children are discovered in an ISIS mass grave.
2017.01.29IraqFarouq12An ISIS drone drops a bomb on a 4-year-old, killing him and wounding his parents.
2017.01.28IraqTuz Khormato10A Sunni civilian is murdered by Hashd al-Shaabi Shiite radicals.
2017.01.28IraqMosul200Three professors and a doctor are among a group of twenty Iraqis executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28SyriaPalmyra20Two prisoners are dragged to an ancient Roman amphitheater and executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28IraqFallujah23Two Iraqis are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2017.01.28IraqHawija48A bomb targeting refugees fleeing the caliphate brings down four.
2017.01.28SyriaHasakah30Three women are detained and executed in cold blood by the Islamic State.
2017.01.28NigeriaMaiduguri10The life of a promising student is cut short by Boko Haram.
2017.01.28IraqRashidiyah22ISIS lobs a mortar into a family home, killing both parents and injuring their children.
2017.01.28SomaliaQandala30Three hostages are beheaded by al-Shabaab.
2017.01.27IraqHand10A man's throat is slit on charges of apostasy.
2017.01.27SomaliaKulbiyow570Armed Islamists attack a peacekeeping base and kill at least forty people.
2017.01.26TrinidadArima11A Muslim teen is shot dead for having a Christian boyfriend, who is badly injured.
2017.01.26IraqMosul230Two dozen returning refugees are reported killed by ISIS booby-traps.
2017.01.26AfghanistanKulah Sabz12Sharia activists kill a rickshaw driver with a planted bomb.
2017.01.26SyriaHoms30Two children, ages 3 and 7, are leveled by an ISIS bomb blast along with their mother.
2017.01.26IraqBaghdad15Jihadis pick off a shopper at a popular market.
2017.01.25NigeriaMaiduguri12A man is killed in his home in the middle of the night by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.01.25SomaliaMogadishu2843Religion of Peace activists stage a suicide assault on a hotel, killing at least twenty-eight others.
2017.01.25IraqBaghdad314Three people at a car dealership are vaporized by Jihadi bombers.
2017.01.25IraqSawas230ISIS executes twenty-three prisoners.
2017.01.25NigeriaKaleri12A suicide bomber blows himself up at a rival mosque, killing a guard.
2017.01.24IraqBaghdad210A woman is among two Iraqis terminated by Mujahideen bombers.
2017.01.24PakistanKarachi10A Shiite man is gunned down by Sunni assassins.
2017.01.24IraqMosul1413Islamists blast residential areas with rockets, dismembering fourteen and maiming a dozen others.
2017.01.24IraqBaghdad210Two people are sectionalized by a car bomb blast at a garage.
2017.01.24SomaliaAfgoye70Seven local cops are laid out by an al-Shabaab bomb blast.
2017.01.24SomaliaAfgoye14A women dies trying to defend her farm against an Islamist attack.
2017.01.23IraqSharqat36Three children are reduced to parts by an Islamic State mortar round.
2017.01.23KenyaMandera10al-Shabaab members throw explosives at a bank and food kiosk, killing a guard.
2017.01.23SyriaRaqqa20Two men are beheaded for "opposing Allah's Sharia."
2017.01.23NigeriaDzaku87Boko Haram slaughters eight villagers and kidnaps seven women.
2017.01.23MyanmarPadakar30Three villagers are executed by Muslim terrorists for refusing to help.
2017.01.22EgyptSinai50Five people sitting in a taxi are machine-gunned point blank by Islamic extremists.
2017.01.22EgyptRafah80Eight family members are blown to bits in their own home by an Islamist shell.
2017.01.22IraqTaji14An ISIS bomb planted in a neighborhood kills one person.
2017.01.22IraqBaghdad15A bomb left outside a garage claims one civilian.
2017.01.22SyriaAlkhafsa10A man is forced to his knees and shot in the head for 'cursing Allah'.
2017.01.22IraqKirkuk70Seven Iraqi civilians are lined up and run over with a backhoe…
2017.01.22IraqMosul73Seven civilians are dismantled by an ISIS shrapnel.
