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Borders and Immigration. The Pesky Republican Establishment. War With Hezbollah? Illinois Versus Oklahoma.


Border and immigration  stuff:

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Those pesky principled Establishment Republicans. (See 1 below.)

A thought: Obama once commented "no one is above the law."  I am sure when he said this he did not have himself in mind.

If these words and the fact that America was founded upon the principle we would be a nation where the rule of law would prevail, then how can Hillary possibly be allowed to run as the nominee of the Democrat Party?

Does this party care more about wining than doing right by our nation? Has this party gone so far to the left they no longer care about the rule of law? 

Certainly the Obama Administration's behaviour would suggest as much.
Cory Booker and The Iran Deal. He turned against those who supported and helped finance his campaign. (See 2 below.)
Will Comey be forced to resign?  Highly unlikely from my perspective because he did what Obama, Lynch and Clinton wanted.  Wish begets the thought? You decide.(See 3 below.)
So you think America and Obama are respected? You decide again. (See 4 below.)
Does Hillary truly have health issues?  The fact that she denies she has simply reinforces my view that she does.  Nothing she utters can be believed. You decide a third time.( See 5 below.)
Will there be a war with Hezbollah that no one really wants? (See 6 below.)
Obama defends football player. If only he defended America with equal fervor.(See 7 below.)
Which solution do you prefer - Stephen's or Kerry's?  (See 8 and 8a below.)
This from a dear friend and fellow memo reader. (See 8 below.)
This pastor does not believe Trump is Godlike but he has already proven  useful at this time in our history. (See 9 below.)
Protest that:


Trump, Republicans and the 'Principles' Question

By Dennis Prager

All #NeverTrump conservatives maintain that their decision to never vote for Donald Trump is guided by their principles. I have no doubt that this is true.

But some of them seem to imply, or at least might think, that conservatives who vote for Trump have abandoned their principles. Indeed, the charge of compromising on principle is explicitly levied at Republican politicians and members of the Republican "establishment" who support Trump.

I cannot speak for all conservatives who are voting for Trump, but I can speak for many in making this assertion: We have the same principles as the #NeverTrumpers, especially those of us who strongly opposed nominating Trump. That's why we opposed him, after all. Almost everything that prevents #NeverTrumpers from voting for Trump also troubled us about the candidate. (I should note that some of us are less troubled today.)

So where do we differ?

We differ on this: We hold that defeating Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the left is also a principle. And that it is the greater principle.

Obviously, the #NeverTrumpers do not believe that. On the contrary, some of the most thoughtful #NeverTrumpers repeatedly tell us that the nation can survive four calamitous years of Clinton-Democrat rule. And then, they say, conservatism will have cleansed itself and will be able to take back the nation, whereas if Trump wins, he will be the de facto face of conservatism, and then conservatism will have been dealt a potentially fatal setback.

This argument is profoundly mistaken.

It assumes that America can survive another four years of Democratic rule.

And it depends on what "survive" means. If it means that there will be a country called the United States of America after another four years of a Democratic presidency, and after, quite possibly, another four decades of a left-wing Supreme Court (as well as dozens of lifetime appointments to the equally important lower federal courts), then country will surely survive.

But I do not believe that the country will surely survive as the country it was founded to be. In that regard, we are at the most perilous tipping point of American history.

It is true that the country was threatened with survival in the 1860s, and only a terrible civil war kept it whole. But with the colossal and awful exception of slavery, neither side challenged the founding principles of America.

That is not the case today. One side seeks to undo just about every founding principle that made America exceptional. Important examples include small and limited government; preservation of the power of the states to serve as political and social laboratories; a belief in individual responsibility; a society rooted in Judeo-Christian morality -- one composed of people who nearly all affirmed in God and Bible-based moral teachings; and a deep sense of a unifying American identity and destiny.

The left is successfully undoing every one of those founding principles.

In fact, the left and the Democratic Party (which are now indistinguishable) boast of their aim to do so. As then-Senator Barack Obama accurately prophesied in 2008,

"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

And for the first time in American history, a man calling himself a socialist won the great majority of young people's votes in the Democratic presidential primaries. Sen. Bernie Sanders' new political movement is accurately named "Our Revolution."

Of course, for conservatives "our revolution" occurred in 1776. So the left is in fact leading a counter-revolution.

Therefore, with another four years of Democrat-left rule -- meaning a nearly permanent left-wing Supreme Court and left-wing-controlled lower courts; the further erosion of federalism; an exponential growth in the power of the federal government; further leftist control of education; and the de-Americanization of America in part by effectively eliminating its borders, in part by substituting multiculturalism for American identity and in part by giving millions of illegal immigrants citizenship -- America will not be America.

We conservatives who will vote for Trump understand that he is the only vehicle we have to prevent this. We recognize that though there are some fine individuals who hold left-wing views, leftism is a terminal cancer in the American bloodstream and soul. So our first and greatest principle is to destroy this cancer before it destroys us. We therefore see voting for Donald Trump as political chemotherapy needed to prevent our demise. And at this time that is, by far, the greatest principle.
Cory Booker’s brazen defense of Iran
Cory has had nothing to say about these disastrous outcomes from the Iran deal he supported.
Recent media reports had it that Cory Booker and I have reconciled over Iran when we were both in Israel. Let me be clear: my dispute with Cory was never personal and was always about policy. There is no need for us to have any personal reconciliation as there was never any personal animus.

