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The Clever/Organized Insanity of Liberals and Anarchists and Their Use of The Constitution To Destroy Our Republic. Capitals and anti-Semitism.

Now that Rep. Schiff, the FBI, assorted anti-Trumpers and kooks seem to have given up linking Trump to the KGB, they are back to demanding he release his tax returns.

One thing liberals and their fellow anarchists prove every day, as they continue their dangerous games, is they are geniuses at proving what sore losers and political crybabies they have become.

In fact, many of their actions do border on anarchy as they attack their 'trumped' up enemies.

The desire for power often drives people who choke on conspiracy theories to do strange things and we are witnessing them months after the election.

Their ultimate goal is not the impeachment of Trump aka Rep. Walters, but the destruction of our Republic as they finish Obama's unfinished goal to radically change our nation. Trump's 'illegal' election is simply a conduit.

As Trump moves forward in enforcing existing laws, keeping his campaign promises and doing what he was elected to accomplish  Obama's record is being exposed, for all to see, what a failure he was from health care, to decimating our military, bankrupting our nation and eventually allowing Iran and Islam terrorists to rise in power.

Will the Warren, Sanders and Walters' wing destroy the Democrat Party?  If so how long will it take?  Are they already there? (See 1 below.)

Hate, more powerful than missiles? (See 1a below.)
As I have written many times before, one of the ways to destroy a Republic is through education. Start by taking over grade school curriculum and text books.  Then move to the colleges and universities and fill their departments with liberal thinkers and professors whose views are anti-American.  This becomes more effective after you have spread distrust and re-kindled hatred and discord among the nation's social and racial classes.

An effective way is to use our Constitutional freedoms to restrict the rights of others as is happening. Stir up antipathy towards minorities, spread dis-information, intimidate opponents and challenge police methods so they will be afraid to act and, most important of all, make sure there is a break down in the enforcement of law and order.  By challenging the constitutionality of everything in your path you will bring about an increasing degree of timidity on the part of elected officials. Disrupt political meetings of your opposition, currently being accomplished, and enlist the mass media to support your acts as "legitimate" rights and acts in support of the downtrodden etc.

Over time, what was once a functioning society will become a cauldron of discord and rancor and calming voices, seeking to be heard, will be drowned by the cacophony of the mob. This is where America is heading and those leading the parade are simply using Trump's election as a stimulus.(See 2 below.
1) Behold the Master Conspirator

Adam Schiff and Carter Page have in common cluelessness and ambition.


It was the bombshell that bombed. The Washington Post reported last week that a Trump campaign adviser, in the middle of last year’s election campaign, had indeed been singled out by the FBI for surveillance as a potential Russian agent.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, it was Carter Page, the Walter Mitty of Trump world.
Far be it from me to suggest the FBI was just looking for an easy way to fob off Obama administration pressure to validate its Trump-Russia talking points. Mr. Page had been the target four years earlier of a sad little recruitment effort by Russian spies in New York, who eventually were prosecuted and whose monitored communications referred to Mr. Page as an “idiot.”