2017.01.22NigeriaGidan Waya50Five college students are ambushed and brutally murdered by Fulani terrorists.
2017.01.21AfghanistanDashti Archi40Four people are left dead following a suicide attack.
2017.01.21IraqRashidiya130Thirteen civilians are executed by the Islamic State after being used as human shields.
2017.01.21PakistanParachinar2587Two children are among twenty-five innocents reduced to pulp at a market by bombers striving for a Sharia state.
2017.01.21SyriaRukban43Radicals set off a car bomb at a camp for displaced persons, killing four.
2017.01.21NigerGeskerou27Boko Haram stage a cross-border raid that leaves two guards dead.
2017.01.20LibyaBenghazi017Sectarian activists set off a bomb outside a rival mosque.
2017.01.20AfghanistanBuzkashi25Two people at a sporting event are murdered by Taliban bombers.
2017.01.20PakistanOrakzai26Islamists are suspected of opening fire on tribal elders on their way to a council.
2017.01.20IraqBab al-Toub20An elderly man and his son are killed by a bomb dropped by an Islamic State drone.
2017.01.19IraqKirkuk78Seven civilians are disintegrated by Islamic State shrapnel.
2017.01.19SyriaPalmyra120Teachers are among a dozen people whose throats are slit in front of children at an archaeological site.
2017.01.19AfghanistanMaiwand435At least forty-three people are killed in a very bloody ambush by religious extremists.
2017.01.19IraqKirkuk120A dozen Iraqis are gruesomely executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.18IraqRashidiya360Members of seven families, including women and children, are executed for trying to flee the caliphate.
2017.01.18IraqMosul230Two dozen returning civilians are surprised by ISIS booby-traps in their homes.
2017.01.18IraqSalahudin1513ISIS attacks produce fifteen dead Iraqis.
2017.01.18YemenMonoura914Shiite terrorists fire a rocket into a house and then a second one when others rush to help.
2017.01.18IraqMosul70A 12-year-old boy is among seven fleeing civilians picked off by ISIS snipers.
2017.01.18IsraelUmm al-Hiran11A member of the Islamic Movement rams his car into a group of police, killing one.
2017.01.18MaliGao77120A Fedayeen suicide bomber massacres at least seventy people.
2017.01.17IraqMosul125Two car bombs target civilians trying to escape the caliphate, killing a dozen.
2017.01.17NigeriaSamarun Kataf30Militant Muslim attack a market, killing three vendors.
2017.01.17SomaliaJanale10Islamists execute a kidnapped peacekeeper on video.
2017.01.17YemenTaiz105Ten civilians are killed when Shiite radicals fire a rocket into their house.
2017.01.17IraqBaghdad720Sunnis hit a Shiite neighborhood, killing seven bystanders.
2017.01.17IraqMosul30A mother and child are murdered along with an elderly man by the Islamic State.
2017.01.16IraqBaghdad37Three Iraqis bleed out following two blasts.
2017.01.16IraqTel Yabis1413Suicide bombers take out fourteen civilians.
2017.01.16AfghanistanBaghlan10Fundamentalists murder a man on his way to work.
2017.01.16NigeriaMaiduguri520A professor and four students are disassembled by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.01.16IraqBakriya13One person is killed by a Mujahid bomb blast outside a row of shops.
2017.01.16EgyptNaqb83Fundamentalists pour automatic weapons fire into a checkpoint, killing eight officers.
2017.01.16YemenLoder43An al-Qaeda attack leaves four others dead.
2017.01.15IraqKhalis25A suicide bomber claims two other lives.
2017.01.15AfghanistanPachiragam62A woman and child are among six civilians exterminated by a Taliban IED.
2017.01.15NigerBosso94At least nine villagers are massacred by Fulani terrorists.
2017.01.15IraqHalis920A Fedayeen suicide bomber sends nine Iraqis to Allah.
2017.01.15SyriaJub al-Barazi1230A dozen lives are claimed by a Shahid suicide car bomber.