People who know and love each other for a quarter century, and who have shared everything, like Cory and I, have a bond that may bend but is never broken.

But on the principal source of my disagreement with Cory – his ill-advised and dangerous vote for the Iran nuclear deal – there can be no reconciliation.

Frankly, I’m shocked to see a man of such principle and intelligence continue to defend a deal that began to unravel even before it was signed.

It pains me to know that his loyalty to his party surpassed his commitment to the security of this nation and its allies, because it will forever mar his public legacy.
While visiting Israel Cory gave an interview in which he justified his vote on the Iran deal: “It was affirming to me to meet security experts over there, former military commanders who fought in wars, who confided in me that the nuclear threat has been removed for the near future and how much that is freeing up resources and energy to focus on the common threat of terrorism in the region.”

A senator votes to give Iran $150 billion which they’ll use to kill people and argues by doing so he is fighting terrorism? Are you serious? I am in Israel right now. Nothing could be further from the truth than Booker’s claim. My son is an IDF soldier stationed in the Golan Heights. Cory has known our son since his birth and his life is directly imperiled, God forbid, by the funding Cory voted to give Iran and, by extension, Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy terrorist army on Israel’s northern border.

Would Cory care to tell us which Israeli security experts he spoke to? There can be no anonymity on issues like these and Cory owes it to the people of New Jersey to name exactly whom he is referring to.

Surely it was not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who continues to proclaim to the world that Iran remains the single greatest threat to Israel’s survival.

Even more disappointing is the head-in-the-sand approach Booker has taken since his vote while Iran engages in the same behavior it did before the agreement. Here are a few items he may have missed while underground: The agreement at best is said to extend the breakout time for Iran to build a bomb from three months to one year. One year is the blink of an eye in the Middle East and, worse, Obama admitted that “in year 13, 14, 15, they [Iran] have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero.”

The Washington Post noted that “not one of the country’s 19,000 centrifuges will be dismantled,” and that, contrary to Obama’s 2012 pledge, “enrichment will continue with 5,000 centrifuges for a decade, and all restraints on it will end in 15 years.”

Iran announced it is deploying sophisticated missiles around the Fordo plant. If this plant is only going to conduct science research as specified in the agreement, why does it need to be defended? And here’s another mystery: Why did Iran announce in August plans to build two additional nuclear plants? This is a country awash in oil with no need for nuclear power.

Iran has been lying and cheating on nuclear-related agreements for years; why should we believe this one will be any different? German intelligence services reported just two months ago that Iran continues to procure nuclear weapons technology and materials all over Europe.

The entire agreement’s credibility depends on verification, but Cory accepted Obama’s concession to give up the demand for “anywhere, anytime” inspections. The Iranians insist inspectors will not have any access to military facilities and barred them from the Parchin site where it is suspected that Iran engaged in research and testing related to building a nuclear weapon. This loophole is big enough to fire a nuclear missile through.

Speaking of missiles, the agreement did nothing to halt Iran’s development of more sophisticated missiles, which have little military use unless tipped with nuclear warheads.

Even Obama’s director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has said “Iran does not face any insurmountable technical barriers to producing a nuclear weapon,” contradicting the administration’s claim that the nuclear deal blocks all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb.

The agreement has allowed Iran to reap billions of dollars in payoffs that allow Iran to continue its nuclear and missile research, intervene in Syria, Iraq and Yemen and support Hezbollah and other terrorists. Most embarrassing is the revelation that Obama paid a $400 million ransom for the release of five American hostages, but left two behind, including a Jewish former FBI agent. Obama, with Cory’s acquiescence, has now made every American citizen or soldier abroad a potential kidnap victim.

Iran’s supreme leader continues to spew vitriol against the United States; Iran captured and humiliated a group of our sailors; Iran’s navy has repeatedly engaged in provocative maneuvers around our ships in the Persian Gulf and Iran continues to work against our allies in the region.

Cory has had nothing to say about these disastrous outcomes from the Iran deal he supported.

More disheartening, however, has been his silence in the face of Iranian threats to annihilate Israel.

Genocidal intent is a crime according to the 1948 UN Anti-Genocide Convention. Cory had the perfect opportunity, not only morally, but politically, to denounce Iran’s genocidal threats while he was in the Holy Land. He chose to remain silent.

Cory did talk about the terrible humanitarian disaster of Syrian refugees, but did not criticize Obama’s failure to back up his red line and take military action against Syria after it used chemical weapons. Instead, Obama bought another Brooklyn Bridge from Russian President Vladimir Putin and told the American people all of Syria’s chemical weapons would be destroyed. We know from recent chemical attacks that this agreement was also a catastrophe.

From the outset of the civil war, Iran, to which Cory supports giving $150b., has financed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s war and backed him with troops. Nearly half a million Arabs are dead and millions of refugees displaced.

While in Israel Cory should have called out the Iranians for aiding genocide in Syria. Once again, he chose to remain silent.

Cory knows the truth. The Iran nuclear agreement achieved none of its objectives and is an unmitigated disaster. The deal emboldened Iran to emerge as the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism and allowed Iran to continue to illegally seek more nuclear material, all while destabilizing the Middle East and brutalizing its own people.

