Friday, September 30, 2016

Obama Lost Syria, Elevated Russia Because He Was Fixated on Iran, Then Let Them Off The Hook and Lost Everything. What Do I Know About Advising Trump?

Trump's remaining strategy should focus on the economy, the failure of Obama, Clinton and Kerry's foreign policies, terrorism and Clinton's association with and contribution to Obama's failed presidency. I recently posted an op ed by Caroline Glick who made the point that Obama lost Syria, elevated Russia because he focused on Iran and then allowed Iran to slip off the hook so he lost on all counts.

Meanwhile, the press will always protect Hillary so when Trump goes against her and her husband's past indiscretions he is taking on the mass media and will never come out on top.

He can and should attack her for using a personal server and for her lies about it and Benghazi and their differences regarding taxes, trade, attitude about how to bring back law and order, guns and free speech, failure to name the enemy  etc..

Trump needs to recognize Hillary and Bill are masters at mud fighting and do not fear the consequences of blatant lying (I did not have sex with that girl and is, is , is) which never sticks on them. Consequently, when Trump attacks her and husband Bill, he must do so from the gutter and that takes him off message and returns the target to his back.

One last piece of advice: Donald you need to prepare  and recognize the debate lasts longer than you seemed prepared for in your first entanglement.

It is stupid politics and tactics to attack The Clintons and their hangers on and that is probably why he will resort to it because his  'uge' ego cannot stand being attacked and he seems totally hungry for and sucked in by Hillary's poisoned bait.  Even though Hillary is all he could possibly say about her and the public already thinks of her, I believe it will not elevate him or lower her any further. Why?  The public already overwhelmingly finds her distrustful .

I would think those assisting him with his campaign, including Newt, have told him as much but he is headstrong, has gotten where he is by doing such and mistakenly believes it will help him capture The White House.

What it takes to be nominated is far more narrow than running for the whole enchilada. Trump apparently has never accepted or believes this reality.

In the end, Trump may prove to be correct.  Time will tell but it is an electoral  battle and what Trump needs is to convert the remaining undecided. I believe he will fail by attacking the Clinton's dirty past but then what do I know about politics, elections and how to win them.

Today's politics is a nasty game engaged in  by people with out sized egos who believe they have answers to problems they helped create.  There are very few states-persons engaged in politics any longer because they deem it a useless endeavor and not worth exposing their reputation considering the enormous downsize.


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