2017.01.15IraqBaghdad1226Twelve people are laid out by two Fedayeen suicide blasts, one at a restaurant.
2017.01.15IraqMosul182A suicide bomber targets fleeing civilians, killing eighteen.
2017.01.15UgandaKatira023Angered by conversion efforts, a Muslim mob enters a church, beats parishioners and rapes fifteen women.
2017.01.14CameroonGham-Gham170Five women are among seventeen locals beheaded by Boko Haram.
2017.01.14SyriaDeir Ezzor1240At least a dozen others are wiped out by a wave of ISIS suicide attacks.
2017.01.14IraqBaghdad612Radicals take out a half-dozen innocents at a nightclub with a car bomb.
2017.01.14SomaliaMogadishu23An al-Shabaab landmine takes two souls.
2017.01.13IraqKirkuk50A woman and her four children are set on fire for wanting to leave the caliphate.
2017.01.13NigeriaKangarwa327Islamists with Qurans stage an armed attack on a group of security personnel, killing three.
2017.01.13EgyptAsyut10Radicals slit the throat of a Coptic doctor in his home.
2017.01.13SyriaHasakah20Two men are crucified by the Islamic State.
2017.01.13SyriaMa'an25A Shahid suicide bomber kills two targets.
2017.01.13NigeriaMadagali915Four female suicide bombers - one with a baby strapped to her back - take down nine people.
2017.01.12SyriaDamascus70At least seven lives are claimed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2017.01.12IraqM'alef14A Jihadi bomb blast outside a row of shops take out a bystander.
2017.01.12IraqMosul194The Islamic State sends rockets into a residential neighborhood, taking out nineteen innocents.
2017.01.12IraqHadbaa31An 8-year-old child is among the casualties when two suicide bombers murder three refugees.
2017.01.12NigeriaDamboa20Two Nigerians succumb to Boko Haram shrapnel.
2017.01.11MaliDiafarabe53Five people are exterminated by an al-Qaeda bomb blast.
2017.01.11GermanyOberhausen01A man yelling praises to Allah stabs a customer at a store parking lot.
2017.01.11IraqMosul10Islamists throw a suspected homosexual to his death.
2017.01.11EgyptArish40Ansar Bait al-Maqdis members enter a police station and gun down four officers.
2017.01.11YemenLoder11An al-Qaeda car bomb claims one life.
2017.01.11IraqBaghdad216Two people are disintegrated by ISIS bombers.
2017.01.10IraqRashad20A teenager is among two executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.10AfghanistanArghandab77An attack by Sunni extremists leaves seven dead Afghans.
2017.01.10SomaliaBuale20A man and teenager are publicly executed by a Sharia court for 'gay sex'.
2017.01.10AfghanistanLashkar Gah79A suicide bomber detonates inside a house, killing seven residents.
2017.01.10AfghanistanKabul3870A Shahid suicide attack on afternoon commuters leaves nearly forty dead.
2017.01.10AfghanistanKandahar718Five humanitarian workers are among seven innocents reduced to pulp by Taliban bombers.
2017.01.10IraqMosul10An Islamic State sniper picks off a baby and injures the mother.
2017.01.09IraqTikrit150Seven children are four women are torn limb from limb by ISIS bombers.
2017.01.09EgyptMatafi912Nine others are killed when suicide bombers storm a checkpoint.
2017.01.09IndiaAkhnoor30Three civilian laborers are slain by Islamic terrorists.
2017.01.09Egyptal-Arish1022Shahid suicide bombers ram a truck packed with explosives into a checkpoint, killing ten.
2017.01.08NigeriaMaiduguri20Two female suicide bombers detonate in tandem, killing two bystanders.
2017.01.08NigeriaMuna20Three male suicide bombers manage to kill two other people.
2017.01.08SyriaBeit Jinn515Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham suicide bombers blow five people to bits.
2017.01.08IraqHaditha43An Islamic State attack leaves four dead Iraqis.