The time has come for Cory to admit he made a catastrophic mistake by choosing political expediency over morality. It’s absurd for him to come to Israel and profess a commitment to Israel’s security while ignoring Iran’s commitment to Israel’s annihilation.

Cory does not owe me an apology as he did not offend our personal friendship. But he does owe the people of New Jersey an explanation as to why he continues to defend the Iran deal nightmare.

The author was the founder of The Oxford University L’Chaim Society where, in 1993, he appointed Cory Booker student president. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley


He’s toast! FBI director to be fired?

By Kevin Hart, Publisher
I’ve spent about half of my career in public relations.
And if you’ve ever worked in the field, you know that on the first day, they show you where your desk and the coffee machine are.
And on the second day, they teach you all about “taking out the trash.”
That’s an old industry trick PR professionals have been using for decades. When you have bad — or potentially embarrassing — news, you put it out late on a Friday afternoon, when many journalists have left for the weekend and news organizations are running on skeleton crews.
It’s designed to minimize press coverage, at least as much as possible in today’s 24-hour news cycle.
And this past Friday, the supposedly “non-political” Federal Bureau of Investigation dropped a big, stinking pile of trash at all of our feet.
The agency finally released its notes from an investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified materials while secretary of state.
And after one look at these documents, you can see why the FBI was sweating bullets over their release. They are a permanent testament to agency incompetence, and prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Clinton is a criminal who was allowed to walk.
The shameful way these records were released is more proof that James Comey is unfit to lead the FBI, and must be removed from his post immediately.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry is the latest to demand Comey’s resignation after the Clinton investigation notes went public — and when Congress returns to work this week, more calls for Comey’s ouster are expected. And, truly, if he had a shred of integrity left, Comey would fall on his sword and quit.
While Comey had promised total transparency in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton, the notes made clear that there was plenty we were not told. Among the more shocking revelations:
  • Clinton claimed she didn’t know what the classified designation of “C” meant on emails she was sent.
  • The FBI let attorney and longtime Clinton confidant Cheryl Mills sit in on the interview. That’s an egregious breach of protocol, given that Mills has also been a key witness in investigations into Clinton’s mishandling of classified material, and it allowed Clinton and Mills to get their stories straight.
  • Clinton reportedly couldn’t remember certain State Department meetings and briefings, seeming to cite the lingering effects from a nasty 2012 fall and concussion.
  • Several devices Clinton used to send and receive email were disposed of or destroyed.
With these records out in the open, the FBI — and Comey, in particular — now have no credible explanation for why Clinton was not prosecuted for gross negligence in handling classified materials. Her actions were not “extremely careless,” as Comey had claimed — they were unquestionably criminal.
Even more disturbing, Comey has proven again that he is unable to keep the FBI above political pressure. And if he can’t, he’s not the person for the job — simple as that.
The release of the Clinton investigation notes on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend was no accident. It was brazenly cheap and political — and it’s not Comey’s job to protect Clinton or the Obama administration.
Bear in mind, the FBI didn’t just come into possession of these documents on Friday — they’ve had the records for several weeks. The timing of the release was a consciously orchestrated slap in the face to the American public.
And despite Comey’s repeated claims of impartiality, his initial announcement that Clinton would not face prosecution came on the same day President Obama was appearing with her at a campaign event. Any suggestion that Obama was not, at the least, kept in the loop on the investigation is hopelessly naive.
There may have been a time when Comey was a strong and competent lawman. But it’s clear now that he’s just another member of the Washington machine. His willingness to play politics allows certain Americans like Clinton to be above the law — and that’s something that none of us should be asked to tolerate.
Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation, to quote Perry, was an “extraordinary failure” that deserves consequences. We can be sure that there won’t be any action coming from the Obama administration, but the buck doesn’t need to stop there.
We all should contact our members of Congress and demand that they pursue Comey’s resignation — or formal impeachment, if necessary.
Because we can’t have a just and lawful society with a politician running our most important law enforcement agency. And right now, that’s exactly what we have.
4)Obama HUMILIATED by loud-mouthed foreign prez
The Associated Press contributed to this report.
The Philippines may have accepted billions in U.S. foreign aid. But all that money hasn’t bought President Barack Obama an ounce of respect from the island country’s ruler.
In fact, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte even appeared to call Obama a “son of a bitch” this weekend. Duterte later offered a half-hearted apology, once the snickering died down.
Obama called off a planned meeting yesterday with Duterte, as a sort of lukewarm retaliation. But Obama is still hoping to get together with Duterte at a later time, and the U.S. is likely to continue assisting the impoverished country, despite the insults.
It’s unusual for one president to tell another what to say or not say, and much rarer to call the other a “son of a bitch.” Duterte managed to do both just before flying to Laos for a regional summit, warning Obama not to challenge him over extrajudicial killings in the Philippines.
“Clearly, he’s a colorful guy,” Obama said. “What I’ve instructed my team to do is talk to their Philippine counterparts to find out is this in fact a time where we can have some constructive, productive conversations.”
National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said the meeting with Duterte was off.
Duterte has been under intense global scrutiny over the more than 2,000 suspected drug dealers and users killed since he took office. Obama had said he planned to raise the issue in his first meeting with Duterte, but the Philippine leader insisted he was only listening to his own country’s people.
“You must be respectful,” Duterte said of Obama. “Do not just throw questions.” Using the Tagalog phrase for “son of a bitch,” he said, “Putang ina I will swear at you in that forum.” He made the comment to reporters in Manilla.
Eager to show he wouldn’t yield, Obama said he would “undoubtedly” still bring up human rights and due process concerns “if and when” the two do meet.
The bizarre rift with the leader of a U.S. treaty ally was the most glaring example of how Obama has frequently found himself bound to foreign countries and leaders whose ties to the U.S. are critical even if their values sharply diverge.
In Hangzhou this week, Obama’s first stop in Asia, he heaped praise on Chinese President Xi Jinping for hosting the Group of 20 economic summit in his country, an authoritarian state long accused of human rights violations. His next stop was another one-party communist country with a dismal rights record: Laos, where mysterious disappearances have fueled concerns about a government crackdown.
And sitting down with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Obama made no mention in public of the roughly 35,000 people Erdogan’s government detained following the summer’s failed coup in Turkey. Instead, he worked to reassure the NATO ally the U.S. would help bring to justice whoever was responsible for plotting the coup.
Obama also spent about 90 minutes Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, another leader whose fate seems intertwined with Obama’s in all the wrong ways. On opposing sides of many global issues, the U.S. and Russia are nonetheless trying to broker a deal to address the Syrian civil war and perhaps even partner militarily there.
“President Putin’s less colorful,” Obama said, comparing him with Duterte. “But typically the tone of our meetings is candid, blunt, businesslike.”
Managing Duterte has become a worsening headache for Obama since the Filipino took office on June 30, pledging his foreign policy wouldn’t be constricted by reliance on the U.S. Washington has tried largely to look the other way as Duterte has pursued closer relations with China, a marked shift for the Philippines considering recent tensions over Beijing’s aspirations in the South China Sea.
A public break from the Philippines would put Obama in a tough position, given the Southeast Asian nation’s status as a longtime U.S. ally. The Obama administration has sought to compartmentalize by arguing that military and other cooperation won’t be jeopardized even if it detests the current Philippine leader’s tone.
Last month, Duterte said he didn’t mind Secretary of State John Kerry but “had a feud with his gay ambassador — son of a bitch, I’m annoyed with that guy.” He applied the same moniker to an Australian missionary who was gang-raped and killed, and even to Pope Francis, even though the Philippines is a heavily Catholic nation. He later apologized.
With a reputation as a tough-on-crime former mayor, Duterte has alarmed human rights groups with his deadly campaign against drugs, which Duterte has described as a harsh war. He has said the battle doesn’t amount to genocide but has vowed to go to jail if needed to defend police and military members carrying out his orders.
5) Hillary health MELTDOWN caught on camera!
The Associated Press contributed to this report.
She’s been trying to brush off medical questions since the start of her campaign.
But yesterday during a major speech at a Labor Day rally in Cleveland, Hillary Clinton’s health issues were on display for the entire world to see.
The Democratic nominee took the stage in Cleveland coughing uncontrollably. It’s just the latest in a series of coughing fits that have bedeviled Clinton on the campaign trail.
Health experts have speculated that Clinton’s coughing problems could be linked to medication she’s taking, or even a more serious medical issue.
Clinton tried to laugh off the episode and blame it on rival Donald Trump, saying, “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”
But several people in the crowd began shouting “get her some water.” And Clinton reportedly had another coughing fit in front of reporters on a later flight from Ohio to Iowa, and had to excuse herself.
In Cleveland, Clinton battled through the cough and delivered her speech with difficulty. News outlets like MSNBC caught some of the coughing fit on camera.
The Clinton campaign and their media backers later tried to blame a high pollen count in Cleveland for the coughing problem, but the pollen count was actually low yesterday.
Watch the coughing episode below and judge for yourself.
'Hezbollah, Syrian army preparing large operation near Israel border'
Iranian media reports that its proxy Hezbollah has already deployed a large contingency of fighters in the Quneitra area, located between Syria and Israel's Golan Heights.

