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The Dangerous Threats By The Sanctimonious Who Engage In Misguided Acts of Self Hate. My Solution To The Palestinian Israel Issue.

Being Jewish, I am particularly interested in the behaviour and rationale of fellow Jews who despise Israel, who support those who engage in anti-Semitism against Israel and thus,was particularly interested in the article below written by a retired Israeli Psychiatrist who served in the IDF.

My Christian friends constantly ask me why Jews support Democrats, radicalism and socialism while rejecting Republicans,conservatism and capitalism.  They do not understand how Jews could support Obama whose anti-Semitic attitude and policies, including The Iran Deal, are a direct threat to Israel's existence.

I have given a variety of answers whenever confronted by this question and this is why the below article is of keen interest. I have taken the liberty of lifting a few paragraphs from it and urge all to read the author's warning to those sanctimonious Jews who triumphantly trash Trump, support The BDS movement, belong to  J Street and actually are encouraging increased acts of anti-Semitism.

Their alignment with radicals liberals and blatant attempts to associate Trump with fascism etc. is boomeranging.  They may reject Trump's policies, they may find his speech offensive, they may disagree with his campaign methods but their characterization of him is both sick and reflects a pathology that reveals their own psychological disorder.

Their rejection of capitalism is beyond logic.  Their embrace of socialism borders on the insane.

They are the ones who are dangerous both to America and fellow Jews throughout the world. They are the ones whose radical alignments with the campus destroyers, with anarchists who hate America. It is the misguided who oppose and restrict free speech, who are dividing our nation all under the mistaken rubric they are defending our freedoms. They and their evil associates are the ones who will ultimately destroy our freedoms and take America down if they continue their acts of self-hate.

"...despite the economic success of American Jews, they continue to refuse to embrace the politics of those who would support economic prosperity that produce goods and innovations that lead to employment and prosperity for all. These Jews continue to reject the capitalist model embodied in the Republican Party and instead blindly continue to support the socialist model of the Democratic Party. It is economic prosperity and not socialism that have made America great. would be wise for many of these self-appointed sanctimonious Jewish leaders to open up their eyes and their hearts and give the American public and the newly elected American President a break. The alternative will sustain the continued anti-Semitism that is poisoning the minds of Americans...." (See 1 below.)

and then (See 1a and 1b below.)

My proposal for solving the Palestinian Israeli issue would be as follows:

a) Declare that America will move its embassy to Jerusalem.

b) America suspend all funding to Abbas and the PLO

c) Trump announces he will support the George W. Bush letter drafted by former Sec. Rice allowing  settlement expansion within the  terms of said  letter.

d) Announce that the Palestinians have a territory and if they conduct themselves over the next three years accordingly: 1) Are prepared to recognize Israel's existence
                     2) Begin teaching their children not to hate and reconstruct their text books to recognize reality
                     3) Conduct themselves peacefully and renounce and end  all acts of terror negotiations for a two state                         solution will be supported by The United States.

This would remove all benefits the Palestinians use to maintain their position of rejecting legitimate and favorable offers and would signal they have nothing to gain and more to lose from their continued intransigence.

If Abbas and the PLO are unwilling to agree to these terms America should renounce them, demand the U.N remove all support and if not then we should de-fund the U.N. 

Trump could label this:  (The Art of The Squeeze.)

Then: (See 2 below.)
A novel blow back idea. (See 3 below.)
Is the election Trump won being stolen with an assist from him, due to staff and governance inexperience and an array of Trump haters?  I always believed Trump should have appointed Newt his Chief of Staff.  Priebus is a good man but Trump has so diffused authority no one can control what is going on inside The White House.  Perhaps Newt could have. (See 4 below.) 