2017.01.08IraqMadain14ISIS loyalists leave a bomb at a soccer field that claims one life.
2017.01.08SyriaRaqqa120Twelve citizens are beheaded by the Islamic State for having satellite dishes.
2017.01.08SyriaDeir ez-Zor30Three Islamic State prisoners are beheaded by children at an amusement park.
2017.01.08IsraelJerusalem415Three women are among four deliberately mowed down by Palestinian truck driver.
2017.01.08IraqJamila1125A suicide car bomber plows into a Shiite market and detonates, sending eleven souls to Allah.
2017.01.08IraqBaghdad725A Fedayeen with a suicide vest runs into a Shiite market and levels seven innocent people.
2017.01.07IraqShula34Religion of Peace car bombers murder three people at a market.
2017.01.07NigeriaBuni Yadi50A doctor is among five people eliminated by a Boko Haram ambush.
2017.01.07PakistanNazimabad10A Shiite man is slain by sectarian Jihadis.
2017.01.07SyriaAzaz48105At least forty-eight people are incinerated by a tanker rigged with explosives by the Islamic State.
2017.01.07SomaliaMogadishu513Five innocents at a tea shop are taken out in mid-sip by twin bomb blasts.
2017.01.07EgyptSinai14A local soldier is ambushed and shot to death by Islamic hardliners.
2017.01.07NigeriaKwayine100Ten people are killed when Fulani militants storm a Christian village.
2017.01.07IraqBaghdad15A Mujahid bomb blast at a market kills one patron.
2017.01.07YemenAbyan620A suicide bomber takes down a half-dozen people clustered around a checkpoint.
2017.01.06EgyptTukh el-Dalkah20Muslims slit the throats of a Coptic couple in their own bed.
2017.01.06JordanMaan10ISIS gunmen pick off a man gathering wood with his family.
2017.01.06USAFort Lauderdale, FL56A convert to Islam guns down five innocents in the baggage claim area of an airport.
2017.01.06SyriaRaqqa10A 'magician' is beheaded by a Sharia court.
2017.01.06IraqDour88Two ISIS suicide bombers clear out eight Iraqis.
2017.01.06PakistanNazimabad12A rickshaw driver is shot to death after unwittingly blocking the path of a group of Islamists.
2017.01.06IraqSuwaib16The Islamic State sets off a bomb at a cattle market, killing one patron.
2017.01.06AfghanistanAnar Dara94Nine Shiite mine workers are singled out and executed by Sunni hardliners.
2017.01.06PakistanQuetta14Five Hazara minorities are shot in their car by mainstream fundamentalists.
2017.01.05AfghanistanJalalabad11Taliban shrapnel brings down a civilian.
2017.01.05IraqObeidi615A bomb targeting Shiite 'apostates' takes down six.
2017.01.05IraqBaghdad1024A series of Mujahid bomb blasts claim ten lives.
2017.01.05SyriaYarmouk10A man is executed by terrorists for 'insulting Allah'.
2017.01.05NigeriaOkende10At least one villager is killed during a terror attack on his homestead.
2017.01.05IraqBaghdad1122A Shahid suicide bomber targets a row of food shops, killing eleven innocents.
2017.01.05SyriaJablah1630Sunni car bombers take care of sixteen passersby in a Shiite district.
2017.01.05SyriaRaqqa10A man bound and slowly drowned in a fish tank by caliphate members.
2017.01.05IraqMosul10A man is slowly drowned in dishwashing liquid by the Islamic State.
2017.01.05IraqMosul1713Seventeen civilians are exterminated by ISIS shrapnel.
2017.01.05SudanGeneina716Islamic militia storm a market and massacre seven vendors.
2017.01.05MalaysiaKuala Lumpur43A suspected sectarian machete attack leaves four Myanmar laborers dead.
2017.01.04PakistanNazimabad10A local cop is gunned down by religious extremists.
2017.01.04AfghanistanNawa10A woman is hunted down and murdered by the Taliban.