Troops loyal to the Syrian regime along with Hezbollah fighters have allegedly been finalizing plans to launch a large-scale operation against Syrian opposition forces near the border with Israel, according to Iranian media.

"The Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters have been working on a joint plan to end militancy in Southern Syria, particularly near the Golan Heights," Iran's Fars news agency quoted unnamed military sources as saying Monday. 

The sources added that the Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah has already deployed a large contingency of fighters near the Quneitra area, located between Syria and the Israeli Golan Heights. 

The Fars report did not provide further details on what such a possible attack would involve or when it would take place. 

On Monday, the former head of the Israeli domestic security agency said the Syrian conflict is entering a highly unpredictable phase, adding that the Iranian-backed militia Hezbollah posed a growing threat to Israel despite losing many fighters.

As Syria has descended into seemingly intractable fighting over the past five years, Israel has largely stayed on the sidelines, keeping watch over the Golan Heights frontier that divides them and occasionally carrying out airstrikes or returning mortar fire if there is a specific threat.

Israel, with historical enemies on its borders, maintains close intelligence on its neighbors and a special channel of communication with Russia to remain informed on Syria.

Avi Dichter, the former director of the Shin Bet and now chair of parliament's foreign affairs and defense committee, said Israel, like all Western and Arab intelligence agencies, had failed to predict most of what had unfolded, including thinking Syrian President Bashar Assad would be toppled quickly.