Trump-Hatred of Sanctimonious Jews Empowering Anti-Semites

In the weeks following the election of President Trump, the dams have burst, sending legions of demonstrators into the streets of America in the hope of warding off the impending inevitability of a Trump incumbency.  Yet despite the tens of thousands of demonstrators, and the hundreds of different organizations leading these demonstrators, what is highlighted by the mainstream media are signs like “Never Again – Jews against Trump” and bold headlines about the arrest of 19 Rabbis at a demonstration opposite the Trump Tower in New York City.  Similar rallies have been held elsewhere.

In response to President Trump’s directive to stop the free flow of unrestricted Muslim immigrants who pose a potential threat to national security, one would think that the first line of demonstrators would be packed by American Muslim religious leaders or American Church leaders who historically have backed Muslim rights in the United States.  Instead we see a steady stream of Rabbis, Jewish organizations, and Jewish demonstrators who boldly identify themselves as Jews for…., being paraded at the head of these organizations demonstrating against President Trump and against the democratic electoral process.  Invoking the Holocaust in their message against Trump so as to imply a connection between Trump and the Nazi Party, or having Rabbis invoke their religion to convey a message that the Jewish faith is against President Trump are all part and parcel of a “useful idiot” strategy being implemented by the Democratic Party and other leftist organizations that are funding the ongoing demonstrations against President Trump.

Over the past months, there have been 57 bomb threats to 48 Jewish Community Centers, a number of neo-Nazi marches in a number of states, and swastikas have been reported throughout the United States at a rate unseen in recent times. The steep increases of anti-Semitic attacks throughout the United States are being portrayed by mainstream media outlets as coinciding with the election of President Trump, leading many in the the public to believe that the alt-right and anti-Semitic forces are on the march with impunity.

Little if any media attention has been given to the fact that for the past 15 years since the Durban Conference in 2001, when the BDS and the de- legitimization movements against Israel were established, ultra liberal sanctimonious Jews and leftist Jewish organizations have been at the forefront of political activity demonizing Israel, working to portray Israel as an apartheid state committing genocide on the Palestinian Arabs. When Jews attack Jews, and when Jews deny the State of Israel the basic right of self-defense afforded to all nations of the world, thereby making it OK to express hatred of Israel, then they are invoking hatred toward themselves, and hatred towards the Jews of America.

With the American public hearing Jews vigorously condemn Israel, and then condemn Trump, dismissing the legitimization of the election results while at the same time inflaming the public discourse with vulgar language, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that these Jews are evoking anti-Semitism and empowering anti-Semites. With this being the current environment, then taking the short leap to single out Jews as responsible for the uncertainty and confusion felt by the American public during the post-election period is inevitable.

With comedian Sarah Silverman calling for a military coup to overthrow President Trump (and seeing imaginary swastikas), and Israeli singer Noah calling President Trump “Hitler,” I anticipate that it is going to get worse, possibly much worse, for American Jews in the foreseeable future before it gets better. What began as an anti-Israel, anti-settler campaign has mushroomed into widespread anti-Semitism that does not differentiate between orthodox and reform, between Israel or the “settlers,” between the “Start Up Nation” or “a light unto nations” for these anti-Semites; all Jews look alike, are equally guilty, and are all equally fair game.

Jews’ over representation among political donors, politicians, activists, academics, and of course as voters for the Democratic Party, make them an anathema for those with complaints.  American Jews are quickly approaching the proverbial crossroads, yet they are too busy running from demonstration to demonstration to notice the writing on the wall. For the past century Jews have been the greatest supporters of the Democratic Party. From the days when Jews were garment workers or cabdrivers, todays’ Jews have benefited more than any ethnic group from America’s freedom and economic prosperity. Yet, despite the economic success of American Jews, they continue to refuse to embrace the politics of those who would support economic prosperity that produce goods and innovations that lead to employment and prosperity for all. These Jews continue to reject the capitalist model embodied in the Republican Party and instead blindly continue to support the socialist model of the Democratic Party. It is economic prosperity and not socialism that have made America great.