He later gave an incoherent speech in Moscow in the middle of the campaign decrying U.S. sanctions. Most of all, he was singularly devoid of influence with either Donald Trump or the Russians, though perhaps not the least likely contender to say something foolish on a “wiretap.”
Most media accounts take for granted his self-description as a player in Russian energy deals, but a lengthy Politico investigation as far back as September found that “nobody in Russia seems to have heard of him.”
So this is the man the FBI selected as the most likely spy in the Trump midst. Which explains a lot—like the deafening silence last week of media organs that so recently had been wetting themselves over tenuous Trump-Russia theories.
Silent was the New York Times columnist who a couple weeks ago jabbered about a “smell of treason.”
Silent was House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Adam Schiff, who not long earlier had noisily detected “circumstantial evidence” and “more than circumstantial evidence” of a Trump-Kremlin conspiracy.
But then a lot of pundits and others have lately demonstrated their inability to reason about evidence or even understand what is truly a “coincidence” in the sense of an unlikely confluence of events. The only really interesting evidence has now been debunked by Byron York of the Washington Examiner, who shows that the claim that the Trump forces had weakened a GOP platform critique of Russian actions in Ukraine was simply misinformed.
Mr. Schiff and Mr. Page are fitting sharers of the stage in this episode, with a certain indefinable insubstantiality in common.
Mr. Page attached himself to Candidate Trump, promoter of better relations with Russia, after apparently spending the past decade—since leaving a junior job with Merrill Lynch in Moscow—seeking to insert himself in energy deals in Russia in hopes, as his would-be spy recruiter put it, of “making a lot of money.” If he ever did make any money, it hasn’t shown up in an obvious place—campaign donations. Mr. Page’s one recorded contribution was to John McCain back when Mr. Page still had a job with Merrill.
As for Mr. Schiff, he got the third-time’s-a-charm job back in 1990 of prosecuting a hapless FBI agent for his affair with a Russian spy after two previous attempts ended in a hung jury and a mistrial. Mr. Schiff clearly hopes today to raise his meager profile as one of 53 California congressmen by riding his party’s Trump neurosis to a shot at a U.S. Senate seat.
Appearing recently on the same ABC News show as Mr. Schiff, Sen. Marco Rubio noted puckishly of the Senate’s own investigation: “No one’s out there trying to turn this into a way to get famous.”
Uh huh. No one also doubted Mr. Rubio was accurately summarizing Washington’s fast-hardening consensus on Mr. Schiff.
Few memes have died so sudden a death as the Trump-is-a-Russian-mole meme, with his Syria strike, with his administration publicly accusing Russia of “complicity” in the nerve-gassing of civilians.
The Trump presidency is coming into focus. Astonishing are the headlines pronouncing it “astonishing” that Mr. Trump, facing the pressures, constraints and opportunities that other presidents face, is acting more or less like other presidents. Isn’t this where his admittedly steep learning curve was always likely to lead?
If the House Intelligence Committee wishes to continue its descent into circushood, by all means accommodate Mr. Page—now styling himself a pro-Russia “dissident” whom the Obama administration sought to persecute—and his desire “eagerly” to testify. At least his offending Moscow speech took place after the Crimea grab when it was no longer U.S. policy to promote business dealings with Russia, an important threshold that Democrats anachronistically refuse to acknowledge (and which never applied to Paul Manafort but does apply to the completely ignored Russia dealings of the Podesta brothers).
Then again, the committee might resume its original mission of investigating Russia’s shambolic propaganda efforts in the U.S. election, rather than peddling conspiracy theories about minor members of the Trump entourage.

1a) “Welcome to Europe’s 4 capitals of anti-Semitism"
The danger that is harder to stop than missiles is approaching a point of no return.
By Giulio Meotti

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter and of "J'Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel" published by Mantua Books.. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.
If I wrote from the point of view of my personal interest as a non Jew, I would tell Europe’s Jews: stay here, on our side, because your departure would bring irreparable harm. If I look at what better serves the interests of the Jews, it would not be so unthinkable to advise them to pack and leave for Israel, as thousands are doing every year. 
If the Jews want to live in a healthy, free, democratic, tolerant and modern Europe, they have to fight for Israel. Separating the fate of European Jews from that of Israel is the greatest deception of the anti-Semites, from the Iranian ayatollahs to the leftist radical chic. 

Israel appears strong, very strong. Its economy is wealthy. It produces Nobel Prize winners. It is the second most educated country in the world. It tops all the happiness indexes. It is the “start-up nation”. Its army is unrivaled in the region.

But there is an invisible danger harder to stop than missiles: Anti-Semitism. And this in Europe today has four capitals: Paris, London, Brussels and Geneva. In the next decade, it is there that the war will be fought for Israel and Europe itself. 

If I look at what better serves the interests of the Jews, it would not be so unthinkable to advise them to pack and leave...

Because if Europe abandons Israel, the old continent will become an inhospitable place even for the non-Israel going Jews, and eventually for all the people who cherish freedom and dignity.

How many UN resolutions have been passed against Syria? None. How many against North Korea? None. How many against Russia when it annexed the Crimea? One. How many against Israel? Dozens.
There are hundreds of territorial disputes in the world, from Tibet to Cyprus to Papua, but only Israel deserves the UN’s resolutions. And one of the capitals of the new anti-Semitism is in the Palace of Nations in Geneva, the site of the UN Human Rights Council, one of the most anti-Semitic places in the world. The High Commissioner, Prince Zeid Ra'ad Zeid al Hussein, is the promoter of a “blacklist” of Israeli and international companies that have ties in Judea and Samaria, this so as to facilitate the boycott against Israel. 

Crazy things happen today in the that “parliament of human rights”. The UN envoy for Children in the Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui, a Muslim Algerian, has suggested including Israel in the black list of countries and groups that regularly cause harm to children, along with Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, the Islamic State and the Taliban. The UN commission for Economic and  Social Commission of Western Asia recently compared Israel to “apartheid” states and next June the same commission will deliver another report comparing Israel to countries with “slavery”. The UN Commission for Women's Rights has condemned solely Israel for violating the rights of women. And Unesco, the cultural body of the United Nations, erased the Jewish-Christian roots in Jerusalem and Islamicized the holy sites. 