With Russia carrying out airstrikes from Iranian bases, and Turkish forces engaged in a ground assault against Islamic State in the north, Israeli officials see the conflict moving into an even more chaotic, unpredictable phase.

In late July, Syrian rebels and a monitoring group said two explosions that struck a Syrian town near the Golan Heights were caused by an Israeli air strike but Hezbollah blamed rocket fire by al-Qaida-linked militants.

Pro-Syrian government forces, including the army and Hezbollah fighters have strongholds in the Quneitra province. Meanwhile, the Nusra Front, Western-backed rebels, and groups which have pledged allegiance to Islamic State also operate in the region.

Though formally neutral on the civil war, Israel has reportedly targeted Hezbollah officials and arms convoys inside Syria several times during the conflict.

Obama defends Colin Kaepernick's disrespect for the national anthem

Hangzhou, China (EFE).- President Barack Obama on Monday defended a U.S. football player who sparked controversy when he refused to stand for the national anthem, saying that the athlete was “exercising his constitutional right” to protest.
Obama referred to the controversy that arose in late August when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a game, although doing so is traditional, because he disagrees with how minorities are treated in the United States.
“My understanding … is that he’s exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. I think there’s a long history of sports figures doing so,” said Obama during a press conference at the end of the G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.
Kaepernick, who is biracial and whose adoptive parents are white, has said that “There’s a lot of things that need to change. … Police brutality. There’s people being murdered unjustly and (nobody) being held accountable. … That’s not right by anyone’s standards,” and adding that “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”
“As a general matter,” said Obama, “when it comes to the flag, and the national anthem, and the meaning it holds for our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, that is a tough thing for them to get past, to then hear what his deeper concerns are.”
“But I don’t doubt his sincerity, based on what I’ve heard. I think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. And if nothing else, what he’s done is he’s generated more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about,” the president added.
“I’d rather have young people who are engaged in the argument and trying to think through how they can be part of our democratic process than people who are just sitting on the sidelines and not paying attention at all,” he said.

Obama predicted that, with time, Kaepernick would refine his thinking on the issues he has sought to protest and it may be that some of his critics might begin to see that he is right about some of his concerns about justice and equality, and that would serve to move the country forward.
Among those who have criticized the 28-year-old player for his gesture is Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who said last week that Kaepernick’s act seemed to him to be “a terrible thing, and … maybe he should find a country that works better for him.”
During his presidency, which will conclude in January, Obama has often called for people to reflect on racial problems and has acknowledged that racism remains present in the country, although he has also appeared to be restrained in his remarks at times to avoid increasing racial polarization. EFE
© 2016 EFE News Services (U.S.) Inc.

The Only Syrian Solution

A partition plan won’t solve everything. But the Balkan example shows it can work.

By Bret Stephens 

Barack Obama’s efforts to reach a Syrian cease-fire deal with Vladimir Putin went nowhere again on Monday, with the president citing “gaps of trust” with his Russian counterpart. So what else is an out-of-ideas administration to do except immediately return to the same failed cease-fire negotiations—only this time with more cowbell?

To date, there have been 17 major peace initiatives for Syria in a little more than five years. These include the Annan plan of 2012; the Brahimi plan from later that year; Genevas I, II, and III; the “Vienna Process”; the “Four Committees Initiative.” Every name smacks of failure. The result is close to five million refugees, some eight million internally displaced people and 400,000 dead.

Why does Mr. Obama think that a new cease-fire deal will succeed where all previous ones have failed? My guess is he doesn’t, but then again a policy of diplomatic gestures is what you’re left with when you give up on a policy of military leverage. The gesture toward a humanitarian cease-fire for the besieged city of Aleppo is merely of a piece with the president’s other empty declarations, like his 2011 demand for Bashar Assad to go and his 2012 chemical weapons red line.

Mr. Obama will leave office in 136 days, and the new administration will need its own Syria policy. The first and most essential step: Renounce the “fundamental principle,” laid down last year by Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that “Syria should be a unified country.”

The war in Syria is a complex business, significantly involving four foreign states—Russia, Iran, Turkey and the U.S.—and at least five major nonstate militias, along with the Assad regime itself. But at its root the war is a zero-sum struggle for power. Either Mr. Assad wins absolutely or his opponents do. No government can long accept a compromised sovereignty. If Syria is to remain a unified country in principle, its warring factions will fight for as long as they are able to make it unified in fact.
The opposite of absolute victory in Syria is absolute annihilation, which is why it was foolish of the Obama administration to predict that the Assad regime, champion of a four-million-strong Alawite minority, was going to crumble the way the Gadhafi regime did in Libya. The brutality of Mr. Assad’s forces is merely the reflection of what they fear will be done to them. The more brutal they are, the more brutal they must become.

How to move beyond the logic of win or die? The best option is to partition the country. The idea isn’t new, and critics point out that partition plans have been known to fail, that drawing boundaries is messy, that new borders won’t necessarily solve (and could aggravate) internecine rivalries, and that outside actors—Turkey above all—would have the grounds and the means to object.

All this is true, but it needs to be weighed against the likely alternative, which is some variation of the diplomatic efforts now taking place. Will advocates of the current course admit they have failed when the fatality rate rises to 500,000? Or does it have to go all the way to one million?

