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Impeach Koskinen And Let The Chips Fall Where They May. NFL Commentary! Why Hillary Should Be Behind Bars! Cokie Snorting Coke?

If anyone, who reads these memos, read Kim Strassel's book on the threat to our 'freedom of speech' they would understand why conservative Congresspersons want to bring impeachment proceedings against The IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, for lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and knowingly allowing destruction of evidence.

Establishment Republicans are unlikely to allow the vote because they know not enough Democrats will join them so the effort will fail.  This is why Trump was able to energize those who are sick and tired of watching Establishment members duck, weave and bob and thwart every effort of standing up like mench.

It is as if a policeman would not make an arrest because he believed the jury would let the perp go. This is the decision Comey made.  Why indict Hillary?

When you disregard the rule of law, all society will eventually break down. Koskinen violated his oath of office, he allowed the IRS to break the law and because he cannot be successfully impeached why try.
NFL players have every constitutional right to protest.  How and where they choose to do so is another matter.  As for myself, I find professional football a brutal sport and far too many of the players are thugs. Not watching is easy for me.

It would seem, if those who enjoy attending or watching expressed their distaste, by not supporting their beloved teams, it might send a chilling message to these players who earn millions.  Perhaps they might reconsider their attitude and make an effort to better that which they complain about. After all, that too is their constitutional right.

These players enjoy a special place in our society both because they have attended some college and earn beyond any basic needs. Their protests, like those of the BLM crowd, seem more about themselves than the conditions they believe their acts of unfaithfulness are designed to call attention to like one player raising his fist etc.

I believe it is time for Americans to respond rather than continue to fund lack of patriotism.  In America there are ways to correct conditions.  We are a fluid society providing upward mobility for those who make the effort.  There is always something about which anyone can complain but that too is a precious right not available in many nations.

Perhaps these players should spend some of their money and buy plane tickets and see the world for comparison sake.  It might open their eyes and cause them to moderate their attitude.
Why Hillary should be behind bars. (See 1 below.)
Russias- US., Syrian deal explained but we know Obama loves to include side deals which undercut what is reported to the public.  (See 2 below.)
Cokie Roberts is snorting coke if she believes Demos are going to dump Hillary.  They have too much invested in her winning and do not have the time to begin another campaign with Biden who is goofy and seldom been right on anything.

Hillary will recover, from whatever she has, long enough to make it through the campaign and if it is serious she will lie her way through.  That is what Clinton's do.

Furthermore, the concerned Demos do not want a bullet in the back of their head or a visit from Bill. (See 3 below.)


Clearly marked classified info sent through nonsecure system
The handling of an email to Hillary Clinton from longtime adviser Sidney Blumenthal discovered in a new release of documents is a “smoking gun” violation of national security laws requiring a prison sentence, charges a former military intelligence officer.
Clinton forwarded the Aug. 8, 2009, email – clearly marked “Classified” – to a personal, nonsecure email address registered to aide Huma Abedin, Abedin then forwarded the message to another personal, nonsecure account,
The exchange from Blumenthal to Clinton concerned the “disastrous nature” of an Obama trip to Germany, charging the U.S. was “totally out of the loop in Berlin – no ambassador,” resulting in the expectation that “Germans and Russians will now cut their own separate deals on energy, regional security, etc.”
“This email is completely an obvious violation of national security regulations regarding the handling of classified information for which people normally go to prison,” Greg Davis, a U.S. Army veteran with more than 30 years experience as a military intelligence officer, told WND in an interview.
Davis, the creator of the intelligence-oriented website, said that typically the Justice Department would grant Abedin immunity from prosecution in return for her willingness to turn state’s evidence against Clinton.
“If Huma refused to cooperate, the Department of Justice could threaten to seek a maximum prison term for her should their effort to bring a criminal prosecution against her succeed,” he said.
The information previously was published by the State Department, but it was unknown until now that Clinton forwarded the exchange containing classified information to Abedin’s nonsecure non-State Department account.
The email was among 510 pages of documents released by Judicial Watch last week.

Davis’ LinkedIn biography reads: “30+ years in intelligence operations and analysis, with operational experience in every HUMINT (Human Intelligence) capacity including C1 (Command and Control), Special Operations, at the Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA, and analytical positions at Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, and State Department.”
Davis also holds a master’s degree in international economics from Georgetown University and the University of Oxford.
‘Classified emails still at’
WND reported that of the 725 pages of Abedin-related State Department emails released Aug. 22 by Judicial Watch, approximately two-thirds were forwarded by Abedin to one of two personal email addresses she controlled.
Davis spelled out the security vulnerability that Abedin created by forwarding the classified information to her Yahoo account.
“By sending this email containing clearly classified information to a personal unsecured email address at, Huma Abedin created an intelligence breach where anyone with the username and password to her had the ability to go into her email account and read every one of the State Department emails that Huma archived in that account in a completely not-redacted form,” Davis said.
WND sent a test email to, but it bounced back as undeliverable, suggesting the email account was no longer active.
This, however, did not give Davis any comfort.
“Whether the email account is active or not, an expert hacker breaking through to might yet be able to recover the emails Huma Abedin sent to herself at that address,” he said.
Davis said a federal or state court order could be sought to force to make public the State Department emails Abedin emailed to her account.
“You could also file a FOIA request to the National Security Agency to obtain the State Department emails that Huma sent to her account,” Davis pointed out.
“You can bet that as part of its monitoring of all U.S. emails, the NSA has copies sitting on NSA servers of all emails sent to and from Abedin’s, including all the State Department emails she sent to herself,” he said.
“The information is still there, at the NSA, even if has closed Abedin’s email account.”
Davis stressed the NSA archive of Abedin emails at would include complete, non-redacted copies of emails that may have been destroyed by Clinton or by her IT assistants.