2017.01.04ThailandMuang10A grocer is shot in the head in his store by a Muslim terrorist.
2017.01.04PhilippinesKidapawan11Muslim 'rebels' storm a jail and kill a guard.
2017.01.03IraqRamadi11A suicide bomber takes one other person with him.
2017.01.03IraqMosul1139A well-placed ISIS rocket takes out eleven souls.
2017.01.03EgyptCairo10A Christian businessman's throat is slashed for selling alcohol.
2017.01.03IsraelHaifa11An Arab shooting spree produces a dead civilian and an injured rabbi.
2017.01.03IraqSamarrah40At least four Iraqis are eliminated by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.01.03AfghanistanBolan83Islamic hardliners spray machine-gun fire into a check post, cutting down eight.
2017.01.03YemenAbyan20al-Qaeda gunmen ambush and murder two local soldiers.
2017.01.03IraqFalah1113Women and children are among eleven civilians blown to bits by two ISIS car bombs.
2017.01.02AfghanistanBadakhshan70Seven local police are reportedly wiped out by a Taliban ambush.
2017.01.02IraqSharqat20Two children are exterminated by an Islamic State bomb blast.
2017.01.02ThailandPattani10Militant Muslims machine-gun a man riding by on a motorcycle.
2017.01.02IraqBaghdad213Two bomb blasts near a hospital leave two dead.
2017.01.02IraqBaghdad56A bomb targeting a Sunni cleric kills five outside his mosque.
2017.01.02IraqZaafraniya27Two people are laid out be a Mujahid bomb blast.
2017.01.02IraqBaghdad3561A massive suicide blast targeting laborers in a Shiite district claims at least thirty-five.
2017.01.02SomaliaMogadishu717Back-to-back suicide blasts at an airport leave seven dead.
2017.01.01SudanNertiti1160Eight women, including a 13-year-old girl, are machine-gunned in their home by Islamic Republic militia.
2017.01.01AfghanistanLogar16Talibanis pick off one person with a nail bomb.
2017.01.01AfghanistanHerat16A bomb takes out the leader of a rival mosque and injures six worshippers.
2017.01.01SyriaTartous20Two security guards are laid out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2017.01.01IraqNajaf922Nine lives are claimed by two suicide bombers near a Shiite shrine.
2017.01.01TurkeyIstanbul3969A man screaming praises to Allah guns down thirty-nine celebrants at a New Year's Eve party at a nightclub.
2017.01.01BahrainJaw10Terrorists attack a prison and kill a guard.
2017.01.01BangladeshGaibandha10A secular politician is assassinated by religious extremists.
2017.01.01IraqKarama210A suicide bomber targets refugees, taking out two.
2017.01.01IraqMosul40Four young men are executed by the Islamic State.
2017.01.01AlgeriaBlida17A child is exterminated by al-Qaeda bombers.
2017.01.01NigeriaKareto150Fifteen insect hunters are beheaded by Boko Haram.
2017.01.01SomaliaJilib10An 80-year-old man is executed by an al-Shabaab firing squad.
+++++++++++ 2) The Method In Trump's Tumult

A raucous cabinet can be an asset.Some of the best presidents,

including Washington,wielded disagreement as a tool.

Say this for Donald Trump: He does not shrink from controversy. As the president’s cabinet nominees came under Senate questioning, several expressed clear disagreements with their new boss. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis presented Russia as a threat; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged action on climate change; budget nominee Mick Mulvaney stood firm for entitlement reform.
Pundits have used these differences to portray a new administration born in disarray. Yet perhaps we are witnessing something else. Such frankness from cabinet nominees is a refreshing departure from the customary spectacle of officials robotically repeating their talking points. President Trump has not only picked extraordinarily capable men and women, he has self-assuredly encouraged them to speak their minds. “I want them to be themselves,” he tweeted, “and express their own thoughts, not mine!”
President Trump may be rediscovering a venerable method of leadership that has been forgotten in our era of ideological messaging. Rather than viewing disagreement as a problem, previous American leaders wielded it as a tool. They surrounded themselves with highly accomplished, strong-minded advisers, and used vigorous debate among them to generate fully considered options for confronting the intractable problems of the day.