The point of partition isn’t to solve all of Syria’s problems. It’s to shrink them to more manageable dimensions. A future Alawite state along Syria’s Mediterranean coast might ensure the political survival of the Assad dynasty. But it could be a secure ethnic homeland, free from the brutal entanglements of the rest of Syria, especially if it has security guarantees from Russia. A Kurdish zone, joined to Iraqi Kurdistan, would be viewed as a threat by the Turks. But it could be a safe haven for civilians if defended by U.S. air power.

As for the rest of Syria, pacification would require a limited but decisive NATO intervention to rout ISIS from its strongholds, equip and aid the Free Syrian Army so that it can lift the siege of Aleppo and march on Damascus, and enjoin Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates to deploy a long-term Arab stabilization force. The prospect for any of this happening is directly correlated to the perception of American seriousness—a perception that will only materialize once Mr. Obama leaves office.

It’s true that for each of these points there are reservations and doubts. Can the Turks accept an extended Kurdish state? They already do with Iraqi Kurdistan, and the U.S. could mollify Ankara by insisting the Syrian Kurds sever ties with the Kurdish PKK guerrillas in Turkey. Would the Assad regime’s patrons accept a rump Alawite state? They might, if the alternative is utter defeat. Will ISIS be easy to defeat, and the rest of Syria easy to pacify? No, but ISIS and its terrorist cousins will have to be destroyed sooner or later.

In the 1990s the world was confronted by a similar spiral of horrors in the Balkans. The U.S. belatedly intervened with military force and local proxies to achieve decisive political results. What was once Yugoslavia is today seven separate countries. The foreign-policy achievement of the Clinton administration could yet be the model for its successor.

From: David Steinmann
Subject: YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS UP. AND THIS IDIOT IS OUR SECRETARY OF STATE -- Kerry terror solution: Media should cover less. That way, " People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”


Garth Kant - 

Secretary of State John Kerry

WASHINGTON – Secretary of State John Kerry suggested Americans would be better off if the media did not cover terrorism “quite as much,” and that “would do us all a service.”
Speaking to the press Monday during an appearance in Bangladesh, Kerry detailed his reasons for promoting the notion that when it comes to terrorism, ignorance may be bliss.

“It’s easy to terrorize. Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But if you decide one day you’re going to be a terrorist and you’re willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people. You can make some noise. Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite as much. People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

Former federal prosecutor and National Review columnist Andrew McCarthy ridiculed Kerry’s comments, telling WND they are “A reminder that for years we’ve been governed by people who are willfully blind to the fundamentalist Islamic doctrine that instigates jihadist terror, the devotional motivation behind it.
“Secretary Kerry has been a key policymaker for four years and a Washington fixture for decades; yet to this day, he thinks the decision to become a terrorist (I guess I should say a ‘violent extremist’) is similar to trying out for ‘American Idol’ — they do it because they want to be on TV, so if it weren’t for TV it wouldn’t happen. Perfect,” he added.

The senior adviser for national security to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, took a somber tone, echoing McCarthy’s observation that the Obama administration is engaged in willful blindness, and now encouraging the media to follow its lead.

Victoria Coates told WND, “Secretary Kerry has once again inadvertently revealed the truth of the Obama administration’s counter-terrorism policy. It’s not enough that they have willfully put on the blinders that prevent them from seeing the enemy for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism. Now they want the press to put those same blinders on the American people so they won’t, in the secretary’s phrase, ‘know what’s going on.'”

She warned that Kerry’s words could have serious consequences, adding, “ISIS, al Qaida, and whatever the al-Nusra Front are calling themselves this week have all no doubt taken heed of Secretary Kerry’s words and will continue to exploit their weakness. We desperately need to implement a foreign policy that is based on common sense defense of America’s interests, and is designed to counter the very real danger that we face.”

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who served for four years on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and devoted herself to the issue of keeping the country safe from terrorists, told WND, “Isn’t that the Clinton/Obama pattern?”

Bachmann detailed a list of ways in which she said the administration has tried to keep the public in the dark:

  • “Hillary destroyed public records verifying the seamless pay for access scheme perfected by the Clinton foundation.”

  • “It was deny, deny, deny by t

  • he White House until they were forced to confirm ransom payments to Iran.”
  • “The White House refused to explain $1.3 billion in 13 illegally structured payments to Iran. The 13 payments were such an obvious lie, Obama said the administration wouldn’t answer the press’ questions, due to ‘confidentiality.'”

  • “Both Hillary and Obama shamefully and brazenly devalued American lives under fire by terrorists, while fantastically reconfiguring a fictional storyline of an actual terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed an ambassador and three others.”

  • “The White House refused to disclose where Obama was or explain to the press why he checked out for the night while innocent Americans were under fire for 13 hours in Benghazi.”

  • “Obama and Hillary continue to brag that Obamacare is a rousing success while it is imploding and impoverishing normal Americans. Neither Hillary nor Obama have created either wealth or jobs. What they do for a living is take by force what others create, and destroy U.S. society in the process.”

In his remarks, Kerry indicated that because terrorists seek to “divide” people, they are best ignored.