Despite Presidents Trump’s daughter being married to a Jew with Jewish grandchildren visiting Grandpa Donald at the White House, and despite Trump’s long history of Jewish advisors and Jewish associates, let alone President Trump growing up in the strongly Jewish environment of Queens and Brooklyn during his formative years, it would be wise for many of these self-appointed sanctimonious Jewish leaders to open up their eyes and their hearts and give the American public and the newly elected American President a break. The alternative will sustain the continued anti-Semitism that is poisoning the minds of Americans.

The writer, a 25-year veteran of the I.D.F., served as a field mental health officer. Prior to retiring in 2005, served as the Commander of the Central Psychiatric Military Clinic for Reserve Soldiers at Tel-Hashomer. Since retiring from active duty, he provides consultancy services to NGO’s implementing Psycho trauma and Psycho education programs to communities in the North and South of Israel. Today Ron is a strategic advisor at the Office of the Chief Foreign Envoy of Judea and Samaria   

Dore Gold, former Foreign Ministry director-general, says not ‘one iota’ of moderation has been seen from Tehran.

Iranian leaders’ calls for Israel’s destruction have not abated at all in the 20 months since the Iranian nuclear deal was signed, meaning that those who claimed the deal would moderate Iranian attitudes were completely wrong, former Foreign Ministry director-general Dore Gold said on Wednesday.

Gold’s comments came as the think tank he heads, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, put out a compilation of poisonous statements made by Iranian leaders, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was signed in July 2015.

“There is absolutely no indication of one iota of moderation by the Iranian elite in their hostile intentions toward Israel since the conclusion of the Iran nuclear agreement. Iranian policy in this regard is driven by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” Gold said.

“In September 2015, Khamenei himself said that the nuclear agreement would not change the destruction of Israel in 25 years,” he added. “Those who asserted that the Iran nuclear agreement would lead to a moderation of Iranian attitudes were completely wrong.”

Leading what could be termed a “greatest hits parade” of Iranian anti-Israel comments since the regime was Khamenei himself, who in September of 2015, just three months after the deal was signed, said: “You [Zionist regime] will not see 25 years from today! By Allah’s favor and grace, nothing called the ‘Zionist regime’ will exist by 25 years from now.”

Khamenei even re-tweeted himself, saying that the “people” picked this quote as his most significant remark in the Iranian year 1394: “Zionist regime will not see 25 years later.”

It is likely that this comment, and others calling for Israel’s destruction, were referenced during Wednesday’s meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump when they spoke about Iran and its destabilizing influence in the region. Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region was on the top of the list of topics that Netanyahu wanted to discuss with Trump.

Nuggets from Khamenei’s senior military adviser, Brig.-Gen. Rahim Safavi, were also highlighted, including his comment in July that “the only way for the liberation of occupied Palestine and the elimination of this criminal, villain, inhuman and anti-Muslim regime is the unity of Muslims, the strategy of the Islamic resistance and the continuation of armed jihad against this dirty and filthy regime.”

In May, Ahmad Karimpour, senior adviser to the commander of the Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, said: “With the facilities and equipment we have, we can raze the Zionist regime to the ground in less than eight minutes, if we ever decide to act, based on the supreme leader’s orders.”

Brig.-Gen. Hossein Salami, the deputy commander in chief of the Revolutionary Guards, said on July 1 that Israel will soon collapse, adding: “Taking into account that Hezbollah has stored more than 100,000 missiles, the Islamic Republic possesses 10 times more missiles of different types, and its power is unlimited.”

Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force commander Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said in October, “Today, Israel is surrounded by Islamic countries, and it has a short life to live; it will be destroyed by war even before the firing of these missiles.... Israel’s evil is totally clear to us, and our missiles’ 2,000-km. range is for fighting against the Zionist regime at a distance.... We do not aim to conquer other countries but, rather, to support oppressed nations [referring to Palestinians, Houthis in Yemen and other Arab minorities] against tyrants, and anyone who intends to harm oppressed Muslims should know that these missiles are a threat.”