The method was invented by George Washington, as the historian David Hackett Fischer explains in his book “Washington’s Crossing.” As a young man Washington had observed the hierarchal, autocratic leadership of the British military in the French and Indian War. But he realized early in the Revolutionary War that those methods were unsuited to his task. The American forces were fractious, culturally diverse amateurs, and the war required constant extemporizing.
This led Gen. Washington to devise a new form of war council. Instead of handing down battlefield assignments, it was devoted to hearing out impassioned arguments over strategy and tactics among officers of distinct backgrounds and inclinations. Washington listened and asked probing questions. When he made his eventual decision, everyone understood why, and knew that it took full account of the risks and uncertainties that their deliberations had revealed.

Prof. Fischer extended his analysis to the presidencies of Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt in a 2006 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute (available at Washington’s first term had him once again navigating uncharted territory with everything at stake. Vice President John Adams, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, and congressional ally James Madison were among the greatest men of the age. They represented key constituents of American society, politics and philosophy. Washington made creative use of the conflicts among them, notably in the debates over whether the federal government should assume state war debts and establish a national bank—as celebrated in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton.” Washington’s studied aloofness permitted opinion to mature in Congress and the states, allowed new coalitions to form, and led to serviceable compromises on what had been impossibly divisive problems.
Lincoln and FDR adopted similar methods in similarly grave and momentous times. Lincoln’s cabinet included eminent political opponents—the aggressively conniving “team of rivals” of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s study—whom the president encouraged to disagree while he listened intently. FDR fomented competition within highly diverse cabinets and academic “kitchen cabinets” that included prominent Republicans such as Henry Stimson.
Both presidents eschewed ideology for simple, overarching principles—for Lincoln, human equality and preservation of the union; for Roosevelt, fairness and freedom from fear and want. This preserved tactical flexibility. Lincoln’s motto was “my policy is to have no policy,” while FDR shifted unpredictably from left to right and back again. Both were secretive and manipulative, and kept friends and foes guessing until the moment to act was nigh—sometimes at their own instance (the Emancipation), sometimes at the instance of others (Pearl Harbor and Hitler’s declaration of war).
The methods of Washington, Lincoln and FDR have sometimes been adopted by their successors. Richard Nixon, in his early years, orchestrated intense, often fruitful debates over foreign, domestic and fiscal policy among the brilliant professoriate he had assembled: Henry Kissinger,Daniel Patrick Moynihan,Arthur Burns,George Shultz,Paul McCracken and Herbert Stein.
Ronald Reagan, at once a libertarian conservative and political pragmatist, was thoroughly comfortable with the clash of ideas. Early in his first term, he was confronted by a reporter with purportedly scandalous rumors: Secretary of State Alexander Haig and Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger had been arguing openly in front of him. Reagan’s answer: Of course—that’s their job! His penchant for ending contentious meetings with a well-rehearsed joke or Hollywood story, to the frequent exasperation of his interlocutors, was his way of standing back and letting the disagreement continue for a time.
Reagan was particularly adept at maintaining independent channels of information and counsel, so as not to become captive to government groupthink. The classic ending for a White House decision memo is to present three options: 1) Abject Capitulation; 2) Nuclear Annihilation; 3) the Staff Recommendation. Not infrequently, Reagan would choose Option 7, an utterly different approach concocted on the side with advice from California business magnates or from Milton Friedman or Edward Teller at the Hoover Institution. The news reports that Reagan was “out of touch” often meant that his staff had griped he was out of touch with their preferences.
At the other end of the spectrum, the least successful modern presidents were the insular Jimmy Carter, who disdained disagreement, and the rigid ideologue Barack Obama, who, in George Will’s formulation, “never learned anything from anyone with whom he disagreed.” In contrast, Bill Clinton enjoyed mixing it up with conservatives, who were often impressed that the president knew their arguments as thoroughly as they did.