Referring to an attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh in July, Kerry called it “an outrage clearly designed to divide Bangladesh, designed to try to cut off this welcoming society from the outside world.”
“Dozens of smaller-scale attacks have been carried out during the past several years, often directed at members of religious minorities, foreigners, bloggers, and security officials, and the reason for this is obviously they want to divide you. They want to push people apart. They want to create internal strife,” he said.

At the same time, he insisted the West is winning the war against terrorism, claiming, “We are defeating Daesh (ISIS), and we will defeat Daesh. We will defeat al-Shabaab and Boko Haram, and we are on the road to achieving that now.”

Kerry blamed the popularity of terrorist groups on the lack of opportunity and jobs.
“And if we have too many young people who can’t go to school, or too many young people who are frustrated, or they can’t find a job – if we leave those minds out there for extremists to recruit, then it will continue, and none of us would be doing our jobs if we allowed that to happen.”

While in Bangladesh, Kerry also reiterated what he thinks is the real threat to civilization: climate change.

He tweeted: “By 2050, 15 million Bangladeshis could be displaced by #climatechange. US & Bangladesh committed to resiliency and clean energy future.”

National Review‘s Jim Geraghty scorched the secretary of state for his suggestion the media should ignore terrorism, quipping, “Even by John Kerry standards, this is pretty bad.”
“You can’t write satire about this administration anymore; it’s become too inherently contradictory and absurd,” he added.

Geraghty then tweeted, “AP ignores John Kerry’s advice, reports on 72 mass graves with 5,200 to 15,000 ISIS victims.”

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton tweeted, “Wow. #Kerry wants media to cover terror less. If this admin did a better job to stop #ISIS, media wouldn’t have so much to report!”

Fox News’ Todd Starnes: “Well, we already have a de-facto state-run media,” and, “Because sticking our heads in the sand always makes us safer.”
Security analyst and former Reagan administration Pentagon official KT McFarland: “Stop complaining about the media doing its job.”

Twitchy: “In other words, if only ‘the media’ would help blame terrorism on air conditioning and a lack of job opportunities, the Left’s agenda would be forwarded a little easier than it already is.”
Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage Magazine: “This is the sort of thing that gets said by the leaders of a failing regime who realize that their campaign to suppress reality is failing. So they insist that the media no longer just spin, but not report what is happening.”

American Thinker’s Rick Moran: “Kerry wants everyone else to stick his head in the sand about terrorism, too. We would do well to ignore him.”

Political analyst Karl Rove, “Thought an informed citizenry was critical to our republic’s existence. Apparently not Kerry’s view.”

Illinois & Oklahoma :

The first part is about Illinois and the second part is about Oklahoma !

PART 1 - Illinois

"A State with over 90% perpetual Democratic Rule....and with Hillary could be the nations future....hmmmm

Some interesting data on the 'state' of the State of Illinois ...
There are more people on welfare in Illinois than there are
people working. CAN YOU SAY "UNSUSTAINABLE" ????

Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere else in the U.S.
Their average pay is $110,000/year. Their pensions average 80-90%
of their income.

Wow, are Illinois and Chicago great or what?
Be sure to read till the end.  I've never heard it explained better.
Perhaps the U.S. should pull out of Chicago ?
Tidbit....Obama came from the governess of Illinois and Hillary was raised there...hmmmm.

Body count:

In the last six months, 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago .
221 killed in Iraq ; AND Chicago has one of the strictest gun
laws in the entire US. Remember the democrats want uniform gun control like Chicago's in the entire country....November 8, 2016....you can decide on that !

Here's the Chicago chain of command:

President: Barack Hussein Obama. “D"
Senator: Dick Durbin. “D"
House Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr. “D"
Governor: Bruce Rauner. “R"
House leader: Mike Madigan. “D"
Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike). “D"
Mayor: Rahm  Emanuel. “D"
The current leadership in state government and local Illinois is 90% Democrats.

Thank them for the combat zone known as Chicago .
Of course, they're all blaming each other.
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any !

Let us get ALL the  facts out while we are at it:

The Chicago school system is rated one of the worst in the country.
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any !

The State pension fund is $78 Billion in debt; the worst in the country.
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any !

Cook County ’s (Chicago ) sales tax is 10.25% -- highest in country.
Can't blame Republicans; there aren't any !
The hotel and motel industry in Chicago has the highest tax surcharge per night per room in the nation....23% !

This is the political culture that Obama came from in Illinois .
And remember he was going  to 'fix'  Washington politics for us?
Our politics and race relations have never been worse and Hillary
wants to be the rubber stamp desert to the feast Obama brought to the nation in 2008 !

George Ryan is no longer Governor; he is in prison.

He was replaced by Rob Blagojevich who is also in prison.

And Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned and he and his
wife are both in prison. Putting campaign funds into their pockets,
the Illinois way !

The Land of Lincoln , where our Governors and Representatives
make our license plates.

As long as they keep providing entitlements to the population of Chicago ,
nothing is going to change, except the state will go bankrupt before
the country does. And remember they want Hillary ....for their bailout !!!!

"Anybody who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting
the Government take care of him better take a closer look at the
American Indian."

Some say Chicago is the next Detroit, another great example of a Democratic empire rule.

With all the bad news, there may still be hope, so let's go to:

PART  2- Oklahoma

- may soon have plenty of new residents, bring your spare change if you have some Illini !!


Oklahoma is the only state that Obama did not win even one county in the last election... While everyone is focusing on Arizona 's new law, look what Oklahoma has been doing!!!