And as recently as last Friday, Ramadan Sharif, head of the Revolutionary Guards public relations and general publicity department, said on Revolutionary Victory Day: “Martyrs protecting the holy places bring pride to the Islamic nation and stand firm against those who blackened the image of the prophet.... It is a fact that Israel is responsible for any attacks against Muslims; step-by-step, we are nearing the destruction of Israel and the salvation of al-Quds [Jerusalem].”
1b) Poll: Jews are best-liked religious group in US

Sixty-seven percent of Americans regard Jews warmly, though people aged 18-29 view Jews less positively.
Jews are the most warmly regarded religious group in America, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.

The survey, which was released Wednesday, found that Americans generally express more positive feelings toward various religious groups than they did three years ago.

As they did the first time the survey was taken in 2014, Jews topped the survey, in which respondents rank various religious groups on a “feeling thermometer.” On the scale of 1 to 100, 1 is the coldest and 100 the warmest; 50 means they have neither positive nor negative feelings.

Jews were ranked at 67 degrees, up from 63 in the 2014 survey, followed by Catholics at 66, up from 62, and Mainline Protestants at 65. Evangelical Christians stayed at 61 degrees.

Buddhists rose to 60 from 53, and Hindus increased to 58 from 50. Mormons moved to 54 from 48.

Atheists and Muslims again had the lowest ratings, but both still rose on the warmth scale. Atheists ranked at 50 degrees, up from 41, and Muslims were at 48, up from 40.

The authors noted that warm feelings toward religious groups rose despite a contentious election year that deeply divided Americans. “The increase in mean ratings is broad based,” according to the authors. “Warmer feelings are expressed by people in all the major religious groups analyzed, as well as by both Democrats and Republicans, men and women, and younger and older adults.”

The random-digit-dial survey of 4,248 respondents was conducted Jan. 9-23. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Americans tend to rate their own faith groups highest, the survey found. Jews rated themselves at 91 and rated Muslims at 51, up from 35 three years ago. Jews rated themselves the highest compared to other groups; the next highest was Catholics at 83.

The survey showed a divide between older and younger Americans. While Jews received a 74 from respondents aged 65 and up, the age group’s second-highest ranking behind Mainline Protestants, respondents aged 18-29 ranked Jews at 62 and gave their highest ranking to Buddhists at 66.

Religious groups also were rated higher by respondents who knew someone from that religion. Those who knew Jews gave them a 72, and those who do not know any Jews gave them a 58.

2)The Two State Solution: Does Trump’s Indifference Matter?
The benefits and drawbacks of leaving the details to the Israelis and the Palestinians

By Jonathan S. Tobin 

Those who expected Donald Trump to effect genuine change in Washington still might be waiting for him to take action on some issues, but when it comes to altering existing Middle East policy, the president has not disappointed. With his refusal to specifically endorse a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, the president has seemingly discarded the idea that has been the bedrock principle of U.S. Middle East diplomacy for the past generation.

When asked about a two-state solution during a joint press conference prior to his first meeting as president with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Trump replied:
I’m looking at two-state and one-state. I like the one that both parties like. I’m very happy with the one that both parties like. I can live with either one.

In doing so, Trump upset people on both sides. Palestinians think his unwillingness to pledge to work for an independent Palestinian state reveals his belief that they don’t deserve sovereignty. By the same token, many Israelis worry that his willingness to “live with” a one-state solution means he wouldn’t care if a Jewish state were replaced by one in which Arabs outnumbered Jews — which would end the entire Zionist experiment.
His statement was typically Trumpian in that it displayed either his ignorance or his lack of interest in the details, but it’s clear that the president wasn’t supporting either the one-state or the two-state option. Instead, what he was doing was endorsing a diplomatic principle that is just as important: The U.S. cannot impose peace on terms that aren’t accepted by the parties, and we shouldn’t behave in a manner that encourages Palestinians’ ongoing refusal to make peace.