In the next 10 years, the Arab-Islamic regimes will increase their propaganda in these organizations, pressing the democracies to abandon Israel and turning it into the international scapegoat. The only hope there is that the United States under Donald Trump will exert a stronger pressure by forcing European countries to repent, something that didn't happen under Barack Obama. In that case, other European countries will follow the US.
Cowardice, not courage, is Europe’s distinctive character. It doesn’t matter that the Islamic countries have an automatic majority, Europe must vote against their resolutions and not abstain. Otherwise, Europe will be ready again to betray the Jewish people.

Paris is "the future". It is there that the new street anti-Semitism began and then reached the farthest corners of Europe, from Malmö in Sweden to Hamburg in Germany. It began with the attacks on the Jewish cemeteries and ended with the carnage in Toulouse, where an Islamic suprematist named Mohammed Morah entered a Jewish school and murdered a rabbi and three children.

A few days ago, in Paris, a Jewish woman, Sarah Halimi, was killed by a Muslim neighbour shouting "Allah Akbar". In Paris you find the largest Jewish community in Europe, there the kippah is disappearing and 40,000 Jews have already fled over the last fifteen years. Think about it: 40,000 Jews, a tenth of the total. From Marseille to Toulouse, the French Jews are living in a state of fear, awe and silence. 

Unfortunately, street anti-Semitism will grow and Jews must prepare for difficult scenarios. Even larger Muslim communities will settle in the heart of Europe. It is estimated that in the next 20-30 years, 15-20 percent of the European population will be Islamic, not to mentionthe unprecedented wave of immigration (the Sahel, the poorest region in the world, will host 200 million people who will want to move to the north). It will be a crescendo. Think about France: Ilan Halimi, Toulouse, the Hyper Cacher. And tomorrow? 

If Islamic suprematism is defeated in the Middle East there is also hope for Europe. Otherwise, it's a lost battle. Today in Europe only very few imams denounce anti-Semitism. Why? Ask Hassan Chalgioumi from Drancy, who is protected as a head of state by the French police. The only "moderate Muslims" are the dead ones. 

The British city is the world capital of the academic and cultural boycott. Some of the leading universities in Britain are becoming "no-go areas" for Jewish students. The idea to boycott Israeli universities was born in the UK on April 6, 2002 and spread all over to the US and South Africa. There are areas of possible intervention but it is up to non-Jews who work in the universities and in the world of culture and are committed against lies and hatred. But how many are out there? 

Why did I choose the capital of the European Union? On November 11, 2015, the day after the commemoration of Kristallnacht, during the visit to Europe by Iran’s President Rohani and in the middle of the "Third Intifada", the European Commission approved placing a special mark on Israeli products.

It had not happened since the days of Hitler when the goods of the Jews were discriminated with a special stigma, a distinctive symbol that recalls another more sinister one, The Yellow Star. Unfortunately, Europe has shamefully decided to strengthen in this way those who lead the campaign for the boycott of Israel, but whose goal is to wipe Israel off the map.

What will happen in the future? Europe will continue to be the first commercial partner of Israel, exchanges will continue, but also this blackmail. I think we will continue to see Europe's low-intensity war against the Jewish State.

In Europe there is an ongoing campaign to isolate Israel, to denigrate and abandon it to a fate at whose horizon there is only war. It is the same cowardly pacifism, the same “syndrome of Munich” that led Europe into war in the ‘30s. Then it was the Sudetenland, now it is Israel. How is it that Europe’s public opinion came to regard Israel as the symbol of all evil? Through lies. 

A lie, repeated many times, eventually becomes truth. This statement, attributed to the minister for the Nazi propaganda Goebbels, has never been as true as it is today. 

Ten, twenty years ago there was not all this anti-Semitism in Europe. And I am sad to say it, but it will only grow and get worse. There are moments in history when you can resist with the means available or you can be complacent. 

The choice is up to the Europeans. But they must not forget that it always starts with the Jews. But it never stops with them.    
2) Universities Requiring Professors to be Left Wing Activists?
Universities are increasingly relying on “diversity statements” for faculty hiring and promotion, according to a new report from the Oregon Association of Scholars.
These statements have strong ties to liberal ideology, such as the assumption of group victimization and claims for group-based entitlements, effectively making them “partisan litmus tests” to “weed out non-left wing scholars,” the association states in its report.
The association notes that many schools now link to articles explaining how to craft a diversity statement, which include affirmations that a professor will “keep the white students from dominating all classroom discussions,” or “reflect a commitment to queer visibility,” or teach students “not to thoughtlessly reproduce the standard white and Western model of legitimate knowledge.”
A focus on “racial oppression, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other commonly recognized forms of oppression” has also been outlined as good fodder for diversity statements, according to a column in Inside Higher Ed.

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