Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nanny Parody. Is Netanyahu Correct? You Decide.  (See 1 below and you decide.)
I would like to suggest Americans have come from being an independent people who endured hardships yet went West and found the boundaries of this nation and now have become :

Parody Nanny State Millennial Citizens?

1. Trump proposes day care and maternity leave because liberal policies wrecked our economy along with the inflation associated with wars and big government mistakes so now even two adults working cannot earn enough to sustain a family and then , of course, the black family has been totally destroyed. Yes, liberals freed women, no more glass ceilings. In fact no more ceilings period.

2) If you can find work you are not earning enough so government demands you be paid a higher minimum wage, provides food stamps and other subsistence.

3)  Hillary wants to pay for college so everyone can get some education. Thus, by 18 you have been exposed to a womb to tomb existence and environment.

The colleges you will attend will also have safe zones so if students disagree with your views you can run and hide from their exercise of free speech or perhaps you can go to the college administrators and have them arrested for expressing themselves and disturbing the academic atmosphere.

4) Then, when you get out of college and still cannot find a job you might remain with your parents who can insure you til you are 26 and no doubt that will be extended over time. (Government programs , once begun, always increase benefits and they never end. What's free never has to be paid for?)

5)  Should you wish to earn more credits from the government you can volunteer for The Jobs Corp, Peace Corps or go into the military so when you finish, if you have not lost your life helping people who hate you to live in a half baked democracy, the concepts of which they do not understand, you can get more education and graduate with a higher degree but still unable to earn a middle class wage.

6) By now you are in your 20's have lost confidence in the failed promises of Big Government and have probably moved to Colorado where you can buy Pot, live on the street, pick up a little money doing odd jobs, play your guitar and go to concerts. God forbid you have sustained a service injury and have to seek care from the local  V.A, which, though new, cost far more than taxpayers were told it would..

7)You are now in your late 20's and get the urge to find someone of the opposite or same sex to hang out with, but since marriage is out of the question, because it costs money and creates a situation where you have to show some modicum of responsibility, you just live together. Experimentation is good because it still allows freedom and flexibility.

8) If that does not work, it is far easier to pick up your toothbrush, if you own one, and leave than to marry so you depart your 'mate' abandoning several children who came along because the government refused to pay for birth control pills or, if you were of the same sex, you chose the adoption route.

9) Now, one of you, is back to where you possibly began, seeking assistance and subsistence from Uncle Sam who, himself,  has gotten older, poorer and in need of help so we find him selling bonds he cannot redeem and paying eventually crippling interest to China etc.

10)  You are now entering mid life, thoroughly disgusted, frustrated and confused so you join the latest protest, go around speaking ill of the police, smashing windows of stores or cars of others who are trying to be productive citizens, stealing their goods and are treated as a hero because Big Brother Government and those who run it do not want to offend your sensibilities and support your 'righteous' cause. Why, because George Soros funds their campaigns.

11)  It finally dawns on you around 40 plus  you have lived a rather aimless life and because government has failed you, made promises it could not keep and you are dependent on it you are really ticked. 

Rather than face yourself and reality it is far easier to blame the rich and the entitled so you spend the next few years in further protests against the wealthy who Obama told us did not create anything because the government did it all.

During these years you have the luxury of watching million dollar athletes join in protest as the national anthem is played thereby, bolstering your confidence of feeling you are justified.

12) Then, if not earlier, along comes some Islamic Terrorist Organization promising you weapons, a free meal and a way to destroy the world, you have come to hate, so you can assuage your hurt pride. You enlist only to find you have to kill people in ways you had not contemplated. The problem is you cannot extricate yourself so easily so you either comply or are killed exiting.

Now, obviously, this is an extreme presentation that touches on some truths to make a point.  The point being when you quit having faith in yourself and depend upon some external entity you are most likely insuring you will live a life of dependency and that ain't what was intended by being an American.  We still have the freedom to change our direction but the time for doing so is short and slipping from our grasp. That is most evident because the current president's ill designed accomplishments are quickly turning to dust, as many, but not enough,  knew they would and because of  the current two nominees of our two worthless parties.  Having said that, as of today, I am still going to vote for Trump and not the candidate who does not know where or what Aleppo is all about.

I never gave thought to voting for Hillary and am glad I did because now that she has some unexplained cough and/or health condition I do not want my country to be infected be her breathlessness.

 There is an old saying you are known by the company you keep or elect!
The modern svengali. (See 2 below.)

Where Ethnic Cleansing Is Permissible

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