Using the words “one state” was a mistake on Trump’s part. A one-state solution could lead to peace of a sort but only if one of the two sides surrendered. If Israelis acquiesce to the destruction of their country, it would end the conflict — at the cost of a potential Holocaust. Similarly, peace could result from the Palestinians’ deciding that they were ready to cede all of the country to the Jews and give up all hope of governing themselves. But since neither scenario is going to happen, to speak of one state is to declare that any compromise is impossible even in a distant and theoretical future.

The one-state option is the platform of Hamas, the Islamist terror group that governs the independent Palestinian state that exists (in all but name) in Gaza. Hamas’s goal is one Islamist state in which the Jewish population would either be massacred or expelled. The Fatah Party that runs the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank pays lip service at times to a two-state solution, but its ideology centers on denial and hope: Deny the right of the Jews to any part of the country, and hope for a state Arabs will dominate. Both Hamas and Fatah glorify violence against Jews and honor terrorists.

That’s why few Israelis believe a two-state solution is possible. Though it’s clear an overwhelming majority of Israelis want a two-state solution, they understand that the Palestinians have yet to come to terms with Israel’s legitimacy, and they think more territorial withdrawals would endanger their security without bringing peace. The idea of possibly replicating a Hamas state in the West Bank — far larger and more strategic than Gaza — strikes most Israelis as not only ill-advised but utterly insane.

A minority of Israelis do think that Israel can rule between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River indefinitely in spite of the presence of millions of Palestinians who don’t want to share the country with them. But there is a difference between supporting the right of Jews to disputed territory and asserting that you regard the exercise of that right as more important than making peace (if making peace were possible). Those to the right of Netanyahu might oppose giving up any territory, but they know that if the Palestinians ever did accept one of Israel’s offers of statehood, the Right would be heavily outvoted by the Israelis willing to give up territory for peace.

But just because Trump isn’t demanding a two-state solution doesn’t mean he is opposing it or even that his stance makes it less likely. For eight years, President Obama insisted that the Israelis give up the West Bank and part of Jerusalem in order to allow a Palestinian state. Putting all the pressure on the Israelis was a bigger mistake than anything Trump has said. Obama didn’t take into account that Palestinian politics and the Hamas–Fatah rivalry made it impossible for their so-called moderates to accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state, no matter where its borders might be located. Obama’s approach had the effect of rewarding Palestinian intransigence, which doomed his efforts.

In saying he didn’t care what the terms of peace were so long as both sides accepted them, Trump sent the opposite message to the Palestinians. The Palestinians believe that pressure from the international community will isolate the Jewish state and make it vulnerable. Trump’s refusal to sanctify the two-state mantra is a warning that if Palestinians want a state, they will not get it by jettisoning negotiations and asking the United Nations to impose terms on Israel — which is how they rewarded Obama for his efforts on their behalf.

Trump appears genuine in his desire to broker a peace deal. Indeed, to the dismay of many on the Israeli right, he wants Netanyahu to restrain settlement growth in parts of the West Bank that would be included in a Palestinian state — even if Trump knows that settlements are not the cause of the conflict.

Yet like all others who have tried, Trump is bound to fail in his quest to conclude the ultimate Middle East real-estate transaction. If he does fail, it will not be because he declined to utter the magic words “two states” at a White House presser. Even the ablest diplomat or deal-maker can’t wish away the realities of Palestinian politics. But Trump’s willingness to put pressure on the Palestinians — rather than pointlessly hammering the Israelis as Obama did — actually increases his chances of success, minimal though they may be.

Jonathan S. Tobin is a contributing writer to National Review Online. 
3)Let all refugees into Oscars unvetted or you are all bigots! Actor challenges fellow celebs in open letter
I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars...

Is This Trump’s Watergate?

