Monday, April 3, 2017

Sharia Law Coming To America? Uncharacteristic Obama - When Will He Break Silence?

Clever: Pre-Flight Announcement
One should always be prepared.
So, if someone asks you what the main difference is
between most of the Obama supporters, and
Trump supporters, instead of stammering, and stuttering
and looking for an answer, just tell them that the
Trump supporters sign their checks on the front, and
the Obama supporters sign their checks on theback.
There comes a time when throwing homosexuals off
the roof is ISIS's way of showing how compassionate
and religious they are. Sharia Law will come to America!
Just a matter of time. (See 1 below.)
Will Obama break his silence over the alleged tapping of Trump ?

So far he has chosen to remain quiet which is uncharacteristic of him.

If he is found to have been involved up to his armpits, as I suspect, will anything happen?  He was never connected to the IRS scandal, Bhengazi and/or any other nefarious matter of this nature.  Time will tell.(See 2 below.)

Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop – “Religion Of Peace” 

The Islamic State organization recently published pictures of the “sentencing” of a man suspected of homosexuality.

The organization’s headquarters in Iraq’s Nineveh district said in a statement that it carried out the provisions of Shariah Islamic law against men who are guilty of “the transgression of homosexuality.”
Breitbart reports,
An ISIS gunman reads the “indictment” to a crowd of bystanders and ISIS activists, after which a “defendant” was thrown to his death from a nearby rooftop.
Nineveh is the district in which the battle of Mosul is taking place, pitting ISIS forces against the Iraqi army and troops of the US-led international coalition.
The man’s “crime” was likely committed in the city where ISIS is fighting to keep its foothold in the wake of six months of bloody fighting.
However, ISIS’ propaganda organ insists on showing that it is unfazed by the offensive, and remains committed to spreading Sharia and Islamic rule.

Simultaneously, ISIS disseminated pictures of the organization’s mosques and charity unit in action in the southern Syrian town of Sahmam Aliawlan, showing the activists handing out religious material, giving lessons in local mosques and renovating houses of worship.
From the city of Raqqa, where ISIS also struggles to fend off a US- and Russian-backed Kurdish offensive, the organization published pictures of day-to-day commercial activity. However, unlike similar campaigns in the past, the pictures did not include a plethora of patrons.

OBAMAGATE: Deafening Silence From Obama Since ‘Wire Tapping’ Scandal Blew Up

By John Cardillo

Not a peep from Barack Hussein Obama since the Trump wiretapping scandal has blown wide open.

His entire administration, including himself are being accused of one of the biggest scandals in modern U.S. history, or perhaps the biggest scandal ever, yet not a peep from the arrogant guy who loves to ‘pop off’. How come?
The only ‘response’ we have received from Obama’s camp is from his spokesman. In a carefully worded, lawyer-esque response, Obama’s spokesman said:
“A cardinal rule of the Obama Administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice,”
As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false.”
As usual, Obama’s camp is splitting hairs and obfuscating. This will only last so long because every day that passes, we are learning more and more about the surveillance of Trump and his team by the Obama administration. According to one report by Fox News, the surveillance began before Trump was even the GOP nominee.
We have also just learned that Nunes knows who did the unmasking of Trump and his private associates. This person is very well know and high up in the Intelligence community. The walls are closing in, Hussein Obama so you’ll have to start talking at one point.

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