The two Bushes were intermediate cases, both a bit too attached to tidy lines of authority. When George H.W. Bush called off military operations against Iraqi forces in 1991, immediately after liberating Kuwait, he was being shielded from strong disagreement within his administration among those who believed Saddam Hussein’s invasion was a strong casus belli for removing him from power. The mistake became horribly clear as soon as the president urged Iraqis to overthrow the dictator on their own: Within weeks, Hussein’s troops slaughtered tens of thousands of civilians, displaced millions, and committed unspeakable atrocities.
In contrast, George W. Bush’s 2007 Iraq “surge” was developed entirely outside his administration and strenuously opposed within it. The outsourcing of military policy, highly atypical of President Bush and deep into his second term, turned imminent defeat into a victory that advanced for the remainder of his administration.
Now President Trump’s leadership style is unorthodox and often unsettling. His methods, derived from business and popular entertainment rather than politics, are in many respects unlike anything that has come before. Yet they are not entirely unprecedented.
He forgoes ideology for simple, cross-partisan principles: America First, safety from terrorism and violent crime, better jobs and schools for the poor and working class, defiance of self-serving elites. He has filled his cabinet with people of proven talent, including erstwhile opponents Ben Carson and Rick Perry, and named a diversified team of White House advisers. Mr. Trump cultivates independent sources of information and is unlikely ever to become captive to his staff. He is unpredictable and uses his talent for drama to keep allies focused and opponents distracted.
Most of all, President Trump is comfortable with controversy and dissent, indeed often incites them to advantage. His tweets and pronouncements can be outrageous and overstated—Up to a point, Lord Copper!—but they demonstrate a healthy skepticism toward ossified orthodoxy and, critically, are designed to stimulate debate rather than close it down.
For instance, global warming is not a “hoax,” as Mr. Trump has said. But the public and scientific debates over climate change have involved several hoaxes, one of which is the deliberate conflation of causation, degree, consequence and policy response. Several of the president’s officials are now propounding the more nuanced view and disentangling the critical distinctions. Deliberation on an important, complicated problem is opening up.
The result may be similar with the fracas over Russian email hacking during the election campaign. Mr. Trump’s attacks on the official intelligence report, and his mischievous nod to WikiLeaks, helped show how overcentralized and fragile America’s intelligence establishment has become. It is indeed “politicized,” in the sense of being organized, at the top, by consensus-seeking committees. It employs bureaucratic verbiage to mask conflicts of fact and interpretation. It is increasingly vulnerable to unfiltered information from the outside, leaked or otherwise. We shall see what President Trump does with a system that asks him to make decisions based on distinctions between “probable” and “highly probable” intelligence estimates, while Stephen Bannon scours the internet for second opinions and counterfactuals.
Mr. Trump’s zest for debate and willingness to defer to subordinates (as he did to Mr. Mattis on the question of rough military interrogations) make him more transparent than his predecessors. He is not sphinxlike but garrulous and opinionated, not a raconteur but always smack in the argument. So far, he has been adept at indicating when the time for talk is over, as when he shut down the Republican debates over ObamaCare “repeal and delay” and the House’s overhaul of its ethics office. That suggests he will be decisive in informing subordinates when the moment has arrived to stand together. Time will tell, though, how he adjusts to reversals and instances of “mistakes were made,” such as the sloppy immigration executive order, which was a mistake, precisely, of inadequate internal ventilation.
The focus, for now, should be on the quality and diversity of views that inform President Trump’s decisions. For instance, his intelligence reforms are off to a good start but will encounter fierce bureaucratic resistance. Success will require pertinacious leadership from the White House. A key indicator will be whether the hard, granular conflicts, coming from agencies with radically different methods and assumptions, make it into the Oval Office without being homogenized by the director of national intelligence.
A complementary step would be an official, proactive WikiLeaks initiative. As Mary Graham shows in her forthcoming book “Presidents’ Secrets,” government classification is used routinely to conceal blunders, protect careers and buttress agency prerogatives. Over the years, many official declassification projects have come to naught. Nota bene, Mr. Trump: the president can declassify documents himself.