By Daniel Heninger

A president’s blood is in the water and another White House staff can only look out the windows as the sharks arrive from miles off.
Dan Rather, who normally toils at explaining away his George W. Bush National Guard story for CBS years ago, swam toward the Trump White House Tuesday to posit that “Watergate is the biggest political scandal of my lifetime, until maybe now.”
Like-minded trolls in the social-media village sent Mr. Rather’s Facebook post viral. The Watergate “meme” that attached itself instantly to Mike Flynn’s firing over his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was: What did President Trump know, and when did he know it?

We are far from Watergate levels of threat to the Trump presidency. The Democrats are in the congressional minority, and however much they intone the I-word, there will be no Sam Ervin committee.

Impeachment, though, is not the goal of Donald Trump’s opponents. They want to cut off his power—his hold on much of the American public. To do that, they need to make him look like a loser.
On Monday, the president lost Mike Flynn. On Wednesday, he lost Andy Puzder, his labor nominee. Both fell in large part because of an understaffed and dangerously diffused White House management structure. The Trump opposition—Democrats, unions, Never Trumpers—now know that if they can turn three Republican senators against him, he won’t matter.
They may succeed unless Team Trump can reverse the tides starting to erode the foundations of the president’s political support.
Let’s talk about the swamp.
If we have learned anything about the Trump presidency, it is that Mr. Trump and his chief political strategist, Steve Bannon, despise the Washington swamp, which includes the city’s lobbyists, all of its bureaucrats, every member of the media, the entire congressional delegation and their staffs.
At the moment, that would cover most of the forces arrayed against them, and a good question is whether they’ll drain the swamp before the swamp swallows them.
Messrs. Trump and Bannon should give an older member of the Washington establishment a temporary Oval Office visa to talk about what it was like during Watergate. Mr. Trump surely recalls the giddy frenzy of waking each day during Watergate to see what new anti-Nixon bombshell was on the morning newspaper’s front page.
What happened to Richard Nixon an eon ago looks familiar: Donald Trump’s presidency is getting bitten to death by an invisible, lethal ant hill of anonymous leakers.
Mr. Trump himself outputted this reality in remarks to the press Wednesday: “From intelligence, papers are being leaked, things are being leaked, it’s criminal action, criminal act, and it’s been going on for a long time.” It sure has. Ask George Washington.
Back in the days of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the primary unidentified source was known as Deep Throat. Now, when the bar for anonymity is about an inch high, the locutions of invisibility are more elegant. A favorite: “requested anonymity to speak candidly.”
As always, it works. You could have spent all Wednesday reading grimly exhilarating stories based on almost no names, such as the Washington Post piece about the White House triumvirate of Mr. Trump, Mr. Bannon and Reince Priebus keeping Mike Pence out of the loop after they’d been told Jan. 26 by the Justice Department of Mr. Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. Mr. Pence had gone on Sunday morning television earlier to defend Mr. Flynn.
Whether the Pence wedge between him and the inner circle (as of this week) is true hardly matters. Life in the capital wouldn’t be much fun without believing such things. Washington’s most powerful force is . . . the whisper.
Trumpians can launch a million outraged emails and tweets against all this incoming, but the blunt reality is, So what? If you aren’t winning in Washington, you are losing. Nobody has changed the rules of that game yet.
For the first two weeks, Team Trump was winning. The executive orders unwinding the Obama regulatory apparatus had Democrats gagging in astonishment. Having abandoned any arguments based on policy, the Democrats sank to the level of senior members like Sen. Elizabeth Warren exchanging views on TV with comedians. Comedians are now the Democratic Party’s brain trust.
Then the White House overplayed its strong hand with the rushed-out immigration order. The political fires lit by that then consumed a vulnerable Mike Flynn and are now roaring toward the Oval Office. Unfair? Criminal? Maybe, and maybe the historians will sort it all out someday as solace.
Forgotten now is that Nixon didn’t resign because of anything proven by the anonymous torrent, but only after he saw he’d lost the support of his own party in Congress. We’re not there, yet.
Mr. Trump is in the White House because voters wanted two things, in this order: 1) change; 2) Donald Trump.
That’s the basics. Get it straight, or 1974 could return.

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