Oklahoma law passed, 37 to 9, an amendment to place the Ten Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol.
The feds in D.C., along with the ACLU, said it would be a mistake.
But hey, this is a conservative state, based on Christian
values... HB 1330 so guess what... Oklahoma did it anyway.

Oklahoma recently passed a law in the state to incarcerate all illegal immigrants and ship them back to where they came from unless they want to get a green card and become an American citizen.  They all scattered.  HB 1804.  This was against the advice of the Federal Government, and the ACLU -- they said it would be a mistake but guess what..Oklahoma did it anyway.

Recently OK passed a law to include DNA samples from any and all illegals to the Oklahoma database, for criminal investigative
purposes. Pelosi said it was unconstitutional - SB 1102. Guess what...
Oklahoma did it anyway.

Recently Oklahoma passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state,not under the Federal Government directives. Joining Texas , Montana , and Utah as the only states to do so.

More states  are likely to follow:Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, Kentucky,Missouri, Arkansas, West Virginia, Mississippi and Florida. Save your confederate money; it appears the South is about to rise up once again.

HJR 1003

The federal Government has made bold steps to take away our guns.
Oklahoma, a week ago, passed a law confirming people in this
state have the right to bear arms and transport them in their vehicles.
I'm sure that was a setback for the criminals.  The Liberals didn't like it,
but... Guess what...  Oklahoma did it anyway.

Just this month, the state has voted and passed a law that ALL drivers'
license exams will be printed in English and only English and no other language.  They have been called racist for doing this, but
the fact is that ALL of the road signs are in English only. If you want
to drive in Oklahoma , you must read and write English. Nothing could
be more simple. By the way, the Liberals don't like any of this either. Guess what... who cares... Oklahoma is doing it anyway.

Spread the knowledge, Hillary has young and gooey eyed college kids spreading the seeds of socialism from the college halls onto our streets and onto our youth....it is a time for a wake up call America ! 
9) A Christian Pastor’s Analysis of the U.S. Election Drama

I know that probably all of my Democratic Friends will probably vote for Hillary! But because of many failures she has made and because I disagree with many of the things she wants to do, I personally could never vote for her.

Is Trump good for America?  I mentioned Sunday that I would speak on this next week.  Unfortunately, I found that I was shoehorning this topic into my planned message.  To properly present what I want to speak on Sunday, I may have to leave the Donald out of it!  But let me take a minute for those that wonder and give some of my thoughts.

When I first heard that Trump (DT) was entering the race last year, I told my wife that perhaps it was a good thing for the party and America.  I knew that he was not a "saint," but I thought that he would be like a bull in a china shop.  He is a disrupter and I believe America could use a fresh thinker especially in the political arena.  I didn't think he would get the nomination, but that he would shake up politics as usual.  I was correct on the shaking up!

Lance Wallnau likens him to a biblical Cyrus.  Someone who is dynamically used of God even though not perceived by many as a God follower.  God has used many people in history that I would probably not like or agree with.  I’m not sure I would have liked all the disciples, or David, or Moses.  Somehow, God did not seem compelled to consult with me on His choices!

I have always admired Winston Churchill.  He is seen as one of the greatest national leaders in the 20th century.  Last year, I had the privilege of going through the War Museum in London.  Winston is a key feature.  His life is controversial.  He was not always celebrated as a great leader.  He was a bombastic, cigar smoking, at times crude, even misogynistic leader.  It is alleged that he told off color stories to his children before bedtime!  A woman once told him he was disgustingly drunk.  His response was "My dear, you are disgustingly ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly!"

There are many websites that discuss the outlandish comments and activities of this great world leader.  But, he had exactly what was needed to stop Hitler at the Channel, to rouse a nation to never give up and to partner with America to find final victory in Europe. You probably wouldn't want him as your pastor, maybe not even your father, but he was the right leader for that moment in England's history.  Such a brazen man that would go up to the roof of his quarters in central London and smoke cigars as Hitler’s air force bombed all around him.  I’m not sure I would have voted for him... but he was the right man!

I think it would be awesome to have a righteous leader, one that understood the intricacies of the economy, health care, defense, immigration, with great sensitivity to religious institutions, a heart for the poor, a vision for the future.  If that leader was a praying person, formidable in the word of God and loved the local church, I would rejoice!   I do not think that is the choice we will have in November.

Instead... we will look for someone who is imperfect, yet will fit the times we are living in.  Particularly, that ‘whoever’ we vote for, will be someone who might possibly have the opportunity to appoint up to three Supreme Court justices.  That could radically shape our culture in America for the next 30 years.  The America of our grandchildren could be very different... and that may not be good.  We cannot stand on the sidelines.  A non-vote is a passive vote for a direction we may very well regret.

So... is Donald Trump good for America?  I honestly believe that he has been already.  He has shaken the political system.  Do his comments offend me?   At times!   Do I agree with all he says?  Not at all!   But could he be a “Cyrus” being raised up by God to preserve America?   Nobody liked Gen. Patton, but he sure WAS an instrument of the United States for the right things.

This I know.  I will vote for the best chance for America.  I will pray for our leaders as I have already.  In the end - God will continue to be my source and my hope.   I do believe that God has had a hand in America's history.  I hope and pray that He will also have a saving hand in America’s future.

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