Syrian regime forces (Reuters – file)
A Syria ceasefire deal agreed by the United States and Russia could mark a “turning point” in the five-year conflict if implemented, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Saturday.
The accord, which is to come into force on Monday on the first day of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, aims to freeze fighting between President Bashar al-Assad's forces and the armed opposition.
Here are the main points of the agreement, which could also see the first joint military campaign by the two powers against jihadists, according to Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.
– The Syrian regime is to refrain from fighting in areas where “moderate” rebels are deployed, as opposed to areas with the presence of Fateh al-Sham Front, which changed its name from Al-Nusra Front after renouncing ties with Al-Qaeda.
– The regime “will not fly combat missions anywhere where the opposition is present in an area that we have agreed on with very real specificity”, Kerry said.
– Once the ceasefire holds, the United States and Russia “would then work together to develop military strikes against” Fateh al-Sham, he said.
– “The opposition will also be expected to adhere to the cessation of hostilities,” Kerry said.
– The deal requires both sides “halting all attacks, including aerial bombardments and any attempts to gain additional territory at the expense of the parties to the cessation”, he said.
– “It requires unimpeded and sustained humanitarian access to all of the besieged and the hard-to-reach areas, including Aleppo” city.
– It “requires forces from both sides to pull back from Castello Road” to the north of the battleground city to “create a demilitarised zone around it, permitting as quickly as possible the resumption of humanitarian and civilian traffic along that road”.
– In the Ramussa area south of Aleppo, “both pro-government and opposition groups will be required to provide safe, unhindered, and sustainable humanitarian, commercial, and civilian access to eastern and western Aleppo”, which is roughly divided into opposition control in the east and regime control in the west.
– From Monday, work will start for a Joint Implementation Centre, including the “sharing of information necessary for the delineation of territories controlled by (Fateh al-Sham) and opposition groups in the area of active hostilities”.
– “After seven continuous days of adherence to the cessation of hostilities and increased humanitarian access, then US and Russian experts will work together to defeat” Fateh al-Sham and the Islamic State jihadist group, Kerry said.
– These measures can only be implemented if “groups within the legitimate opposition… distance themselves in every way possible from” Fateh al-Sham and IS.
– According to Lavrov, coordinated strikes against the jihadists would be carried out by US and Russian planes in specific areas. “The Syrian air forces will be functional in other areas,” he said.
– Russia and Lavrov “have the capability to press the Assad regime to stop this conflict and to come to the table and make peace”, Kerry said.
– And after a “period of reduced violence”, he said, “we will facilitate a political transition, which is the only way to bring about a durable end to this war”.

Cokie Roberts: Dems 'Nervously Beginning to Whisper' About Hillary Stepping Aside

Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate, attends a memorial ceremony to mark the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks in New York on Sept. 11, 2016. 68-year-old Clinton left halfway through the ceremony event due to her health problem. According to her doctor, Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia and got dehydrated. ( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images )
Hillary Clinton's health issues have establishment Democrats "nervously beginning to whisper" about finding a replacement for her should she need to "step aside," according to one prominent political commentator.

During an appearance on NPR’s “Morning Edition” Monday morning, ABC's Cokie Roberts said some in the party were already having discussions about such a possibility.

Asked how Democrats were reacting to Clinton's collapse at the 9/11 memorial ceremony Sunday, Roberts said that "people are angry at the lack of transparency." She added, "It was hours before the pneumonia diagnosis was revealed after seeing this incredibly damaging video of her being helped and stumbling into a van."

Roberts explained that the reason the Clinton campaign has "not been transparent" (her polite euphemism for lying) is because her health issues give Donald Trump ammunition.

"He has been setting her up for this for months," she said. "Back in January, he said she didn't have the strength and stamina to be president." Roberts opined that Trump "knew that at some point in the campaign schedule [Clinton] -- like all candidates -- would get exhausted."

“The fact that it comes now when the polls are tightening and Democrats are already saying that Hillary was the only candidate who could not beat Trump and it is taking her off of the campaign trail, canceling her trip to California – it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate.”
Roberts maintained that this scenario was “unlikely to be a real thing,” but went on to float Vice President Joe Biden as a possible replacement.

“I think it is unlikely to be a real thing,” she said. “And I’m sure it is an overreaction of an already skittish party. But you know, they have looked at what happens in that circumstance. The Democratic National Committee chair convenes the committee and they vote. Now ironically, the candidate who everybody looks at is Joe Biden, who is older than Hillary Clinton. But then again, so is Donald Trump and by the way we know nothing about his health.”

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