Mr. Trump should also bring a top economist or two into the White House, to balance and challenge the views of the financiers, business executives and political activists he has already assembled. Economics cannot do all the things practical men would like it to, but it is a highly developed discipline with many useful insights. Such as: A tax on imports is a tax on exports. And: Markets compensate for policy changes, always reducing and sometimes repealing the effects that had been hoped for. Moreover, the consequences of President Trump’s bold tax, trade and regulatory initiatives will eventually be measurable. That will lead to a new round of debates, more empirical than the ones we are having today. Economists will be better equipped than anyone to analyze and interpret the data for the president and for the rest of us.
Competition of ideas is a strength of democracy, not a weakness, not only in politics but in government itself. Although President Trump has his differences (of course!) with Lin-Manuel Miranda, he should take heart from the percussive arguments between Hamilton and Jefferson and the tradition of creative disputation that President Washington inaugurated.
Mr. DeMuth is a distinguished fellow at Hudson Institute.
3) Rep. Gowdy's Full statement on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling:

"No one familiar with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals should be surprised at today's ruling. The 9th Circuit has a well-earned reputation for being presumptively reversible. Unlike the district court order, there is at least a court opinion which can be evaluated.
Of particular interest is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' suggestion that even those unlawfully present in the country have certain due process rights with respect to immigration. The Court cites Zadvydas v. Davis, 533 U.S. 678, 695 (2001) for the proposition that even aliens who have committed and been convicted of certain crimes while in the U.S. unlawfully may have due process rights with respect to travel to or from the United States. In addition, the Court ventures curiously into its own role in reviewing a President's national security conclusions. 
Legal permanent residents, non-citizens with current valid visas, non-citizens with expired visas (which were once valid), aliens with no legal standing, aliens who have committed a crime but have not yet been deported and aliens who are not even present in the United States but seek to come are just a few of the categories the Supreme Court will need to determine what process is due, if any. It seems clear to most of us - not on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals - there is no right to come to this country for non-citizens of the United States. It also seems clear judges are neither in a position, practically or jurisprudentially, to second guess national security determinations made by the Commander in Chief. There is a reason we elect the Commander in Chief and do not elect federal judges.  

For those, like Alexander Hamilton, who once or now wondered if the Judicial Branch would be too weak. Wonder no more." 


How to Stop Betsy DeVos

A Congressman suggests the nuclear option for Education.

Right on cue, a visit Friday to a Washington, D.C., public school by new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was met by protesters blocking her entrance and shouting, “Shame, shame!” At the least, it maintains the current standard of tolerance and civility for the new progressive Democratic Party.
Perhaps catching the new shut-it-down spirit these days, Rep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, this week introduced a bill to eliminate the Education Department. His bill has one sentence: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.” Well, that would be one way to stop Betsy DeVos.
Members of Congress introduce sweeping bills like this all the time, and they are often statements of policy preferences that seldom end up as law. For all we know, Mr. Massie’s bill is meant as a wry comment on the past two weeks of mass mobilization against Mrs. DeVos’s nomination. The increasingly ineloquent Sen. Elizabeth Warren, for example, said Republicans would “ram this nomination down the throats” of Americans, “no matter her inexperience, no matter her radical views.”
In truth, the GOP has aspired at times to dismantle the department, created by Jimmy Carter, since Ronald Reagan ran for president on the idea in 1980. In the years since, this most quintessentially local function has been pulled ever further under the control of Education Department bureaucracy and its satellite support groups, with the teachers unions always first in the protection line.
For now, the Education Department lives, and Betsy DeVos will lead it. People, like the street-based progressives, who believe the department’s primary purpose is to keep paychecks flowing to the teachers unions, will remain inconsolable. Our view would be to put Rep. Massie’s close-down bill on hold for at least four years, while the rest of us give Mrs. DeVos a chance at making good on reforms that put the students at the front of the line.

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