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Trump Should Have Appointed Elliott Abrams. The DNC Has Potty Tom, Obama Continues The Blame Game. Will Tax Reform Be Another Charade?

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I caught Bret Baier's interview of Elliott Abrams, Tuesday evening.  It is a shame Bannon was probably responsible for Elliott not being appointed to the number two post in The State Department. He would have been a very welcomed and thoughtful edition and big help to Tillerson.

Yesterday the head of the DNC, Tom Perez, gave us a "potty word" response in explaining why his Party has become irrelevant except for being against everything Trump is trying to do that is relevant. Fortunately, we did not hear from Keith Ellison, the Party's Chairman of Vice.

Bernie Sanders may not believe what he is saying but Democrats should listen to him because, he is at least, more aligned with what Americans support. Embracing Socialism is not a healthy diet for our nation but fascism is absolutely repugnant to our professed ideals and we just rid ourselves of a wannabe emperor and rejected an out of touch empress.

The former Governor of Ga., Sonny Perdue, was just approved as Sec. of Agriculture while two more Cabinet officers have yet to be approved.

Wednesday, Trump presents his tax reform legislation which his party will then promptly reject so they can come up with their own proposals.

Separating corporate reforms from personal reforms, in my opinion, is a mistake but Congress cannot walk and chew gum concurrently so I doubt they will be able to pass a comprehensive bill in one fell swoop.

Even if Trump and his party come to terms on tax reforms the fact that there will be no effort to reform counterproductive, wasteful , costly entitlements is a tragedy. "Draining The Swamp" highlights so many abuses Congress has allowed and continues to tolerate and nothing is likely to be done to rectify the outright abuses that occur. Returning more money to tax payers is a good idea because the less oxygen given to government spenders is a positive development and likely to stimulate the economy which should result in greater employment. However, failing to offset income reductions with comparable spending cuts is simply digging the deficit hole deeper.

Whatever eventually happens will, as it always does, turn out to be a charade in the final analysis. Few in Congress are amenable to goring bulls. Spending money is what they do because it insures their re-election.

If  Democrats get their backs up over allocating money for Trump's immigration "barriers" he should let the consequences happen but no doubt Trump and frightened Republicans will cave. Allowing government to close is simply another charade while, in fact, it provides paid vacations for bureaucrats as the critical functions of government continue.

So far ,Trump has governed by signing a lot of Executive Orders which have, as their intent, the elimination of most of what Obama did to radically alter America. There has been a paucity of legislative accomplishments but he has time for that if his party chooses to get their act together in order to have something to crow about when the 2018 elections begin..

Meanwhile, the time for China to assassinate N Korea's, "fat boy," is coming to a head if Trump, Tillerson, Kelly and Mattis truly mean what they say and since N Korea is highly unlikely to give up their nuclear ambitions, because it is all they have to bring attention to themselves. The sand in the hour glass does not have long to run.

Finally, the issue of Iran cannot be kicked down the field much longer either. The Russians cannot be
counted on to lend a hand since Putin believes his support and relationship with Iran is a positive factor because it serves his perceived interests.

Stop and think  how Obama would have responded to or ducked all that has hit Trump in his first 90 plus days in office.
This was posted by Allen West, written by Matt Palumbo honoring Thomas Sowell, one of my heroes along with Frederich Hayek. (See 1 below.)
Government Issue humor:

Fifty-one years ago, Herman James , a North Carolina mountain man, was
drafted by the Army. On his first day in basic training, the Army issued
him a comb. That afternoon the Army barber sheared off all his hair.
On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon the Army
dentist yanked seven of his teeth.
On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap.
The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.

1)From Allenbwest

ALERT: How To Drive A Liberal CRAZY In Seconds: Read Them THIS List

By Matt Palumbo:

No, no he didn’t pass away, but he did announce he’d be retiring from writing his column at age 86.
Throughout his career, the man published over 30 books and thousands of op-eds. I (Matt Palumbo) personally owe my interest in economics to Dr. Sowell. Had it not been for him, I likely would’ve followed my initial plan of entering college as a political science major (yikes).
When I was a junior in high school I was shopping for Christmas presents for my father at the local Barnes & Noble, and Sowell’s “Dismantling America” was among the books I picked up for him, having had it recommended to me.
I had been completely unfamiliar with Sowell up to that point, and while I was skimming the book, ahead of wrapping it, I found it to be the most profound explanation of conservative and libertarian principles that I had yet laid my eyes on. That book ended up being a Christmas present for myself (don’t tell Dad), and I’ve accrued quite the Sowell collection since then…
As Sowell fades out of the public eye, here are his eleven best quotes (or as we might like to call them: TRUTH BOMBS), courtesy of the Conservative Review:
1. On taxes:
“Elections should be held on April 16th — the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders.”
2. On Obamacare:
“If we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs now, how can we afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical drugs in addition to a new federal bureaucracy to administer a government-run medical system?” 
3. On welfare: 
“The biggest and most deadly ‘tax’ rate on the poor comes from a loss of various welfare state benefits — food stamps, housing subsidies, and the like — if their income goes up.”
4. On social justice: 
 “Many years ago, there was a comic book character who could say the magic word “shazam” and turn into Captain Marvel, a character with powers like Superman’s. Today, you can say the magic word “diversity” and turn reverse discrimination into social justice.”
5. On political correctness: 
“The first time I traveled across the Atlantic Ocean, as the plane flew into the skies over London, I was struck by the thought that, in these skies, a thousand British fighter pilots fought off Hitler’s air force and saved both Britain and Western civilization. But how many students today will have any idea of such things, with history being neglected in favor of politically correct rhetoric?”
6. On liberals in academia:
 “The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political Left is that they do not work. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find the Left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.”
7. On higher education:
 “When words trump facts, you can believe anything. And the liberal groupthink taught in our schools and colleges is the path of least resistance.”
8. On diversity: 
“The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.”
9. On the rule of law:  
“A generation that jumps to conclusions on the basis of its own emotions, or succumbs to the passions or rhetoric of others, deserves to lose the freedom that depends on the rule of law. Unfortunately, what they say and what they do can lose everyone’s freedom, including the freedom of generations yet unborn.”
10. On truth: 
“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth. When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.”
11. A farewell note: 
“We cannot return to the past, even if we wanted to, but let us hope that we can learn something from the past to make for a better present and future.”
Sowell may not be producing any new content, but he’s left behind a legacy of wisdom that will hopefully influence generations to come.
Farewell, Dr. Sowell.

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